Value with great customer support
March 15, 2021

Value with great customer support

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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

I'm using Linode to host VMs for my various sites and their databases. All executed in docker containers. I have an eCommerce site running on one of them. While I'm pretty small potatoes, and don't get much traffic. I started out using Linode with hosting IRC servers for a small network. The connectivity was flawless and it served as a solid IRC hub. As a site for VMs, I have not noticed a single issue with delay. The free internal IPv4 addresses that allow me to connect VMs to eachother without using public bandwidth is outstanding. It allows me to have a VM for all my databases and connect to the VMs that need the services.
  • Scheduled maintenance migrations work super smoothly. Downtime is very minimal.
  • Network reliability has never been an issue.
  • Pricing has always remained competitive. Great value for your money
  • Customer Support is friendly and helpful, always important.
  • Don't have any Software as a Service. Everything is hosted on VMs that you must maintain
  • Hosted databases are supposedly coming soon, but with nothing officially announced
  • Pricing is set to only remain on par, but won't often beat other hosts on pricing.
  • Would be nice to get better bandwidth plans.
  • I'm able to run my services the way I want
  • The entry level VMs struggled running a java auth app and Postgres, leading to needing a bigger VM. I'd like a cheaper way to run a database
I like Linode because there's no Vendor lock-in. Azure is full of lock-in. And their VMs are so expensive. DigitalOcean is great. I haven't used DigitalOcean much, but since I already know about Linode's support and migration plans, and how they handle things when not everything is going well, I stick with Linode. DigitalOcean has offerings though I wish Linode would offer. I do wish Linode would try and beat Digital Ocean on pricing instead of matching them.
The customer support team at Linode is very helpful and friendly. The company has been around for so long, I feel very assured they know what they're doing. Each ticket has the support rep's name and signature so I know I'm talking to a real person. I've not had a single bad experience with customer support, even when something might be going wrong. I've been with Linode for 10 years so I've seen things happen that have only happened once but you'll want a good customer support when it does happen.
As mentioned previously, Linode offers great pricing for their offerings. I do wish they'd try and undercut competitors. When competitors have better offerings at the same pricing, it makes it hard to justify Linode. Though their customer support is what keeps me around. Their cheapest $5 Linode has improved over the years, especially with the entrance of competitors.
Linode's infrastructure has been flawless and I haven't noticed any issues with the network. Their migrations, when repairs are needed are fast and I can choose to do it on my own time. The few times where downtime was not planned, they've kept me in the loop and had things resolved typically within a day. I don't know how many 9's they offer, but they're certainly keeping on par with competitors for reliability if not exceeding them.
Linode is great for the person who wants to handle things their way. I like Linode because they are very unopinionated. This lets you manage your VMs and software the way you want. The downside to this though, is that's extra work if all you want to do is deploy software. I'd love to see Linode offer both options. A completely unopinionated (AND AFFORDABLE) VM hosting solution, and more SaaS offerings that let me focus more on writing software and less on how to deploy it. Stack Scripts is pretty great though and makes the setup a one and done kind of thing.