Make an impression (or thousands) with DataXu.
May 16, 2014

Make an impression (or thousands) with DataXu.

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Overall Satisfaction with TouchPoint

As part of the creative services department, we use DataXu as an ad serving platform for our clients; it is one of a few different options that we utilize depending on the client's needs.


  • The platform's mobile serving capacity is great; spending is always consistent and the impression numbers are some of the highest we've seen. We can always depend on this method of ad serving to get us the results that we and our clients expect.
  • The intelligence and audience information (found under the Reports tab) is helpful when writing a "story" for the client; it assists us in determining future targeting strategies. Custom Queries are also available under the Reports tab and these are extremely helpful when we need to view specific details about the campaign.
  • The dashboard's spend-to-date graphic helps us to immediately recognize what campaigns are falling behind so that we may adjust the budgets accordingly.


  • Although the dashboard is very informative, it is a bit hard to read. I believe the information could be better organized. I think it would be great if you could single out a campaign on the dashboard so that just the campaign in question was viewable, separate from all of the other campaigns.
  • Many of our campaigns are built to run on a monthly basis and are therefore billed this way. In the DataXu platform, this can make setting up campaigns a bit difficult. It would be nice to have a feature that makes it easier to adjust budgets and flights on a monthly basis rather than creating new flights every month. Also, an easier to way to set up the budgets every month would be helpful as well.
  • Although the Reports tab is very helpful, I believe the Audience and Intelligence tabs could be made more user-friendly. They are a bit hard to navigate and the graphs created in the Intelligence tab that show demographics and audience behavior are difficult to read and understand.
  • Customer Support takes quite a long time to respond to emails. Frequently, time is of the essence and we need quick answers.
  • Getting creatives re-worked and approved by the platform is tedious. There are times we choose another platform while waiting to hear back from DataXu because we need to start serving creatives right away. We are given JPG and SWF ads by our clients and it takes quite a while to get them reformatted by DataXu Support.
  • Many of our clients have smaller-than-average budgets and DataXu works better for markets with larger budgets. I wish this wasn't the case.
  • Google Tag Manager,AdWords,Google Analytics,Simpli.Fi
We work with multiple platforms, not solely DataXu. As of late, AdWords has proven more beneficial to us. AdWords is very user-friendly and they are easy to contact. If we need a question answered, we can simply hop onto a Google Chat and get the responses we need to move forward. DataXu is much harder to get in contact with and their Help Beta tab is not especially informative. If we need to serve impressions, DataXu is certainly the server to utilize.
For Mobile campaigns, DataXu is great. Display campaigns and their set-up still need a few kinks worked out. It's not the most user-friendly platform out there.

Using TouchPoint

It is not in my jurisdiction to renew or end contracts with DataXu. I know that the high cost to maintain a contract with DataXu can be off-putting.

TouchPoint Support

Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Slow Initial Response


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