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Picsart is an ecosystem of free-to-use content, tools, and inspiration from other creators. Boasting a billion downloads and more than 150 million monthly active creators, Picsart is available in over 30 languages, and is available free or as a subscription on iOS, Android and Windows…

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe offers their video editing platform Adobe Premiere Pro, supporting video and audio editing as well as VR presentations, available as part of the company's Creative Cloud suite or as a standalone application.


Some video solutions on the market are super-easy to use, but deliver lackluster results. Others deliver professional quality video, but the learning curve is extreme. Camtasia aims to enable anyone to quickly start creating pro-quality videos in minutes with no video experience…


Vimeo is a video experience platform. They enable anyone to create high-quality video experiences to connect and bring ideas to life. They proudly serve their growing community of nearly 300 million users — from creative storytellers to globally distributed teams at the world's largest…

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Apple offers iMovie as a video editing platform supporting video creators with high quality effects, support for 4k resolution, audio editing, and other features supporting the creation of videos and movies.

Final Cut Pro

Apple offers Final Cut Pro, a video editing platform featuring optimized for a high performance machines and supporting a wide range of quality effects.

Adobe Express

The vendor states Adobe Spark allows users to create beautiful graphics, web pages, and video stories in minutes, offering free themes, fonts, and images, as well as editing. Imagery assembled or created can be presented through Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video. Adobe Spark…

DaVinci Resolve

Australian company Blackmagic Design offers their video editing application DaVinci Resolve for a wide range of high quality ultra HD effects, render queue, and video uploading options among other features.


Filmora from Wondershare is the company's video editing software available for a monthly or annual subscription, with support for 4k editing and a wide (and growing) range of available effects.


Picsart is an ecosystem of free-to-use content, tools, and inspiration from other creators. Boasting a billion downloads and more than 150 million monthly active creators, Picsart is available in over 30 languages, and is available free or as a subscription on iOS, Android and Windows…


Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor, from the company of the same name in San Francisco, that works like a doc. It includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, full multitrack editing, and AI tools.


MAGIX Software headquartered in Berlin offers the VEGAS Pro line of video editing applications which combines the company's Sound Forge audio editing suite and a wide range of movie production features and effects.


Telestream in Nevada City offers ScreenFlow, a video editing and screen recording application for Mac boasting a range of editing tools, graphics and effects, and easy video sharing.


Uniconverter from Wondershare is a software that allows the user to download, compress, edit, burn, and transfer videos. Uniconverter is designed to present an all-in-one tool for video making and editing

Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is a PowerPoint plugin for converting PowerPoint presentations into elearning content. It allows for multimedia and interactive integrations and can be mobile accessible. Presenter can also integrate with standalone LMS products, including Adobe Captivate.

15 in New York offers a video collaboration platform, supporting the video editing process by providing creative teams with time stamped comments, annotations and hashtags, and an accelerated sharing and approval process, as well as integrations with popularly used editing…


CyberLink in Taiwan offers PowerDirector as a consumer-grade video editing platform with a wide array of features and capability of publishing to social media sites.


New York-based Animoto offers their video editing platform supporting individual video creators and businesses with different tiers of service up to their business plan for marketing teams wishing to create high quality to distribute across social media sites.

Corel VideoStudio Pro

Corel Corporation offers VideoStudio Pro for video editing and VideoStudio Ultimate supporting video editing and movie making.


VEED.IO aims to make professional video production simple. Its online video workflow tools allow teams to record, edit, review and share video. VEED.IO has single-click features such as auto-subtitling, translations, transitions, custom branding, social media formatting, animated…


InVideo is a video creation platform from the company fo the same name in San Francisco, used to create video ads, promo videos, and social media videos. InVideo features a library of 4000+ templates, a full-fledged editor, millions of stock videos and images, and effects.

Plot Storyboard Creator

Plot from Modio is online tool used to create storyboards for video. Users can write a script, add visuals and collaborate with a team on the platform.

Media Composer

Avid Technologies offers Media Composer, the company's professional class video editing software supporting high res and advanced video creation needs.


Magisto in Menlo Park offers their video editing application to marketing teams, featuring an A.I. powered workflow with professional class effects, distribution and native video player.


EditShare in Watertown offers the Lightworks video editing application with a free edition, boasting a wide range of professional effects and features.


