DraftSight, hey it's free.
Andrew McLeod | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 02, 2019

DraftSight, hey it's free.

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Overall Satisfaction with DraftSight

Free and worth the price. I've used DraftSight for side work on and off, and on occasions where AutoCAD was needed and not available. It's close enough and does basic editing of 2D dwg files in model space or paper space. It'll take some time to poke around and find what you're looking for. It's good that many AutoCAD commands are aliased at the command line so you don't have to find the button or remember what the DraftSight name for the command is, you can just type 'stretch' and you'll get what you need.
  • When you don't have autocad and you need it, DraftSight is free and you can download it.
  • One time a guy at work asked me for a basic .dwg editor and I was like, no problem guy, download DraftSight and you're good!
  • One time we brought a temp on at work and didn't have another copy of AutoCAD, so we set him up with DraftSight and it worked out.
  • Adding text to dimensions could be better.
  • Stability could be better.
  • It's free, so the investment is pretty minimal if you're not paying the drafters.
  • If you're paying AutoCAD drafters to figure it out and scratch their heads, just pay for AutoCAD LT instead.
Because 2D vector drafting skills are transferrable, but none of the names and buttons are the same as AutoCAD, which, if you're drafting, you should know at least a bit.
I haven't had the need to. I'll use it to generate 2D vector drawings, which are useful to other programs. The legacy product that we are working with can save to the industry standard .dwg format, which will allow migration to DraftSight or other drafting programs that support the format.
It's free, and useful on occasions where you need something adequate and don't want to or aren't able to convince someone to buy something. DraftSight pro does include CAD libraries, PDF underlay, macro recording and automation features, but I haven't used them. If an organization were to use the pro it is $149/seat, so it's cheap and adequate.
As mentioned, in a pinch you can add a seat of CAD capability without having to convince someone to buy something. This has been the primary benefit.
I've used probably 10 different versions of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and other 2D vector CADs like microstation. DraftSight provides similar basic drafting capability at no purchase cost. AutoCAD LT is probably a lot faster to use for anyone with experience with AutoCAD products, and hey, you can license it for $40 a month.
If you don't have $40 to spend for a 1-month license of AutoCAD LT or can't get the expense authorized, Draftsight will do fine. If you don't meet the system requirements for AutoCAD LT, it's great.
If you do have $40/month or $390/year for AutoCAD LT and meet system requirements for it, AutoCAD LT is the much better choice.