Customer Engagement Platforms

Best Customer Engagement Platforms include:

Zoho CRM Plus, Salesforce Experience Cloud (formerly Salesforce Community Cloud), Adobe Experience Manager, Zendesk Support Suite, Pega Customer Engagement Suite, and Kustomer, from Facebook.

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Customer Engagement Platforms Overview

What are Customer Engagement Platforms

The customer engagement space is relatively new and still emerging as a solidified market. Currently, it encompasses a few different types of software applications. Certain customer engagement platforms have grown out of functionally different types of software solutions. Below is a list of common ‘software ancestors’ for modern customer engagement platforms:

Though not all customer engagement platforms look the same, the primary goal of customer engagement platforms is constant across different types of solutions: to help businesses create a seamless and integrated customer experience across digital channels and touchpoints. Essentially, these platforms allow businesses to interact with their customers or subscribers wherever they are—via channels like email, webchat, SMS, social media channels, etc.

Core capabilities of customer engagement platforms include the ability to orchestrate, personalize, and optimize customer journeys across channels. Therefore, customer engagement software by default supports multichannel or omnichannel customer interactions. Another core competency of this type of software is customer engagement analytics. Many market-leading customer engagement platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to run predictive customer engagement analytics and provide personalized content recommendations.

Most customer engagement platforms have a centralized database that tracks customer interactions with things like content assets, marketing campaigns, social media posts, etc.

Customer Engagement Platform Features

Though the exact set of features can from product to product, most customer engagement platforms will have the following capabilities:

  • Support for omnichannel customer interactions across

    • Email

    • Push notifications

    • SMS and messaging apps

    • Social media channels

    • Live chat

    • Webchat

  • Customer self-service

  • Customer contact & interaction database

  • Customer engagement analytics

  • Content personalization

  • Behavioral targeting capabilities

  • Audience segmentation capabilities

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Customer journey orchestration

  • Customer journey optimization

  • AI-based recommendations

  • Data ingestion from third-party sources

Customer Engagement Platform Comparison

Before investing in a new customer engagement platform, consider the following key factors:

  • Price: How much have you budgeted for a customer engagement platform? Solutions designed for use by small and midsize businesses will be less expensive than enterprise-grade customer experience platforms. For example, large legacy cloud vendors like Oracle, Adobe, and Salesforce provide products designed to meet the needs of enterprise teams.

  • Use case: Which departments and/or roles at your company will use the platform the most? Will customer service reps be the main end-users, or marketers, customer success, or sales reps? Certain platforms may work better for specific use cases. For example, Outreach started by offering a sales engagement platform and now also offers a customer engagement platform. Therefore Outreach may be easier for sales reps to use than another type of platform, like ServiceNow.

Pricing Information

Pricing for customer engagement platforms can vary based on the type of software application, the number of users, and the range of features included. Most vendors charge on a monthly or annual basis, typically per user license.

Pricing can start as low as $15-$50 per month per user and increase up to multiple hundreds of dollars per month.

Customer Engagement Products

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Zendesk Support Suite

Zendesk Support Suite

Customer Verified
Top Rated

The Zendesk Support suite is a cloud-based customer support software built for better customer relationships. Designed to improve customer satisfaction and to support customers on any channel: text SMS, web, mobile app, phone, email, social media. The vendor states more than 200,…

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Top Rated
Starting Price $65

Salesforce Service Cloud provides companies with a call center-like view that enables them to create and track cases coming in, and automatically route and escalate what’s important. The Salesforce CRM-powered customer portal provides customers the ability to track their own cases,…

Salesforce Experience Cloud (formerly Salesforce Community Cloud)

The Salesforce Experience Cloud (formerly Salesforce Community Cloud) is an online forum powered by Salesforce that enables businesses to connect with their employees, customers, partner organizations, and prospects. Designed to help facilitate communication and information sharing,…

Kustomer, from Facebook

Kustomer, from Facebook

Customer Verified
Top Rated

Kustomer is a customer service CRM platform built for managing high support volume by optimizing experiences throughout the customer service journey. The vendor states that Kustomer helps brands resolve conversations on all digital channels by automating 40% of interactions via self-…

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager is a combined web content management system and digital asset management system. The combined applications of Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Adobe Experience Manager Assets is offered by the vendor as an end-to-end solution for managing and delivering…

Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus

Customer Verified

Zoho Corporation offers Zoho CRM Plus, a customer experience management platform that features a virtual AI assistant, process automation and business rules engine, and customer behavior analytics.


Braze is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that enables relevant and memorable experiences between consumers and the brands they love. Context underpins every Braze interaction, helping brands foster human connection with consumers through interactive conversations across…


Iterable is a growth marketing and user engagement platform. It is designed for B2C markets and supports all types of marketing campaigns (blast, lifecycle, transactional) across all messaging channels (email, web, mobile push notifications, SMS).

