Satisfied with Highrise
November 07, 2013

Satisfied with Highrise

Derek Jones | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Pro Suite version

Modules Used

  • Basecamp Classic, Highrise, Backpack, and Campfire

Overall Satisfaction

  • Highrise is a very easy to use and yet powerful contact management product that is extremely useful for us. I like the fact that our staff, partners and even suppliers can access the system from whereever they are in the world - we are not all under one roof. It is the primary way we manage contacts at the point when they become strong prospects and then clients. A dialogue with these contacts/clients can be maintained within the system either by directly entering a note or by posting emails directly to a contact note. The email appears automatically in the client note history.
  • We can set and track tasks associated with a contact and assign these tasks to a team member for action. Each contact in Highrise can be "tagged" to allow easy filtering and I use this also to link to our Mailchimp account for email marketing purposes.
  • We make use of the "deals" feature of Highrise. A majority of our product sales are quite high value and involve a number of associated individuals. When a deal is created it can be associated with any number of contacts in the system and all emails, notes etc related to the deal are pulled together in one convenient history. Although the deal status is only allowed to be "pending", "won" or "lost" we use an app called "Salesclic" which links to our Highrise account and gives a much finer picture of the sales pipeline.
  • We deal a lot with healthcare products that are setup by our associates often in a private persons home. After the client setup or review the associate enters the client notes into Highrise so that we have a very good picture of client status. Any of us can access these notes (assuming permission is set) from anywhere using an iphone app or browser.
  • The CRM database allows for custom fields. We add custom fields to track equipment serial numbers, sales referral sources and warranty terms.
  • When looking at an individual contact there is provision in the system to see their Linkedin profile if they have one which is sometimes useful.
  • Im actually pretty happy with the system as it is. The best aspect of Highrise is that it is very easy to work with - no need to struggle with manuals and lengthy training.
  • Not really a problem I suppose but I pay for Highrise as part of a suite which includes other products - Basecamp, Backpack and Campfire. It would be nice to see more integration between these products.
  • Very positive impact on customer service and the quality of note keeping related to our interaction with customers.
  • Very useful to be able to easily pull together all notes relating to a client or prospect in one place.
  • The management of deals could be improved - we use the SalesClic app which overcomes the limitations of Highrise in this respect.
  • We use quite a number of SAAS apps - if I had to stop using them this would be the very last one I would do without.
It's become the heart of our contact management system - it's low cost, simple to use and high impact for us. We are using a version that allows for unlimited employees, 50,000 Highrise contacts and 100 Gb or file storage. This means to us that this is scalable and sufficient for the foreseeable future. By using some other apps we can add some things that we need that aren't built into the product. We use infusionsoft but not as a contact manager for clients. When a contact in infusionsoft reaches a certain stage and we get more "hands on", we use Zapier to setup the contact in Highrise and create an embryonic deal. We like Mailchimp for email newsletters and Mailchimp syncs nicely with Highrise. Finally we use SalesClic to give us a more refined sales pipeline.
Try a low cost option and try it out. Pay monthly means cancel anytime


It's quick and easy to setup and use. There isn't any feature "bloat". Nothing to struggle with
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • adding contacts
  • adding tasks
  • associating emails with contacts
  • Not enough stages to define progress in completing deals
  • rearranging the order of notes associated with a contact. They are sorted in date order and sometimes some other criteria would be better
Yes - I use the Highrise iphone app which gives access to contacts, my dashboard and tasks. It's good enough to be useful