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Nicholas Shields | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 17, 2020

HootSuite Made My Job and Life Easier

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I used HootSuite Pro in two different capacities. First as a very passive user when an agency we worked with brought it to us. After not finding much use other than scheduling a few Twitter updates, I was ready to end our contract. I reached out to HootSuite directly and quickly changed my tune. Once the agency was cut out of the equation I found the tools available were great. I could publish content to various social channels, review analytics and a monthly call with my very helpful account rep kept me up-to-date on the latest additions. I quickly found myself doing all my engagement via HootSuite. It was a one-stop shopping experience that allowed me to post, respond, and review social activity. Keyword and hashtag searches were easy to set up for both Twitter and Instagram and if I ever had a concern my rep was addressing it ASAP. Now that I don't use it at my new role I realize how helpful their tools were. While it is not the prettiest layout on the market it is effective. The mobile app also came in handy when out in the real world and not near a computer.
  • Publishing and scheduling social posts.
  • Continuing to build and add new apps that make life easier.
  • Unlimited analytics made for a numbers man dream. Creating and exporting reports was easy.
  • Great account rep, always attentive to my needs.
  • My only real concern is that some apps they provide require signing up and pay for the services. I felt that if it was being made available to me via Hootsuite which is already paid for then there should not be additional costs. I realize that this probably would drive the price up dramatically but still a bit disappointing seeing a new toy but not being able to touch it.
  • It's not much to look at, drab grey and black. Could be a bit more aesthetically pleasing.
HootSuite Pro is perfect for a social media manager with limited time and resources to run all channels through a central hub. It is easy to set up all your channels and monitor from one location as opposed to manually running all channels natively. It is also a great way. to schedule posts ahead of time allowing you to get more done.
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Matthew Veil | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 16, 2020

Hoostuite Free - A Must for Start Ups and Small Businesses

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used Hoostsuite Free when we first started the business. We needed a low cost solution, free is definitely low cost, I heard about Hootsuite from online blogs I follow, and searched on the web more about it. The main functions I wanted to use were to schedule social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ so I didn't have to manually do it. I know Facebook has the option to schedule it for later but logging onto 3 different platforms and copying pasting over was a lot more time consuming. Still at the time the other social platforms didn't allow to schedule the post for later. It was easy to get started with and freed up our time in scheduling social media posts. Initially it was just myself, and now I have others using the upgraded version of it. I meet with a lot of smaller businesses who don't have a large budget for marketing and I recommend Hoostuite free to them all the time. We have since upgraded to the version where you can have more social profiles and are still happy with it. Pricing is hard to beat, and the time savings is very helpful.
  • For small or startup businesses, time is scarce, and being able to schedule up to 30 messages at one time means you sit down once per month and you are done. Spending one to two hours focussed on content relieves the stress of remembering to log on multiple times per week when other things get in the way.
  • I also like the analytics, you can log into each social site and look at it, but again that is time that could be spent doing something else. I like seeing how each post is performing over different channels, especially because each channel will vary in the way content is consumed. Very helpful for planning future content and posts.
  • When I was starting up it was nice to have a trusted source of information helping me determine what and how to post to social media, Hootsuite provides some online free courses to help a small startup business get off the ground with what to post. Helping with information on specific social media platforms, optimizing your social media profiles and pages to get more out of social media. Some people tend to think it's just creating a profile and posting, it's way more than that and Hootsuite provides a lot of information for non experts to become proficient for their own business.
  • They have the Hootlet owl that can be used to schedule posts on the fly for Chrome and Firefox browsers. Very helpful, I have noticed it can be quite buggy at times, so I generally don't even use install it or use it. I'd like to see it work better because a small part of posting is done on the fly. But considering it is a free resource I don't complain.
  • I'd love to see a keyword report or hashtag report which is currently not available on the free version, but considering it's free, again I wouldn't complain. When I used the free plan the main goal was to just post content and show more presence that was consistent on multiple channels.
  • When I first signed up there wasn't a lot of information in regards to how the dashboard worked and the functions of streams but I believe they have added more information, for non techy people that may seem a bit confusing at first, but they have added more information in explaining that and the publishing stream.
I would recommend Hoostuite Free for small businesses, start-ups, and people willing to put some time into creating their own social content and not wanting to outsource social media posting. I'd also recommend it for companies needing to learn social media basics as well. Larger companies who have more than three social media profiles and have a budget to run contests and ad campaigns I would recommend upgrading to a pro version and looking to hire a part-time/ full-time social media manager.
Small businesses need to understand that social media posts alone typically won't generate a lot of return on investment by posting alone, unless they have a campaign to go along with it, but also needing to just have regular social posting that shows you are still in business and are relevant to seasonal content will greatly benefit from Hoostuite Free.
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Wes Horrocks | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 16, 2020

