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jesse nanes | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 17, 2020

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi

Score 10 out of 10
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We use Unifi equipment across our org and all of our clients. It is used to provide network connectivity to both wireless and wired clients in a variety of indoor/outdoor setups.
  • Mesh Wifi
  • High Density wifi
  • Roaming between multiple APs
  • Ease of configuration/deployment
  • Customer support is lacking but we rarely need any support.
UniFi is well suited for a range of deployments from 5 users to 500 users. Unifi has never come up short.
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Tiago Mokwa | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 22, 2020

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Consumer and Business users

Score 10 out of 10
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We are currently using in our organization Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Gateway, Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Switches, and Ubiquiti Networks UniFi wifi. All Ubiquiti devices are working together to provide the full visibility an organization needs to securely monitor the entire network from all devices connected via wifi and all devices wired, as well as all traffic status fully detailed.
  • Detailed full dashboard
  • Port monitor and control
  • Device statistics
  • Full client details
  • Network topology
  • Traffic status
  • Full adoption control
  • Secure VPN
  • Could improve on details on VPN usage.
  • Anomalies statistics need details.
  • Association failures need details.
Ubiquiti Networks UniFi is well recommended and advised to small and medium businesses where the business wants to effectively monitor their networks with the intention of improvements and security, balance the network and have full visibility of traffic status with many statistics already pre-configured and with the possibility for further configurations. VPN and network also provide many secure levels of configurations. VPN and Networks can be set up based on departments and other choices on different subnets where what can be accessed can be controlled.
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Matthew Ingram | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 14, 2020

Great for MSPs

Score 10 out of 10
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We use Unifi switches and wireless access points. VLANs are easy to configure for security. WiFi is almost idiot-proof.
We are a computer shop and isolate our customer customers from our own network for obvious security concerns.
It is easy to train technicians to configure and administer these devices.
  • Wireless networking
  • VLANs
  • Power over ethernet (PoE)
  • Network inventory
  • Lots of statistics
  • Routers
  • Firewall
Unifi works very well in small businesses. We are an MSP, so we install Unifi at our customer locations. We have an Unifi controller in the cloud and manage all our customer's Unifi devices from a central location. A good example is if a customer wants to add guest WiFi for their customers. We can create the Guest WiFi and VLAN without leaving the office. Unifi makes it very easy to see devices on the network. This really helps with troubleshooting. We stopped using the Unifi routers. They were just under-power and lacked security features that our customers need.
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Brandon Patton | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 22, 2019

Big Features, Small Cost, Mediocre Support

Score 8 out of 10
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We utilize Ubiquiti Networks UniFi across our entire organization - both in UniFi switches and UniFi access points. All of this is driven by a UniFi Cloud Key, which also provides our camera interface for UniFi Protect cameras from Ubiquiti.

Prior to this setup, we used a "hodgepodge" of networking equipment, ranging from Cisco, Dell, and Linksys technologies. However, we were looking for a solution that provided a single pane of glass into our environment in regards to networking and wanted to ensure our networking utilized a single manufacturer to avoid dealing with troubleshooting networking issues between different manufacturers. The other attractive point of Ubiquiti is its low total cost of ownership, but the high value in features for that low price point.
  • Highly intuitive configuration interface via the Cloud Key solution
  • Low price for high-quality equipment
  • Many networking solutions for a variety of networking scopes and needs
  • Fast setup and deployment of new equipment and replacement devices
  • Support - though they have gotten better in their offerings, it is incredibly hard through normal channels to reach direct support for their products. It's argued that this is what allows their cost to be lower on devices. The preferred method is to work with a reseller that can not only provide the material but the training and support for the product.
  • Disjointed company direction - while I can only provide an example of a single time this has occurred, Ubiquiti has been guilty of selling a solution for a length of time, only to completely abandon the solution with no future plans to revive/re-invent it (mFi monitoring equipment)
  • Hard to find resources - can be difficult to locate release notes of updates or to get a 'pulse' on what the company is working on or addressing - unless you subscribe and regularly monitor the community forums. A monthly email or regularly updated blog page would dramatically help with this.
Ubiquiti Networks UniFi is a fantastic solution for entry-level and mid-level businesses looking for a very cost-effective solution for their switching and access point needs. The design of the solution and management application are intuitive enough that you don't need a ton of networking knowledge to find your way around to perform tasks.

