Final Cut Pro X - Easy, Efficient, Effective
Updated October 23, 2019

Final Cut Pro X - Easy, Efficient, Effective

Andrew Peterson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Final Cut Pro X

I am the only person in the organization using Final Cut Pro X. The program allows me to easily create videos/previews of videos and allows me to make changes based on what my uppers request. The program is incredibly efficient when combined with the correct type of MacBook and is easy enough to learn, so time is not wasted when video creation is in effect.
  • The render speed of Final Cut Pro X is incredible. Everything is rendered while you're working, so the exporting of a file does not take long.
  • The interface has a similar feel to iMovie, which is what I upgraded from, so it was easy to adjust to this new program. The learning curve of software can be a real barrier to entry to newcomers.
  • The color correction system is fantastic. With a recent update, Final Cut Pro X now allows full-blown color correction to your projects. It is much easier to get the same look across all clips than it used to be.
  • Final Cut Pro X does not go as deep in features as some other video editing software.
  • The "snap" feature needs to be turned off by default. It is a very handy feature for lining certain parts of clips up, but it can also become annoying and just in the way instead of being useful.
  • Information in clips can sometimes be slow to load. For example, sometimes the audio levels of my clips can take several moments to register and show up, even on a fairly powerful machine.
  • Helps me to easily pump out content as needed without any real issues.
  • Numbers on social posts from videos made in Final Cut Pro X are higher than those that are lazily thrown together and uploaded.
  • Final Cut Pro X is a relatively cheap product and has yielded some much higher quality video content than other software options could provide.
Final Cut Pro X is almost a direct upgrade to iMovie. iMovie is a very dumbed down piece of software. iMovie is good for very basic video editing needs, but it does not allow you to create a video exactly how you might envision it. Those familiar with iMovie will have a very easy time switching over to Final Cut Pro X. The interfaces are relatively similar and some of the buttons/labels are uniform across both of the pieces of software.
Final Cut Pro X is a very useful program for people that need to have a little bit more depth when editing videos for work or for casual use. Most people will not need something that has more features than Final Cut Pro X has. It is a very good piece of software for people that need to create video content, but don't need super intense features. Final Cut Pro X is also very good for people easily intimidated by software, as it has a very nice interface and is easy to learn.