Using Hootsuite Enterprise

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Hootsuite Enterprise to better coordinate our social media channels/messages. It has helped to streamline our external recruiting processes and has allowed multiple departments to begin working together to produce content and schedule posts.
  • Hootsuite Enterprise allows us to access more social media channels than the other products we've looked at. They've also been open about upcoming additions, which has allowed us to plan which channels we may use in the future.
  • When we've had a problem with a post or using Hootsuite Enterprise in general, the support team has responded quickly. While it is never convenient to have something stop working, it is nice to count on their quick response.
  • The Team Hierarchy structure is straightforward and has been simple to use as we've had to adjust access for individuals who have moved to various teams.
  • There is no simple way to preview how a post will appear on the various social media platforms. It makes it tough to know what to expect without some trial and error.
  • I wish there was more transparency about how each feature works. For example, Hootsuite allows you to post multiple pictures on Facebook in one post. However, when they go live it actually posts each picture separately. Knowing how it works ahead of time allows us to tailor our approach.
Hootsuite Enterprise is a good tool to use when you have multiple social media accounts that you need to manage simultaneously. If you only were using one platform, it may be sufficient to use their own native management tools (Facebook pages, etc.). Hootsuite's ability to create teams and provide varying access for users is also an important feature. If there is only one person who posts on social media and an approval is not required, Hootsuite may not be a necessary tool.
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Ed Hart | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 14, 2020

Hootsuite Free helped us to get our social media back on track

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Hootsuite to automate our social media posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for our entire organization. We also use it as a convenient platform to monitor engagement with our target audience of interior designers. Having our social platforms accessible in one place is a real time saver for us since our marketing team is lean and responsible for many functions.
  • Consolidated platform for multiple social media properties
  • Ability to preview & schedule posts
  • Planner view to see easily what's going out and when
  • Can't post multiple images on an Instagram post. That's a real pain!
Hootsuite Free is a great choice for businesses that either are just getting into social media as a way of validating ROI before investing more or small businesses with limited social media needs. The free platform definitely has its limits, but for the features and post scheduling visibility, it is a really good way to get started.
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Chani Loeb | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 30, 2020

Hootsuite makes life convenient, but at a cost.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it across the company in the Office of Marketing & Creative Services as well as the Center for Recreation & Wellness to schedule social media posts for days that the school is closed or at off-hours. Even with smartphones, it sets everyone's mind at ease knowing that there's a post scheduled instead of having to remember to post to social media on the weekend.
  • Easy to monitor multiple streams in one place.
  • You can have a team manage your social media empire.
  • It helps you manage customer service on Twitter.
  • You can get free reports by email.
  • It's the best way to connect lots of services together.
  • Hootsuite Analytics, Multiple Users (Teams), & Custom URL Shorteners are REALLY expensive.
  • There are no thumbnail & summary previews on Facebook in certain situations.
One of the things that really appeals to me about Hootsuite is the sheer number of networks and apps that it supports. Although I advise against posting to multiple networks at once on a regular basis, it can work and can be a real time-saver for small businesses. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts to multiple Social Media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook profile and page, LinkedIn profile and pages, Instagram, and WordPress blogs.
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Barbara Carneiro | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 20, 2020

Good tool!