I would be hesitant in certain scenarios in placing UniFi switches in high-end mission-critical environments. I personally feel that while Ubiquiti makes strides in keeping things updated and continuing to add features, the firmware/software updates can be volatile and potentially disrupt the ability to manage devices. I see this more with their firewall offerings, and less with their core networking switches and access points. I'm hopeful this gets improved in future months as they continue to improve the products.
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Patrick Plaisance | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 12, 2019

Absolutely the best wifi solution from savvy home users up to enterprises.

Score 9 out of 10
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Unifi is our go-to WiFi solution for our office and all of our client sites. It provides reliable, simple to configure and use, centrally managed WiFi with a variety of access points to suit many different needs, as well as switches, gateways, and IP camera systems.
  • AP's are very affordable.
  • Most of the AP's are highly reliable and can be used indoors or in covered outdoor spaces.
  • Outdoor Mesh AP's with an external directional antenna can effectively cover outdoor spaces with dual band wifi better than much more expensive APs.
  • Unifi Protect via the Cloud Key Gen2+ is probably the slickest, most affordable IP camera system on the market right now.
  • Unifi controller is powerful yet simple to administrate.
  • Remote management of entire networks through a single pane of glass is easy to accomplish with the Unifi controller.
  • Cloud Key Gen2 solves problems with the first Cloud Key wiht a built-in battery backup.
  • When you are "full stack" Unifi with wifi, network switches and gateways, the control you can wield over a network in just a few clicks and the amount of data you can glean from a quick glance in the controller is incredibly impressive. It makes an IT guy wish every product/service could be so tightly and well-integrated.
  • Community support is excellent, Unifi staff monitors their official forums and responds to almost every thread.
  • There are serious quality control issues with Unifi switches, specifically the 16 port PoE model. I am not sure if it's firmware or hardware or a mixture of both, but I can't bring myself to replace reliable Cisco Small Business switches with Unifi ones until these issues are ironed out.
  • In the past, controller versions and AP firmwares were a crapshoot for reliability. Things have really picked up in the past year though, with rock-solid stability. Past issues still have me nervous every time I upgrade a controller or AP though.
  • The switch from Unifi Video to Protect has been handled terribly, and is a PR nightmare. Which is a shame, because Protect is just such an unbelievably good product.
  • Protect isn't available on any mid-range devices for supporting 20+ cameras. Right now, you have to use several CloudKey Gen2+, or pony up for the overpriced, poorly documented Unifi Application Server XG.
  • Serious quality control issues with In-Wall Pro APs. I have several that restart erratically or crash when there is heavy traffic (wired or wireless).
  • Support through official channels is just "ok."
  • What did they do to the forums? Oh man, what a terrible upgrade.
I'm having a hard time coming up with a scenario where an Unifi product wouldn't work. Home office? A single AC-Pro AP and a cloud key, and you're in business. Small/medium business? The same thing, just add more APs.Enterprise Deployments? Roll a controller on your Ubuntu instance and wire up your campus with APs. Outdoor space? A combination of the Mesh, Mesh with directional antennas and Mesh Pro's will cover that space with fast, reliable wifi. Sports arena? Wire up a bunch of BaseStation XG's (and get me some good seats). Then, monitor all these spaces with Protect cameras. The only thing I wouldn't do is use Unifi Switches and Gateways behind the scenes. I still prefer Cisco and Watchguard equipment for those duties due to their more flexible features. I do wish they had the management interface and integration that a full Unifi stack would have though!
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 30, 2019

