Looking for a Social Customer Support solution?
Updated September 30, 2015

Looking for a Social Customer Support solution?

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Overall Satisfaction with Khoros Care (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium)

We currently use LKhoros across various areas of the Organisation from Marketing teams to our Customer Support teams for different parts of the business. Our teams in different areas using Khoros work closely and using this platform allows greater collaboration and more seamless experience for our customers who contact us through various social streams and branded social accounts relating to different products and services.
  • Case Management and conversation focused. Agents work on conversations that are grouped by author, historic interactions are available at a fingertip so context is always available. Khoros removes the hassle of tracking multiple interactions with the same user across various social platforms and presents all interactions as conversations.
  • Ownership, agents assign a conversation to themselves when selecting it, this removes confusion. Only one agent can be assigned to a conversation at a time, once the conversation has been assigned (selected) it is removed from the queue for all other agents so we avoid duplication of work. The conversation then stays with that agent until they log out or close the conversation.
  • Reporting, Analysis, and routing. For the first time, we can categorize across all social support streams and route content to various work queues. This allows our operations team to work more effectively and try different approaches similar to that of a voice-based contact center. Looking for the best way to effectively distribute and manage workloads.
  • Scalability - Khoros scales extremely well. We've seen growth across various social channels over time, in some cases periods of significant growth which have lead to increases in operational resources. We can easily scale the social support team on Khoros quickly to deal with this when required. The platform is extremely robust and can handle large volumes of content coming in near real-time.
  • Analytics are improving, this is a new area for Khoros as part of the ongoing development of the product. We've seen a lot of new analytics added recently. Dashboards and more granular reporting or customization of reporting is the only thing lacking.
  • Mobile Analytics missing, Social is a fast-moving space, some leadership and execs would love to have access to key metrics and analytics data through a smartphone while on the move to keep them on top of the latest trends and issues.
  • Dashboards. We're all about sharing data with the rest of the business, key business areas find this information useful and didn't know how useful it was until we provided a snapshot. To feed information from Analytics out to screens set up around different business areas gives that insight and brings in more collaboration.
  • Khoros has had a massive impact on our Social Support strategy. There's nothing like it that we've seen out there that comes close to the capabilities that this platform has. It is an extremely robust and powerful tool which is always growing.
  • We've been able to reach more customers quicker on Social and listen to more content than before using Social Web. This greater reach has had a profound impact on our customer behavior with many choosing to use Social as a first point of contact. Growth in certain channels such as Twitter, as a result, has been exponential.
  • Like many businesses we measure a lot of data, specifically focussing on NPS and how easy it was to achieve your goal. This approach is enhanced by the data that Khoros gives us as an organization, allowing more effective quality monitoring, development, and reviews to take place within the teams.
While we've used Hootsuite and various other similar listening tools in the past, most of these tools either present information in a raw/limited and unthreaded form or lack the context and proper case management functions that you would expect to build around customer support interactions.

Workflow is key, we can take all the content that comes into Khoros and filter, and route it to relevant agents or queues. This allows for specialized social support without multiple social handles for each product/service. Customers can interact with the brand rather than a product/service support account which builds a stronger relationship.

Khoros is a fully fledged Support tool that can integrate with other CRM platforms. This provides us with a complete view of the customer when interacting which is far more valuable when providing support. Customers expect more and having this end to end experience where the customer can contact us on any contact channel and still get the same great service is vital. Khoros allows this and more.
Publishing is not one of Khoros's strong points currently, it is limited to text, links, and embedded images. Video currently isn't part of this and the content calendar for publishing can become a little cluttered. Geo-targeting is also a missing feature from the publish capability currently.

As mentioned previously Khoros is geared more towards Social Customer Support rather than Marketing. That said you can schedule content and build a basic content calendar targeting specific or multiple social accounts.
Workflow is extremely simple from an agent perspective. This makes training easy, all conversations are presented in the same format regardless of the social stream. The agent has the same workflow.

We integrate with the Khoros Knowledge Base to provide contextual support based on the content of the conversation, articles can be added to a conversation response at a single click.

Social Web integrates well with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ currently, it does lack other services such as YouTube, WhatsApp, etc., however, API support is in the works to enable this going forward. Performance has always been robust, there are factors to consider when dealing with many Social integrations, Twitter and Facebook are not without service problems at times which are out-with the control of Khoros, it's worth keeping in mind that there can be issues due to a social API problem at either of the vendors ends, however, Khoros does monitor this and are quick to alert on issues they see that are out of their control.
Everything is logged, from a compliance, monitoring, and quality perspective this makes life so much easier. We can see every conversation we've ever handled going back to the start, all conversations have their unique identifier as a reference.

Integrations are currently available for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Radian6 with RSS available as well, API support is in the works to expand the range of services that can be integrated.

Social Web picks up all public data available through each Social API and uses this to append metadata to conversations and authors within the platform so that you get rich information. This all feeds into real-time analytics which give insight and analysis.

Spam can be a difficult one to work with, this all depends on what you are monitoring for and pulling in. We find that this is tuned over time, you'll identify patterns that indicate the type of spam that can appear and can filter this out using keywords and regular expressions.
Analytics have come a long way over the last year and this is a key area of focus for Khoros currently. We've got analytics both for conversation and agent activity within the platform giving a complete picture of both operational resource effectiveness and demand from customers.

Tying this up with the tagging and routing we put in place gives a bigger picture to the business that can drive decisions and help identify areas where support needs reviewed.
Khoros is geared towards scaled social support, it can scale to quite a large size if required. Support is the key here, if you're looking for a tool to manage social interactions across multiple services then this is a great tool but it shines when it comes to this.

Khoros however is not a full-fledged marketing solution, this isn't an engagement tool for marketing, while there are features to support publishing and broadcast of content at scheduled intervals the focus is around support and Customer Relationship Management.

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