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We've used it to schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter. One person on my team is responsible for curating content, uploading it to HootSuite and then scheduling it to many channels, for us and some of our clients. We used it as a tool to streamline our social media engagement and presence. I believe that overall it is a powerful tool and affordable but I'm finding it to be too cumbersome and in a way a bit more complex to manage. The interface is not the most intuitive one. It was great a few years ago but we've seen interfaces that are simpler and not so cluttered. Overall it is a great tool but we eventually decided to move to something that others in the team could manage as well. Also, price went up significantly in recent years.
  • All in one place.
  • Easy to schedule posts.
  • Visual scheduling.
  • Too cluttered.
  • Not as intuitive for someone just starting.
  • Not the best UI.
It used to be a lot cheaper, but given the price increase I believe there are better tools out there. It is a powerful tool and relatively easy to use once you understand where things are. There is a learning curve to understanding what it can do for you and your clients.
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Chris Cartwright | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 20, 2020

Hootsuite Pro is alright.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Hootsuite Pro was used to publish, monitor and respond to customers on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Publishing
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Analytics outside of Hootsuite (ie. SiteCatalyst)
  • Easier tools for reporting
Easy to use for publishing to multiple social platforms. Powerful reporting tools and ability to export data in different formats (pdf, Excel etc.). Customer care tools are improving and is suitable for small teams that don’t necessarily work as part of a customer service/call center environment.
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Chris Lesner | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 18, 2020

Hootsuite is a great company with a quality product

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Hootsuite Pro allows us to schedule out over 2 months of posts ahead of the dates we actually have them post. They help us keep full track of what is going on with all of our social accounts by providing great insights (data) on what the outcome of each post is and our social account as a whole.
  • Scheduling content.
  • Posting content remotely.
  • Collaborating with team members.
  • Shows great stats.
  • Helps us keep track of conversations using keywords we care about.
  • Makes it easier to post random content we find online on other websites.
  • Instagram data is limited.
  • Cannot post directly to Instagram through Hootsuite Pro.
  • There is no automation at all for following/unfollowing/responding to people.
Where it works well: If you manage multiple (or dozens) of channels and need content posted to lots of channels fast without having to sign in and out of the channels, while also getting good data on each account all in one centralized place.

Less: If you need to grow your followers significantly, or unfollow mass amounts of people. Also, it doesn't work well with DM's.
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Che Odom | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 17, 2020

Hootsuite is efficient, effective, and relatively affordable

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is being used by our Marketing department, specifically our social media team. The problem that it addresses is that in today's age of constant information overload, we as a company do not want to be drowned out of the social media picture, but we don't want to have to employ someone to constantly be posting and/or monitoring.

Hootsuite specifically allows us to develop a strategy for the day, week or month, including holiday messages and other posts that can be planned in advance. We then develop and prepare the posts and let Hootsuite do the actual posting at appropriate times so that our team members can move along to something else. We know that the post will show in our company feeds at the predetermined time, sometimes, for example, on holidays when no one is working, which is, in fact, the origin of our Hootsuite usage.
  • Schedules social media posts - it is easy and efficient and once you have completed you can walk away knowing it will be done properly.
  • Links easily to social accounts - this is important for the tool to be effective, if it was a challenge or had to be updated every time, it would take the ease of use out of the product.
  • Communicates - If there are problems, they are communicated quickly so that they can be addressed prior to anything "not being posted" on your behalf.
  • I cannot think of anything that comes to mind that would really improve functionality. I would love to see a redesign that was easier to "look at" but that is simply a design preference on my part.
I think it is really well suited to businesses that are developing a social media strategy. I also think that it is likely well suited for small business owners or individuals with an eye on becoming a social media "influencer." The tool allows you to develop a post and schedule it, and then you can walk away and get on with your day. You can spend a certain time focusing on this important marketing tool, and then move on with your day, but appear to your "viewers" or "followers" to be constantly in their feed.
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Jasmeet S Babra | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 17, 2020