UniFi -- centrally managed network devices

Score 9 out of 10
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We use UniFi network equipment at all of our two dozen locations. UniFi provides what they call a 'controller,' which acts as a central hub to which all of our network equipment reports. This means that from a single dashboard we can manage network equipment and settings across all of our locations. Features include offline device alerts (if an AP goes down, admins receive an email immediately), a dashboard to view usage across all sites, a central dashboard to adjust settings at individual sites, and the ability to restart devices and POE ports remotely from a web interface or phone app.
  • Central dashboard: From a single web page or phone app, admins can monitor and adjust network devices and settings even when off-site.
  • Central controller: No need to log into individual network devices, all UniFi devices report back to a single controller.
  • Fair to low-cost equipment: UniFi hardware is very reasonably priced. It is much lower in terms of cost than most peers.
  • $0 license for controller: The central controller (management interface) has no cost. This is without comparison as competing platforms charge large sums for monthly licensing.
  • Supports any size network: Anything from a SOHO up to an enterprise with hundreds of separate physical locations across regions can be managed with a single UniFi controller allowing a single dashboard for the entire group of networks.
  • Well supported hardware: Controller and device firmware frequently updated to add features and address industry-wide security changes.
  • Learning curve: It takes some time and practice to grasp the concepts and implementation behind the UniFi controller and device adopt/provision approach. Bench testing with multiple demo sites is advisable before a real deployment.
  • Fewer features than some competitors: The UniFi platform does not have all of the features that some competitors provide. UniFi charges $0 in licensing for the controller, but competitors charge large amounts of money for their controllers.
  • Relatively limited hardware options: As compared with competitors, the UniFi hardware product line does not have as many options as some competitors. Depending on a location's needs, this could be limiting.
UniFi is a great product line with very powerful software behind it. Aside from the hardware cost, there is no ongoing charge to use the platform. The controller software can be run on a customer-owned computer (anything from a Raspberry Pi up can run it, Windows, macOS, and many Linux platforms are supported). UniFi does provide hosting options for a monthly charge, but it is not difficult or unwieldy to host your own.
UniFi allows businesses to grow smoothly, whether it involves adding network devices at a single location or adding separate physical locations. All of this can be managed from a single dashboard from anywhere in the world. This helps to expedite issue resolution, prevent issues, and save time for updates to existing networks.
There are other product lines like UniFi available, but they all charge much money for hosting the central control dashboard, and most charge many times as much for each hardware component. There may be a slightly larger learning curve for UniFi than competitors, but it's not much different in concept.
Ongoing support and updates help keep the product line secure and current!
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 26, 2019

The best underrated and not advertised Wifi around

Score 10 out of 10
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We are using the Unifi Software to control 18 access points and 8 network switches across our business. I am able to manage so much from the software and also remotely control things through their app. I have been recently replacing my APs with the AP AC Pro model because of the enhancements that come with AC. We moved away from independent APs a long time ago and have been able to setup Unifi easily and manage an ever-growing network across all departments. Soon we will be setting up some APs outside to help with our new phone system that will need Wi-Fi for between buildings.
  • Free software for management of devices, no fee ever.
  • Free tech support and live chat that actually is useful and it's built right into the console.
  • Free app for smartphones to manage multiple sites and they keep making it better and better.
  • Firmware updates and software updates actually fix things and some things you didn't realize were a problem they just make it better.
  • Would like phone support, email and chat are free and I don't think they offer phone support.
  • Visualization of wifi "reach" is unreliable and not accurate.
I would say small to medium business, if you have specific needs for more enterprise tech then go elsewhere, but I would say they are slowly getting to be Enterprise quality. We have 5 Buildings and 18 APs and I can manage them easily. I could see how having hundreds may begin to become a burden with the provided software, but I am going to always use Unifi until I cannot anymore.
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Chad Lauterbach | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 01, 2019

Ubiquiti Unifi - A Clear Price/Performance Winner. Best in it's Price Class.

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Ubiquiti UniFi offers a seriously competitive price/performance and bang for your buck as a network installer or end user. Is it as good as the very top rated stuff out there? Probably not, but it's really, really close, at 1/3 the price and sometimes even less than that.
It's amazing to me what UniFi has accomplished at this price point. For the SMB (<200-300 employees) this is likely THE solution to look at if budget is a concern. Nothing else in this price point compares -- Full stop.
  • Superior Price/Performance.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Regular updates and upgrades.
  • New products coming out fast.
  • Lacks some of the really advanced features you get with higher end gear.
  • Some new products/software releases can be buggy.
I would say any business on a budget or of <300 employees should consider it. I think even larger shops could get away with Ubiquiti depending on the use case. For example, their wifi system could be deployed to a larger customer range for sure, but likely you'd be looking at a different firewall and at least core switching program. While it's nice to have 100% of your products from a single vendor, I get that, the wifi performance for the price can't be beaten, and could be a solution even for larger shops.
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Dan Talvi | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 03, 2019

