Seamless Ad-Server - DoubleClick Manager for Advertiser
December 20, 2014

Seamless Ad-Server - DoubleClick Manager for Advertiser

Namit Narain | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Double Click Manager for Advertisers

Overall Satisfaction with DoubleClick

DoubleClick is an ad-server, which we use for serving display ads in various formats (such as rich media, etc.) for our clients across multiple publishers. These publishers can be direct media buys or DSP's. Most of the publisher and DSP's do accept DFA tags, hence it was the best and easy pick for us. DCM made this integration easy and not working with multiple ad-servers.


  • Trafficking of banners are easy and simple. It involves a little bit of technical knowledge but those challenges can be resolved over a period of time. It also helped me to add click trackers on specific emails and outbound links for an ad campaign.
  • Double Click Studio helped us to create and traffic rich media, video, and expandable creatives. DCM and Double Click Studio are seamlessly integrated, hence it is easy for a creative team to pick up with the technology.
  • Implementing FloodLight Container Tags and Reporting is so easy that it helped us to derive attribution models for our clients. Again setting up proper conversion tracking and attribution models in this tools is simple and easy. You can place as many third party publisher conversion pixels as you want in FloodLight containers.
  • Also, since it is a Google Product - hence the technology is always updated, with new industry methods of Display advertising. The tool is not a laggard rather it adopts really quick, keeping IAB standards into consideration.


  • Double Click needs to give direct access to the small advertisers and agencies rather than small players getting access only through resellers.
  • The pricing model should be only based on impression volume or CPM not with respect to the type or size of creative you serve. This is a huge pain in the neck when a client or advertiser really needs to move forward with new formats or size of creatives and they have to redo their math on platform fee/spend level. Hence it is a simple case of cost-benefit analysis.
  • The UI of trafficking needs to be a little more tidy rather making it complex and comprehensive.
  • Also, the support for direct advertisers, small agencies or client's needs improvement. Rather, than all these small players going to the support team of resellers, they need to have a direct touch point access from Google itself.
  • For example, I reached out directly to the sales team of Double Click as a representative from my agency, where I needed to move away from my reseller rather to have the direct Double Click access, I never received a response from Google back on the request.
  • Double Click definitely increased our team efficiency, where our team was quick in adapting the tool and learning more about the display trafficking.
  • Secondly it made my life easy where most of the publishers do work on DCM for Publishers and it made the tags implementation and exchange easy.
  • It met our client goals as an agency to move really quick in the market with their display ads, hence having a quick go to market strategy.
  • Amazing reporting capabilities made our clients strong believers on the numbers we provided on tactics in the market.
We evaluated multiple other tools such as Atlax, OpenX, AdRoll, and PointRoll. We picked up Double Click for multiple reason - 1. Creative Control and Creative Insights 2. Centralized Management of Campaigns and 3. Data Ownership. Double Click stood on par with other products out there in the market.
Due to its adapting behavior with industry ad formats and seamless integration with publishers and DSP's, I don't see myself moving away from DCM. As we see the display advertising is getting more programatic and automated due to the rise of DSP and concept of RTB, Double Click has evolved with new advanced best practices.
There are plenty of rich media trafficking and ad-server competitors out there such as PointRoll, etc. Before picking up with the tool, the major question you have to ask yourself as an advertiser is, do you or your team have expertise to get on board with the tool? Second major question is - Have you or your client as an advertiser evaluated the creative specs or formats? And last but not the least - what is the depth of reporting and attribution you are looking for?


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