Cvent - a robust survey tool made easy
April 30, 2014

Cvent - a robust survey tool made easy

Perry Bern | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cvent Web Surveys

Cvent is currently being used both as an internal tool as well as a client facing survey tool. Our HR department uses it internally to gauge interest in certain events, get a pulse check, or host various company forms to fill out. My role in the marketing department is to own and administer the web survey aspect of Cvent to determine customer satisfaction. We capture the voice of our customers through Cvent in many ways. Annual surveys for each of the business segments are sent out to our customers to help trend client satisfaction year over year. Satisfaction is also captured after tradeshows and other events we host, which helps us gather feedback and make improvements for the next event. All of these outlets are combined to determine the overall performance of our company in the eyes of our customers.
  • Cvent is a robust survey tool. Almost any survey logic you can think of is available, which allows for complex surveys to be built. The advanced logic feature comes in handy in almost every survey that I build.
  • Cvent support is a major reason for my satisfaction with the product. I have only been using the tool for a couple of years now, so I still have a lot of questions about some of the more advanced features, and Cvent support is always available. Not only are they available, but they answer my question or resolve my issue in a timely manner every time I call or email them. Cvent provides truly great customer service.
  • Cvent is easy to use - plain and simple. I came into my role with very little survey experience, and I have quickly become the go-to in the organization. The tool is intuitive and I have been able to pass my knowledge along to many others across the organization with ease. The interface on the back-end is user friendly and in my opinion the surveys themselves are very easy to navigate for the respondent.
  • I have had some occasional errors that have come up in the system that don't seem to have an obvious cause. These can be frustrating to overcome, but Cvent support has always been able to resolve these issues.
  • Cvent might be a little to rigid at times on the back-end. It could just be my lack of coding experience, but sometimes the html emails and survey templates can be difficult to make as aesthetically pleasing as I would like.
  • The opening screen for 'Known Surveys' often bothers me because you cannot add additional fields to the "first page" of the survey. This is only if you are not sending the email through Cvent, so it is not a major flaw.
  • Better trending data for all surveys - including client satisfaction surveys and post-event surveys
  • More consistent survey approach across the entire company
  • More open and honest feedback from our customers - particularly from the open-ended questions
Compared to SurveyMonkey, Cvent is a far more robust tool. There are many more options for survey logic, the email platform is superior, and even the templates are more plentiful and professional. When comparing to Qualtrics (and keep in mind, I have only used Qualtrics a limited amount), I feel that Cvent is just a more intuitive and user-friendly survey tool. The user interface is extremely simple, yet has so much complexity behind it. Despite the complexity, nearly all of the features are labeled clearly and are as straightforward as possible.
I like the tool a lot, however as far as renewals are concerned, the ultimate decision making is not up to me. My manager is the one who decided to use Cvent before I started about two years ago. We have renewed both years and are likely to renew for one more, but organizational and leadership shifts will probably lead to some changes in the softwares and systems we use. I believe we are going to move to something that better integrates with our very specialized instance (which is very difficult to find).
Cvent is great for companies who are comfortable personally reaching out to their customers in order to gauge satisfaction, and want to do so efficiently and effectively. Cvent also has event management, mobile apps, and much more software that the web surveys are simply a supplement to. Unfortunately my company does not use any of the other features and therefore does not have a lot of the ease of integration. But that would be the main questions that should be asked during the selection process - how can Cvent make my company, particularly its software, more integrated? How will Cvent help my company run more efficiently and help drive change for the positive? I think Cvent can do a good job using this integration as a major selling point.