Hootsuite Pro review-Used both in student and work life

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Hootsuite pro was used as a central activity center for all our social media. I have used Hootsuite to manage various social accounts for the last company I worked for and also in a project for my masters class. Using features like streams and lists we were able to identify various aspects of business which touched our domain and were able to engage and track them.
  • Manage social media feed.
  • Manage different social media channels in one.
  • Give specific access to users and managers.
  • Allows you to post at a particular time.
  • Cross channel content pushing.
  • Integrate Instagram well.
  • Managing events on FB.
  • The archive feature could be improved.
Hootsuite pro is well suited when you have tons of social media profiles and you regularly push content on your accounts. Using Hootsuite pro, you can push the same content, at your specified time.
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Ron Rothstain | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 17, 2020

Hootsuite, why you should be using them for your social media activities

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have used Hootsuite mainly for departmental use, mostly around our different blogs, from one central place. This allows us to get a single pane update of all the interactions on our blog twitter feeds. Sometimes we also like to cross-post the same tweet onto our different social media accounts, and even that is very easily enabled by the Hootsuite "New Post" widget.
  • Ability to integrate multiple social media accounts (twitter, Fackbook, LinkedIn ...)
  • Very intuitive interface.
  • A bit tedious with adding images, links, etc.
  • Sometimes, social media posts do not post as intended
I like this program that ability to manage all your social networks from one place. I think this gives a higher level of professionalism to your work. I like that you can schedule the posts you make on your social networks. This saves a lot of time, and one can choose a day where you do the program of the week. Conversely, the application that we install on the other smartphones does not connect to the Hootsuite page.
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Maxmillien Rosenberg | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 17, 2020

Hootsuite: The Place To Be For Social Media Management

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We at the CFL use Hootsuite Enterprise for not only social media management of our own channels, but have a contract that sees all 9 CFL teams use the Hootsuite platform. This allows all the teams to have their social media (most notably Twitter) all under one umbrella giving access to great functionality such as content library and the ability for everyone to see what everyone else is doing. Placing all team and league accounts under the enterprise software has been a great tool for not only me at the league office, but for all teams.
  • The Tweet Scheduling tool allows social media managers like myself to take care of content days in advance and allows others within the org. to see those scheduled Tweets to ensure there is no timing overlap.
  • The different stream functionalities allow me to have different set ups for Game Days, special events and easily track our teams, players and media.
  • The content library allows me to easily share content with the other org users with the simple click of a button.
  • The 24/7 support team is always ready to help should anyone in the org. have any questions, concerns or notice any bugs.
  • For me there is no real weakness to the Hootsuite software except the Facebook publisher tends to have a bug or two when using it to publish multiple photos.
If you're a social media manager, Hootsuite is THE product to use. End of story.
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Emily Hammell | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 16, 2020

Great Value

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I am the marketing and social media coordinator and I use Hootsuite nearly every day to schedule social media across platforms. It saves me a ton of time and energy while being able to produce consistent content for all of our brands.
  • Scheduling social media - it helps me control when things are published and can even predict when a good time to publish would be.
  • User-friendly interface - the interface is very easy to use and nearly anyone could use it!
  • Convenient tools - it's nice to be able to scroll through different feeds and interact with posts from one tab.
  • Formatting issues - I have to save images and PDFs in different formats and sizes in order to share on different platforms.
  • Sizes - The max image size you can upload is 5 gb which means I'm having to resize my professional images before uploading them
  • Instagram integration - this could really use some help. I manage 5+ Instagram pages and it does not integrate well with that many accounts. I'm constantly getting error messages.
Hootsuite is great for small marketing departments or a department of one. It's very useful and handy to be able to schedule all my social media on one tool. It's also great because you can get a ton of scheduling done all at one time and it will predict the best time to send out your messages as well.
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Kim Hoogenboom | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 15, 2020

Hoot hoot! Hootsuite gets the message out.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It helps us see what our manufacturers and competition are saying every day. We are able to have similar communication but make it our own instead of a straight-up "share" forward. We can schedule ahead, yet have great flexibility with timing. It has helped us give our customers a consistent message from one source out to where they want to follow us.
  • Flexible scheduling system for social ahead of time.
  • Works on a phone and desktop.
  • Many ways to connect using their apps.
  • We can see who is talking about us socially or via a review all in one place.
  • Does not work with snap chat without other apps/integrations.
  • Difficult to work with youtube and Instagram in all the ways people communicate on those platforms.
  • Wish they would make it easier (less expensive) to run contests.
  • Would be nice to have better analytics for free.
Didn't I just do this in pros and cons? It is well suited for a business that wants to communicate out the same message each time in a unified way so customers can hear from the business in the social media option of their choice. Where the tool lacks is in creating ways for the business to build engagement. They used to have more options for contests, post via hashtag, run a giveaway. That is all now stuff that requires upgrades.
Read Kim Hoogenboom's full review
Jess Messenger | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 14, 2020

