A strong recommendation for InfusionSoft's greatest strengths
November 01, 2013

A strong recommendation for InfusionSoft's greatest strengths

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  • InfusionSoft makes email automation a relatively simple and low-maintenance task. The ability to set up autoresponder sequences that automatically occur every time a prospect or customer fulfills a certain action set truly takes much of the heavy lifting off of the marketer.
  • InfusionSoft provides such a wide range of content management aids that it really makes for a perfect all-inclusive system for large or small companies. While content management systems like iContact and ConstantContact certainly handle the autoresponder angle, InfusionSoft really takes it to another level and also provides eCommerce options, tasks, the ability to build custom thank you pages, and an easy way to keep almost any amount of pertinent customer information at your fingertips.
  • One of the most useful aspects of InfusionSoft for us as a small startup company spanning the country was the ability to set up task sequences and notes. It was very important for us to be able to keep client information in one central place, easily accessible in real time, so that everyone was up to speed whenever they needed to discuss a client's next steps. The tasks were also especially pertinent so that, for example, if we signed a new client, all the account manager would need to do was begin the task sequence and everyone else would be automatically alerted to their new to-do list. As the tasks were completed and automatically turned into notes on the client's file, we were able to easily tell where we were in the client set up and what still needed to be done. This helped create a pretty seamless routine in many instances.
  • The many opportunities for tagging people, companies, templates, etc. was another factor that really made the product so useful; being able to pull a list of only the Gold Level clients, quickly and efficiently, into a spreadsheet for a mail merge or to send an email cut down on a lot of the manual work that used to go into that kind of task.
  • The onboarding is terrible - getting basic training on the product is a separate cost, and not much is explained if you attempt to go it alone. A better system for helping people get set up would be greatly appreciated. I believe that we had InfusionSoft for a year and a half before we ever truly discovered the depths of what it could do for us, and only then were we able to come to really rely on it.
  • Nothing is particularly intuitive - once you learn how the templates need to be created, how to set up a task sequence, etc., the process certainly becomes fairly easy, but these can be kind of difficult to both learn and internalize.
  • The customer service, while helpful, was never as quick or receptive as I expected.
  • InfusionSoft's template library and task sequences have definitely increased our employee efficiency. This cut much of the autoresponder set-up time down and allowed many tasks and notifications to happen immediately and automatically, as opposed to waiting for information to be provided manually.
  • The ability be send out emails automatically on client birthdays, anniversaries with the company, etc. really helped create a closer client relationship - with little extra effort on our part.
  • Being able to combine our content management, client information, company "dropbox," and eCommerce opportunities very literally cut down on our costs.
While I definitely find the lack of adequate onboarding processes to be problematic, at this point that certainly wouldn't impact my decision to renew. Now that we are fully integrated into the system, I wouldn't think twice about renewing. We have truly built our routines around the different abilities and opportunities in InfusionSoft, and it would be very difficult to go back to manual notifications, separate content management and eCommerce programs/lists, and no central information port.
I would absolutely recommend Infusionsoft to fellow colleagues and companies, but only so long as they had the time and, perhaps, budget to put into truly learning how to work with the system. For anyone looking to combine all of their small business processes into one central location, my recommendation would be strong and immediate; however, if the company was simply just looking to create basic autoresponder sequences, I'm not sure it would be worth their trying to learn Infusionsoft's many intricacies. Infusionsoft is absolutely worth the money if you are taking advantage of everything it has to offer, but it would likely be overpriced for just the basic services.