Best way to set up a small business network without prior network experience

Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
My organization, a mid-sized, multi-campus church, decided to upgrade our network to an Ubiquiti Networks UniFi system, including the Ubiquiti Network UniFi software, multiple UniFi Access Points, and a UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4 with Cloud Key. The Ubiquiti system has allowed us to implement small organization networks at each campus, providing each location with a guest network for visitors plus a secured network for church staff, head volunteers, and essential equipment. The system also allows our head technology staff to manage the network remotely using a user friendly interface.
  • User Friendly Interface for Network Management
  • Wide Variety of Products to Extend UniFi System as needed
  • Easy implementation
  • More official support for varying configuration options (to assist beginners)
  • Requires purchase of additional equipment to remotely management network (would like this feature automatically incorporated into USG)
  • Without Cloud Key, network management can only be done from single computer
If looking to implement a full network from scratch, Ubiquiti is the way to go. The UniFi system is easy to roll out and provides solutions for whatever network needs you may encounter with a wide variety of products. The interface is easy to navigate. If users are unfamiliar with advanced networking terms and functions, however, some options may leave users confused or lost.
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Aaron Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 19, 2018

UniFi is great for small-to-medium networks!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We have a UniFi-managed 48 port POE switch and a handful of the UniFi access points. Everything is very easy to get set up and working. It allowed us to very quickly build out our WiFi network with only having to run one cable to each access point. The only drawback has been the need to run the controller on a server somewhere. They do have gateway devices you can buy now that will run the controller software or you can go the cloud-hosted route; however, our services are in-house and for security, everything needs to run here.
  • Dead simple setup.
  • Easy to update.
  • Same features many of the other brands offer.
  • Firmware quality. Some of the past firmwares have had annoying bugs (such as rebooting the switch when changing a single port's LAN settings).
  • The controller software needing to be run on a server.
  • Client history could be more than 5 days. It's running on a server, why is there a limit to this data?
For small-to-medium businesses, the suite of UniFi products is outstanding. Getting it set up and integrated into existing infrastructure was amazingly simple. Clients will seamlessly hand off to access points as you roam around the building and the coverage of their access points is stellar. However, if you have a larger organization that needs complicated firewalls, proxies, or network management, you could be finding yourself buying a lot of equipment to get it to work together seamlessly. If you go all-in with all of their products from the threat management gateway all the way through switches and access points, you won't be disappointed. If you already have firewalls with complicated setups, you may not want to go all-in as it looks like they are just not as feature-rich.
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Andrew Vawdrey | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 08, 2018

Best quality for the price

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Well, Ubiquiti UniFi is being used to manage and is all of our Access points in our office. So all users across the company are using this. The problem this solves is giving WiFi to all users in our buildings and also give us as the IT department the ability to manage the network both remotely via the cloudkey or locally via the IP Address.
  • Cloud Management
  • UI is easy to use
  • Automatic backups and easy to update the firmware
  • Make it able to make changes without rebooting the AP
  • More details on network traffic
Ubiquiti Networks UniFi is great for anyone that needs great WiFi throughout your whole building without spending an arm and a leg. I know Cisco/Meraki equipment is better but they are overpriced. These Unify AP's we have are great quality and are reasonably priced. They are also very easy to add more AP's if you need to expand your setup.
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Jonathan Ubovich | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 14, 2017

Stop spending so much on your Wireless Network

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Ubiquiti Networks manufacture a wide range of products from small business to expansive enterprises.
The primary use case for our implementation of Ubiquiti was two-fold.
1. To extended our network to other buildings inexpensively, i.e. wirelessly.
2. To create a fully meshed, campus-wide wireless network that could be managed from a single console.

