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Marketing Analytics Tools

Best Marketing Analytics Tools

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Marketing Analytics Tools Overview

What are Marketing Analytics Tools?

Marketing Analytics tools help marketers measure and manage marketing performance. The goal is to maximize the effectiveness of marketing activities and justify the investment. In other words, marketing analytics tools help marketing teams both improve their efforts and prove their worth.

Tools can gather data from all channels in the marketing mix, and report on them together. They allow marketers to create reports without relying on data scientists.

Marketing Analytics tools support things like:

  • Campaign tracking

  • Cross-channel attribution

  • Marketing mix modeling

  • Customer segmentation

  • Competitive analysis

They address the three key areas of marketing performance management, which are optimization, attribution, and justification.

Ultimately, dashboards provide a view into how marketing efforts impact the bottom line. This benefits marketers as well as executive leadership.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Any Business Intelligence tool can handle the multivariate regression analyses needed for marketing mix and attribution models. But marketing analytics platforms allow marketers to interpret the data themselves.

Here’s how it works:

  • Cross-channel marketing efforts are analyzed in terms of dollars spent, time spent, and results.

  • Mixed or omni-channel KPIs are created.

  • The tool then measures campaign performance against target goals.

  • The report finally directs marketers’ decisions about how to optimize efforts. Often this is by redistributing time and money to the most successful campaigns.

Marketing Analytics Tools Features & Capabilities

Marketing Analytics tools might include the following features and capabilities:

  • Multi-Channel tracking

  • With-in Campaign, With-in Company, and Cross-channel campaign comparisons

  • Campaign ROI

  • Optimization & predictive analytics

  • Customer analytics & segmentation

  • Competitive analysis

  • Attribution modeling

  • Revenue funnel analysis

  • Forecasting

Types of Marketing Analytics Tools

There are a few different types of vendors that offer marketing analytics capabilities. First, there are point solutions specializing in marketing analytics.

Some web analytics platforms offer viable marketing analytics capabilities. This includes Adobe Analytics and IBM Digital Analytics. Google now offers an attribution tool via its acquisition of Adometry.

Other vendors may handle just one part of marketing analytics.

For example:

Some SEO and marketing automation tools offer decent marketing analytics as part of their broader platforms. Many BI and predictive analytics products are just a module or add-on away from entering the marketing analytics space in the future. Some marketing analytics tools support an account-based marketing approach.

Marketing Analytics Products

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1465 Ratings

HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing engine that includes tools for email marketing, landing page creation, social media marketing, content management, reporting & analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.


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Top Rated
266 Ratings

TrendKite provides PR software targeted towards PR professionals and agency teams.The company says it is dedicated to helping PR professionals and agency teams build a timely, highly accurate picture of their brands’ media coverage with ease. Additionally the company says their advanced analytic...

Adobe Analytics

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472 Ratings

Adobe acquired Omniture in 2009 and re-branded the platform as SiteCatalyst. It is now part of Adobe Marketing Cloud along with other products such as social marketing, test and targeting, and tag management. SiteCatalyst is one of the leading vendors in the web analytics category and is particu...


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265 Ratings

Moz, from the same-named company in Seattle, Washington, is one of the most popular SEO platforms for tracking the performance of all inbound marketing efforts comprehensively. It reveals how content is being shared through social channels and how that drives traffic to a website, and features a ...

Alteryx Platform

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142 Ratings

Alteryx is a leader in data blending and advanced analytics software. Alteryx provides a business intelligence and predictive analytics solution. Alteryx has 0ver 300 customers, including Experian, Ford, and McDonald's, as well as 200,000+ users worldwide

WebTrends provides an enterprise web analytics platform and, according to Forrester, has a strong focus on support for mobile and social channels and a very open platform. Webtrends competes directly with Adobe Site Catalyst, IBM Coremetrics. and comScore DigitalAnalytix.

42 Ratings

TapClicks, Inc. delivers a complete digital marketing reporting and analytics platform built to answer the needs of digital agencies, media companies, and enterprises. Their flagship product, TapAnalytics, consolidates marketing campaign data and performance metrics into a unified dashboard, comp...

29 Ratings

Net-Results is a marketing automation solution that features segment-driven approaches to lead management and marketing automation. Some key features include support for A/B email testing, drag & drop landing pages, CRM integrations, and automated marketing workflows.

IBM acquired Coremetrics in 2010, and has since re-branded the platform to the IBM Digital Marketing Optimization Solution. This cloud-based solution includes IBM Digital Analytics, the core analytical product, as well as several add-on modules, including Benchmark, Product Recommendations, Lifec...

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19 Ratings

Woopra provides real-time customer analytics. It begins by tracking users across digital touch points (website, mobile app, help desk, marketing automation, etc.) and building a comprehensive behavioral profile for each user. These Customer Profiles are Woopra's building blocks, which are used to...

23 Ratings

According to the vendor, marketers report on their results for two reasons: to prove their value, and to improve their results. Additionally, the vendor says TrackMaven is the only marketing analytics platform that gives marketers the ability to do both across all of their digital channels.TrackM...

50 Ratings

Emerging technologies are disrupting old paradigms and unleashing new opportunities. Oracle has embedded innovative technologies in every aspect of our cloud, enabling companies to reimagine their businesses, processes, and experiences. And the world’s #1 database is now autonomous, allowing ente...

9 Ratings

Makesbridge is a marketing automation product designed for SMBs, featuring core marketing capabilities. It is an on-demand product that is delivered without long-term contracts via a monthly subscription.

8 Ratings

Moment Zero Inc. is the parent company of DashThis, which provides a dashboard tool for marketers and agencies. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Québec City, Québec, Canada.

6 Ratings

Rival IQ is a digital analytics platform for competitive analysis, the rivalrous side of search engine optimization or SEO. A relatively new company founded in 2013 and headquartered in Seattle, WA, Rival IQ has been rapidly adapted and at present is backed by about $2 million in venture capital ...

9 Ratings

AdClarity is a SaaS solution for competitive marketing intelligence. With AdClarity, you can explore any site, brand, mediator, and even campaign, and get a complete perspective of its online activity.

12 Ratings

Leadfeeder provides a sales tool that is designed to show organizations which companies are visiting their site and what they do there. Founded in 2012, Leadfeeder is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Full Circle Insights (formerly Full Circle CRM) is built on the Salesforce platform and is primarily a marketing performance management tool. It is used to calculate the ROI from marketing programs and includes robust analytics dashboards. As such it integrates with the major marketing automation...

5 Ratings

Supermetrics, from the company of the same name in Helsinki, offers an application which automates integration of data from multiple online advertising platforms (e.g. Facebook, Google Analytics and Adwords, Bing, etc) and supports customizable presentations and visualizations of the aggregated d...