HP Network Solution: Quality, Dependability, and Cost Savings for a modern switch.
January 08, 2019

HP Network Solution: Quality, Dependability, and Cost Savings for a modern switch.

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Overall Satisfaction with HP Networking Switches

We use a range of HP switches across all of our companies, from our Data centers, remote office locations, and to network manufacturing equipment. HP Provides a quality, dependable, affordable solution that gives us the needs expected of a network today, without the burden of a heavy expense or proprietary training.
  • Quality: The HP switches are built very well. In the 12 years that I have been working with Procurve, I have deployed them in challenging environments. Some of these environments include manufacturing plants, rooms where ventilation is somewhat poor, causing the switch to work at warmer temps, and inside of control panels for various engineering projects located in hot deserts. These switches have lasted me for 10+ years. 6-Months ago I had to replace a switch for a friend that was installed in 2010. The switch was still working when we pulled it from the rack, we just needed to move to a POE model.
  • Dependability: Working with HP switches, I have never had issues with lockups, unknown transmission, dead ports, or firmware updates. Once you put one in, it stays up until you are ready to replace it.
  • Affordable: My motivation of going with HP is because I don't care for the cost of Cisco or the need for a proprietary training. I am a big fan of the open platform. This means that we are able to deploy these quicker, save money on the expense, and have a greater range of support. We get everything we need from a modern switch, without breaking the bank.
  • The product itself is great! Where I would like to see a major improvement is the HP web site. The ability to find firmware images or other resources could be a lot easier.
  • Would love a software or tools that streamlined the upgrade of the firmware. Not that it is hard now, but something that would work in the middle for getting the new firmware, and then pushing it to the switch.
  • The initial savings is the first positive. I get everything I need and expect from a modern switch, at near half the cost of a Cisco.
  • Second, I typically plan everything for a 5-Year Life-cycle. I am getting an average 7+ years out of these switches. Never pulled a dead one from a rack.
  • Open platform means more options for support and no need for proprietary training.
HP is a Great balance of everything you need, from cost, quality, and manageability. I have worked with Cisco, Dell, and Ubiquiti, as well as many other brands. Each come with their own Pros and Cons, but are all good products. In the end, I go with HP because the product has never done me wrong. Perception is everything. Downtime makes people question the credibility of the IT managing the systems. HP has never put me in a bad spot where the quality of IT is questioned.
My experience with HP switches is that there is a solution for every need, whether it be in a clean Datacenter, dusty environment with poor ventilation, or the desert, HP holds up.