Duo - Easy User Adoption
Updated April 30, 2021

Duo - Easy User Adoption

Debbie Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Duo Security

Duo Security is used for two factor authentication for outside connectivity to internal resources across our entire organization, including any third party vendor access for support services.Users use the Duo app on their iPhones. Support vendors use a key fob we purchased specifically for them. Two factor authentication obviously is much safer for external access.
  • User functionality is simple. Our users love the ability to use their iPhones for the authentication.
  • User access is quick. We have had no reports of sluggishness or timeout issues when logging in and no downtime reported for the functionality in the year that we've used the service.
  • Bypass option in Duo is easy to administer when you have to make an exception for a user to bypass the two factor authentication (for example someone lost their iPhone but needs to work remotely until the new phone arrives).
  • Some of the applications that Duo works with offer users the ability to send them a 'push' - which means their iPhone app pops up automatically for them to simply check and approve or not approve button to allow remote access. Users love this. I wish all applications would allow Duo to do this so it was consistent for users. It's even easier then having to enter the PIN code from the app.
  • We have found that the license count on the admin interface is sometimes wrong, counting devices instead of users - but we pay for licenses based on users - so it's sometimes difficult to track properly.
  • It would be nice that users didn't use Duo for 90 days or some period, they would fall off the active license use count. We have all of our users setup in case they need to work remotely, so we find we pay for more access licenses than we actually use in any given period. We have about 30% of our users that have never used it, but we continue to pay for the licenses as a business model decision - but some companies do offer 'active' license count pricing only.
  • I don't know that this is a straight forward ROI question. It adds a much needed level of security to our remote access applications. In today's threat landscape that's priceless.
  • We had a very successful user adoption. Everyone found it easy to setup, easy to use, easy to remember the process...
  • RSA
We used RSA years ago. We didn't find anything specially wrong. We were looking for something very secure, with a great user adoption rating, good customer services, decent price point, and usable with iPhones instead of key fobs for most users. We asked three vendors we work closely with for recommendations and they all suggested Duo. We also found from an ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) survey that Duo was the predominantly used two factor authentication vendor, we called for a demo. We did a free trial, called some client referrals and didn't bother to compare services. We have been happy with our selection.
We use it with our Cisco VPN, Citrix, and OWA. For vendors, such as a remote outsourced HelpDesk, we sent a key fob. It's worked great for everyone with everything we've setup so far. Their support has been helpful with the setup as well.