Pega Customer Engagement Suite

Pega's Customer Engagement Suite includes: •Pega Marketing to engage customers with real-time one-to-one marketing on any channel•Pega Sales Automation to intelligently guide sales professionals and streamline the sales process using AI•Pega Customer Service to deliver end-to-end…


Emarsys is a customer engagement platform that allows users to automate personalized campaigns across channels, based on each individual consumer’s behavior. The suite's capabilities include marketing automation, email marketing, customer engagement, customer intelligence and predictive…


ContactPigeon is a marketing automation solution for eCommerce. It combines email marketing, dynamic pop-ups, segmentation, automation flows and real-time analytics for marketers to maximize results when it comes to visitor remarketing. It enables eCommerce and B2C businesses to…


MoEngage, a small company with offices in San Francisco, Bangalore, and Calcutta, offers a push notification application for web, in-app messaging, and SMS.

Airship (formerly Urban Airship)

Airship (formerly Urban Airship) is a mobile marketing and push notification application, supporting customer segmentation with highly personalized messaging, and email notifications.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Built on the Now Platform, ServiceNow offers their Customer Service Management solution through the Standard and Professional Customer Service Management bundles. Both include agent workspace, knowledge management, survey and assessment module, and the community module, oriented…

Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub

The Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub is a unifying tech layer that learns, understands and orchestrates customer journeys and conversations. ThunderheadONE helps users understand each customer’s true intent, across journeys, touchpoints and time to help users to meet individual needs…

24sessions, from MessageBird

24sessions is a video customer engagement software solution, now from MessageBird since the April, 2021 acquisition. It supports scheduling, video calling experiences and analytics solution to drive the customer journey. It enables users to create video calls that comply with security…

Dutch company offers their CPaaS for enabling communication services such as voice, SMS, and chat in enterprise applications.


maaiiconnect aims to make customer engagement simple. It is a cloud-based platform that brings digital and telecom communications together to help businesses deliver seamless customer experiences. To help businesses become omnichannel, maaiconnect centralises channels such as WhatsApp,…

[24] Engagement Cloud

[24] Engagement Cloud is a SaaS customer engagement platform that automates conversations, integrating chat, messaging, and voice channels with virtual and live agents. It gives users a single point of control for creating and managing human and bot interactions across digital…

Sinch Engagement Platform (SinchEngage)

The Sinch Customer Engagement Platform combines the companies enterprise AI and chatbot platform, the Sinch Campaigns customer journey orchestration tool, and Personalized Content, to provide a complete mobile-oriented marketing platform.


InAppStory is a SaaS company that brings stories to any app or mobile web product. Once integrated, stories change the method of communicating with existing and new clients, boost user engagement and drive customers to action. InAppStory provides tools to create and personalize content,…


Courier helps users design notifications and deliver them through push notifications, direct messages like Slack and Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email–with a single Courier API rather than having to integrate each provider API separately. Courier's Notification Designer aims to…

Precisely Engage

Precisely Engage, from Precisely in Pearl River, is a software suite designed to enable users to create seamless, personalized and omnichannel communications.

Community is a social engagement platform that makes two-way communication between influencers and their followers simple, effective, and scalable. Rival to marketing firm SuperPhone, Community is helping celebrities (musicians included) to create text-messaging communities for…

SAP Service Cloud

The SAP Service Cloud allows the user to orchestrate service experiences to support customers throughout their entire journey, available as a SaaS through an annual subscription based on number of users. SAP Service Cloud replaces the former Hybris Service Cloud, and may integrate…

Frequently Asked Questions

What do customer engagement platforms do?

Customer engagement platforms allow businesses to create integrated and frictionless customer experiences across digital channels. Most platforms include the following core capabilities:

  • Support for omnichannel customer interactions
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer journey orchestration
  • Customer journey management
  • Customer engagement analytics
  • Content personalization
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Audience segmentation

Use cases for these platforms can range from customer service teams, to sales and account managers, to marketing teams.

Customer engagement platforms vs. CRM software

Many customer engagement platforms have grown out of customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM systems include foundational infrastructure for customer engagement platforms, including having a contact database that can track customer interactions across channels over time.

Customer engagement platforms are, in this sense, the next evolution of CRM platforms. They layer features like customer engagement analytics, AI-based recommendations and optimization, and personalization features on top of traditional CRM capabilities.

What are the benefits of using a customer engagement platform?

One of the main benefits of using a customer engagement platform is the ability to conduct personalization, at scale, and across multiple digital touchpoints and channels. These platforms also serve as a centralized hub for tracking customer interactions across inboxes, messaging apps, and even social media platforms.