Infusionsoft Decoction
May 08, 2015

Infusionsoft Decoction

Tara Needham | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is being used by my client. I handle his customer service and marketing so we use Infusionsoft every day to handle these tasks. It's the entire database of his own clients, along with clients for his strategic partners. Since we all work from different locations, we can all have access to the same information at the same time with Infusionsoft.
  • Infusionsoft has the capability of storing a lot of information on clients - from the usual information like address, phone numbers and email addresses, to extra information like websites, special notes, and sales records.
  • You can integrate your payment system with Infusionsoft, making storage of sensitive information like credit card numbers something you don't have to worry about since Infusionsoft already has security measures in place.
  • Infusionsoft is always working to improve their program and supplies regular updates.
  • While regular updates are a good thing, Infusionsoft will make changes that don't seem to work for many of its users. I have seen several of these changes that needed to be reversed after they released them and then were bombarded with feedback from daily users saying the change was impeding their company's efficiency. Change can be a good thing, but too much change just causes chaos.
  • Infusionsoft does allow for customization of certain areas in the program, but there needs to be more customization allowed so companies can set things up the way they work best for them and their staff. For example, on the General tab, there is name, address, phone, email, etc...but some pertinent info is on a different tab -- like a person's spouse name or nickname. Flipping back and forth between tabs is inefficient. When you call a person and his spouse answers but you don't know her name because you can't flip to the other tab quickly enough, it's embarrassing. Same if the guy's name is Bartholomew but he prefers to go by John...his legal/billing name is in the General information. If you can't or don't flip to the tab with his nickname, you won't know to call him John.
  • They have been improving their search function, but in general, I find Infusionsoft's search to be sluggish. If I accidentally put in the wrong information, I still need to wait for it to run before I can search for the correct information.
  • We were used to having a "merge records" option when doing a less-detailed search from the Dashboard, but with their latest release, they have removed that function. Now we need to do the more detailed search if we find duplicate records on the less-detailed search. This wastes time.
  • For my business, which offers virtual assistance services, Infusionsoft has been helpful in allowing me and my team to help my client run his business more smoothly. He already had it in place when we started working together, which made for a very easy transition.
  • Infusionsoft can be complicated. There are several different ways to accomplish some tasks, which is good, giving people choices, but we may choose a less productive method when a simpler, quicker method is available since it's too difficult to find it in the Infusionsoft haystack.
  • I understand timing out for security purposes when you haven't engaged with the program in a certain amount of time, but frequently when I have been using it regularly for an hour straight, it will boot me off and make me log in again when I am in the middle of a search or trying to help a customer over the phone.
I have used smaller, older products in the past but I really can't compare them since it's been quite a few years and the technology has changed so drastically.
I think cost is a factor for many small businesses and Infusionsoft may be on the expensive side. Infusionsoft has a proficient CRM, but its email broadcast service leaves a lot to be desired. There are workarounds and glitches. I've been told specifically by support staff that it's something they're aware of but we just need to "put up with it" and use the workaround to make it function.

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