Great scheduling tool for social media

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Hootsuite Pro to manage numerous social media platforms for several different clients around the world. Hootsuite is used by most people within our firm. It helps address the problems associated with scheduling lots of content for clients. We can pre-schedule content to make it easier to get messages out during the early and late hours. We can also tracks the number of clicks in order to better tailor our content to followers.
  • I like that Hootsuite makes it very easy to shorten a URL into an ow.ly link within the dashboard.
  • I find it very easy to schedule messages and to see all of the upcoming messages for one client or all clients with just a few simple clicks.
  • I like that you can review custom dashboards for each client, such as the Twitter homepage, scheduled Facebook posts, and inbox messages.
  • I wish that the reports didn't use a "point" system. We have a Pro account and still do not have enough points to generate some of the great reports that Hootsuite offers.
  • Hootsuite should make it easier to schedule messages in different time zones. You can change the time zone of your dashboard but that's too cumbersome when you have employees accessing it from different countries. I want to easily know when to schedule a message so that it will go out at the correct time in another country without calculating the time difference myself.
  • Sometimes profiles randomly get disconnected from Hootsuite and you have to reauthenticate the account by logging in via Hootsuite.
This product is well suited for organizations that have to manage the social media profiles of several different clients or even one business that needs to manage its Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn pages all at once. It's great for pre-scheduling messages that need to go out at a specific time, such as during tradeshows or following press announcements, the launch of a new product, etc.
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Kent Lewis | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 14, 2020

I give a Hoot about HootSuite. It's affordable, intuitive and convenient.

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I'm the primary user of HootSuite in our organization, for business and personal use. I currently manage 5 profiles but used to manage 12. One employee uses the platform to support our social media efforts at Anvil. HootSuite allows me to have a much deeper presence on social media (via scheduling) and informed about what content is performing (analytics and reporting) to inform future efforts.
  • Auto-scheduling posts easily, especially via the mobile app.
  • Tracking clicks across channels with URL shortener.
  • Provides helpful real-time and automated weekly reports via email.
  • I believe the app is very intuitive and valuable, but the desktop app is a little more clunky, especially when scheduling posts. It takes too many steps to create a post compared to the mobile app.
  • I believe the app is very intuitive and valuable, but the desktop app is a little more clunky, especially when scheduling posts. It takes too many steps to create a post compared to the mobile app.
  • The free reporting has not improved over time, surprisingly. Reporting options are somewhat limited in value.
HootSuite is ideal for 1-3 person teams, from a cost perspective. I've found it's very easy to schedule posts and track performance. The basic keyword and hashtag tracking is decent, but not perfect. The reporting is good enough for smaller businesses and is reasonably actionable. I've struggled with some of the connections to Instagram and other platforms at times.
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Amy Paterson | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 14, 2020

Hootsuite, so easy to use even our entire department can use it!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Hootsuite is utilized at our organization to help schedule and share on our social media pages by the personnel within the marketing department. It helps us organize posts across different markets we serve, submitted by different people in our organization. This is a real game changer in how we can see who is posting when, where and what.
  • Hootsuite allows us to schedule postings days/weeks in advance so we can manage other aspects within our work functions and not miss a beat.
  • I love Hootsuite because I can see my post before I schedule it to go live, which allows me perfect my messaging.
  • Hootsuite allows me to page through my social platforms, see the activity on my page, upcoming scheduled posts and what others are posting. This really keeps everything in front of me to help manage all of the different social platforms I manage.
  • I wish Hootsuite would update their Facebook feed icon. Currently, it shows as a flag, which is very confusing when trying to manage multiple platforms. For example, twitter is the bird icon which makes it super easy to identify that it is Twitter... no guessing games.
  • To view all of my posts in the planner page, I would like to see the whole month, versus only showing weekly. It's a strong asset to see your scheduled posts on a calendar, but to see the entire month would be most beneficial.
  • When you are already viewing your streams for facebook, twitter, etc., I wish Hootsuite would automatically refresh new feed, rather than me having to click to refresh the stream.
Hootsuite is best for companies or anyone managing multiple media outlets. It allows you to schedule and manage postings across multiple platforms, and compiles them into a planner so that you can stay on top of what you are posting, when you are posting them and where you are posting them to.
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Vishal Wadkar | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 26, 2020