Ubiquiti's products really shined for these two use cases.
  • High quality, well featured products for far cheaper than the competition.
  • Ubiquiti produces excellent devices with the functionality that you would expect for 2 or 3 times the price.
  • No licensing costs
  • Ubiquiti does not charge extra for management software or additional devices. What you see is what you get. The management software to manage as many devices as you want for the same price.
  • Ease of use
  • I always recommend Ubiquiti products to others looking for an all-in-one wireless solution because they deliver a great product that just works with minimal configurations.
  • The graphical interfaces on their wireless point to point products, as well as their UniFi products is superb.
  • Flexibility
  • Ubiquiti works really great for the specific use cases that they are designed for but you will not have good luck moving too far outside of those. For example, you won't find any next generation firewall capabilities with their security appliance.
  • Support
  • Since Ubiquiti is extremely inexpensive for what you get, their support is a bit lacking. If you have trouble, you are bound to Google searches and forums. There is a wealth of information online about different use cases for their products but if you are looking for dedicated support you may be left desiring more.
I have used Ubiquiti products successfully in a couple scenarios.
1. Extending network connectivity to geographically separate locations. If you want to extend your network to a building across campus, or even across the region, you can successfully do that with Ubiquiti Point to Point wireless products. Maybe you own a lakeside dock and want to put a wireless access point there without running cable. Ubiquiti can do that. Maybe you want to provide wireless internet for a whole RV park, Ubiquiti can do that. The use cases are many when it comes to extending your network wirelessly.
2. Creating a fully-meshed wireless network. You want to create a wireless network with one or many SSIDs and you want to manage it all from one console. You don't want to spend thousands on a Cisco or Aruba product as well as deal with all the licensing. Ubiquiti networks can do it, on the cheap, and it will work great. One of my installations we manage over 26 wireless access points spanning 10 different locations across the state all from one console.
It truly is a great product.
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Scott Trautwein | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 27, 2017

Ubiquiti Networks Review - Cheap and easy, a dream come true ;-)

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Ubiquiti throughout our entire school district. We use its wifi, network switch, VoIP and video camera solutions. We also use several of their long distance wireless radios to provide internet service to remote areas, such as our football field.

Every classroom has a unifi edu wireless access point installed, which is used for wireless access as well as public address system (intercom). We will also be switching to their firewall solution in the next month.
  • No annual fee. Software is free, so you purchase the hardware and never pay for anything again. All updates are free.
  • Very easy to use. Controller is easy to install and update. Network and wifi are not dependent on controller also. So if controller fails your network stays up, you just can't make any changes until you restore the controller.
  • The cost of hardware is very reasonable, cheaper than most solutions.
  • Support is via chat or email only. They are very responsive and you can YoutTube most fixes yourself. But it would be nice if they offered a paid support option to contact a live tech via phone.
  • You can back up your controller's config file, but there is no option to automatically do that to a cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive...). That would be a very handy feature.
If you need wireless access points, networks switches, surveillance cameras, or VoIP phones Ubiquiti is the best solution I have found for the money. Can't recommend them enough.
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Matthew Michaels | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 09, 2016

Ubiquity packs a big punch!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We had a Cisco router which was end of life. In looking for a replacement, we started to look outside the normal vendors for that type of equipment. We found that the total cost of ownership got very expensive. We also looked at the annual maintenance and complexity of the devices. We found a product by Ubiquiti Networks that solved our issues. We implemented the Edgemax Lite router at several locations and it has worked flawlessly.
  • Wireless Devices
  • Routers
  • Switching
  • Phone Support - Most of the support is online and through their forum.
  • Product Line - They have a lot of products, but there is always room to improve the line. Like adding the latest wireless standard products.
  • Training - Offering some training on their products through e-learning or training partners.
I believe their products fit well in the SMB market space. They are well priced, and give you a very competitive feature set. Many businesses buy products that are complex, and end up spending lots on consulting fees. I also question if a lot of businesses take advantage of the advanced features of those products, or pay for things they don't need. Ubiquiti's product line has the features most organizations require.
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Richard Ainsworth | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 02, 2016

Wireless for the rest of us

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We replaced our Fortinet integrated wireless access points with Ubiquiti aps and haven't had any issues with roaming or being able to quickly configure them.
  • Provides seemless handoffs between access points throughout the building.
  • The controller software is very intuitive and well developed.
  • The ascetics are very sleek and clean.
  • More training on the edgerouter products
  • Better compatibility list for third party products
[Ubiquiti Networks is well suited for scenarios where users] Would like to cover a wide area with wireless.
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About Ubiquiti Networks UniFi

Ubiquiti Networks in San Jose provides their UniFi wi-fi hotspot technology.
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