Lumen5 in Vancouver aims to enable teams to create social media content in minutes, working with enterprise brands, organizations, and creatives to produce engaging videos that get results. Powered by AI and designed for business, the vendor states their platform allows users to…

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Best Free Video Editing Software (DaVinci Resolve, Lightworks, iMovie)
Video editing software is needed for a variety of projects from filmmaking, to social media, to corporate, to personal. This video goes over some of the best free video editing software options for those on a tigher budget.

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Learn More About Video Editing Software

What is Video Editing Software?

Video Editing Software allows users to produce video content, providing the tools to edit digital videos. The software facilitates nonlinear editing; snipping and trimming the video elements and combining them into any desired sequence. High-end video editing software offers advanced editing capabilities, video correction, audio editing, graphics, as well as visual and sound effects features. The completed video can be exported in multiple formats to video hosting and social media platforms.

The software is used to produce movies and documentaries, tv and streaming shows, YouTube videos, social media content, and educational videos. Businesses also use Video Editing Software to produce promotional videos. Other users include filmmakers, video production companies and engineers, marketing and content departments, vloggers, social media influencers, artists, and individuals.

Trends for video editing software include live video editing, supporting aspect ratios beyond the standard 4:3 or 16:9, and the use of AI for video production. AI offers design and corrective suggestions. Machine learning analyzes past editing experiences to improve AI capabilities.

A closely related category is cloud-based video collaboration tools that support rapid high-quality streaming and focus on organizing and sharing video content amongst video editors.

Video Editing Software Features

Basic Video Editing Software includes the following features.

  • Import digital videos
  • Drag and drop, nonlinear editing, snip, trim, move, and join video clips
  • Edit brightness, contrast, crop, and rotate
  • Support 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios
  • Export multiple video formats

Advanced Video Editing solutions add many of the following features.

  • Import video, audio, and image files from computers, mobile devices, and the cloud
  • Advanced editing and correction capabilities
  • Color correction, shading, and highlighting
  • Audio recording and editing
  • Visual and sound effects
  • Fast rendering
  • Stock video, music/audio library
  • Text and graphics
  • Overlays, video, picture, and text
  • Video design templates
  • Green screen
  • Screen and webcam recording
  • Premade and custom animations
  • Preset video adjustments
  • Closed captioning
  • 4K support
  • 360 degree and multi-cam support
  • Motion graphics
  • Video table of contents and chapters – direct access to specific scenes
  • Transform slide shows into videos
  • Live video editing
  • Support multiple aspect ratios
  • Mobile video editing
  • AI editing and machine learning
  • Workflow management
  • Asset library
  • Video content management
  • Video analytics tools for promotional videos
  • Integrations with animation software, video content management systems, and video marketing tools
  • Export directly to video streaming platforms and social media
  • Cloud-based

Video Editing Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing Video Editing Software

Use Case: Professional artists, filmmakers, and enterprise businesses require a high-end professional tool to create high-quality professional videos. Free or low-cost tools are suitable for YouTubers and social media influencers.

Free Software: Free proprietary video editing software has limited features that are best suited for modest projects or used as an opportunity to try out a product before purchase. Free open-source software does not have as many advanced features and does not offer formal customer support, requiring its users to research and troubleshoot any issues.

Ease of Use: Depending on its features, the software’s ease of use ranges from simple to complex. Select a product that meets the requirements for your video productions. A tool that includes features beyond those you will utilize can add unnecessary complexity to your work and require a high level of expertise to use.

Platform: Some video editing software products are geared specifically for Mac or Windows users; others support a wider range of devices and operating systems.

Pricing Information

Pricing models include monthly and yearly subscriptions or one-time licensing. Depending on the features and number of users prices can range from $5 to over $1,000 a month. One-time purchases are usually in the range of $50 to $500 per individual license. Some vendors offer different rate scales for individuals, businesses, and governmental/nonprofit organizations along with volume discounts. Free versions with limited features are available. Free trials are also available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Video Editing Software do?

Video Editing Software helps users create, edit, and enhance digital videos. Its vendors offer a wide range of products and features that can support everyone from professional filmmakers and enterprise business marketers to vloggers and hobbyists.

What are the benefits of using Video Editing Software?

Video Editing Software produces high-quality professional videos. When the software is coupled with in-house expertise, it results in cost savings when compared to the cost of engaging professional production companies. Cloud-based solutions support collaboration and provide flexibility for anytime, anywhere editing.

What are the best Video Editing Software products?

How much does Video Editing Software cost?

Monthly subscription prices can range from $5 to over $1,000 a month. One-time purchases are usually in the range of $50 to $500 per individual license. Free versions and free trials are available.