Overall Satisfaction with IBM Storwize V7000

The generation 2 version has high compression capacity, and it has dedicated PCI just to address the compression. Also, the external virtualization feature protects the customer's previous investment in storage equipment.
  • Cluster capacity of 4 controllers with up to 128 GB Cache each
  • Storage synchronous and asynchronous replication.
  • Streched cluster
  • As it uses pool of Mdisks (array) by type of disk, the CPU cores are shared between pools
  • On the previous generation (gen1) all compression was done by processor so performance suffered
  • You can add an expansion, on the fly, as growth requires it, by adding 24 or 12 disk option enclosures.
V7000 navigates between midrange and a high end storage, so it can be used as a high end storage as it grows up to 128 GB cache on each controller, and it id also is recognized on V7000F as a flash storage.