Hootsuite - One of the best social media scheduling tools.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Hootsuite is being used by the marketing and communications team of different geographies to schedule social media posts to the respective channels that each team is handling. Hootsuite allows to manage all social media content - scheduling, posting, responding to followers' comments and analytics all in one place. It also helps to approve and assign certain comments to other users of the platform as well.
  • Scheduler
  • Calendar
  • Analytics
  • Lacks being a Complete CRM
Hootsuite is well suited when you want to schedule a lot of content on different social media channels and require an approver to evaluate the content before it is scheduled on official channels. This feature allows channels to make sure only approved content is published on official channels. Hootsuite is not well suited when you want to build a complete CRM i.e. a response management system.
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Zaina Kroschinski | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 16, 2020

Hootsuite for private and company rental management

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Hootsuite to advertise for our residential rental properties and promote our company as well. Hootsuite is great for targeting locals and the surround area that are looking for rental properties. This software is commonly used by the middle age demographic that we are aiming for as renters. The marketing department typically uses the software to advertise daily. It is great for promoting and advertising our business.
  • Targets the desired audience that mostly use this website.
  • Helps narrow down your needs and wants in a home.
  • Provides many different cities, towns and areas of the country.
  • Expensive reports for small businesses.
  • Custom URL shorteners are pricey.
Hootsuite free is great for private renters to promote their own properties & not have to deplete their funds on advertising.
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Marissa Pick | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 14, 2020

Hootsuite gets an A++ check it out!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Hootsuite to schedule content for my brand's social media channels. It helps make scheduling easy and seamless across numerous platforms.
  • Great pricing and free options for basic management
  • Great analytics
  • Very user friendly
  • Video isn't always the easiest to post within the platform.
  • Sometimes Hootsuite has system wide issues and doesn't send posts, but an email always comes to let me know.
It's great for small and large businesses, I've used in both circumstances. I think this is one of the easiest tools to use for multi-channel posting and makes scheduling into a content calendar very simple and easy to view and adjust if needed. I highly recommend the tool and have used it for many years.
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Denis Mutsky | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 06, 2020

Hootsuite is state of the art social management tool

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Hootsuite primarily by our marketing team to schedule social media posts to the respective social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc). Hootsuite helps us to manage our daily social media activities across various channels - scheduling, posting, engagement with followers and commenters as well as looking into social media analytics.
  • Ability to integrate various social media channels into one dashboard
  • Intuitive and easy end user interface
  • Not that simple to add images, links, text etc.
  • Lack of # suggestion feature would be nice
Hootsuite is an excellent social media management tool and I would highly recommend it to someone who is looking to save time and essentially money by automating social media activities. Also great to use for spying on the competition.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 18, 2020

Great service, but needs updates quick to keep up in the marketplace.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have three users. All of us curate and post content for our approximately 50 social media channels. It helps each of us know what the other has posted, so we are not duplicating efforts. We can also pop into the scheduler to see what is coming up and we often use bulk uploading which is a great feature.
  • Coordinating efforts.
  • Advanced scheduling.
  • Multiple streams.
  • Sales Force integration.
  • RSS Feed integration.
  • Being able to set up multiple Tweets with the same post.
It's great for teamwork, but your competitors are adding multiple integrations which make analytics much more robust. Salesforce, Marketo, RSS feeds are all available on Oktopost and we really love their platform. Also, they have a dedicated customer service rep, which makes all the difference in the world. It's nice to establish a rapport with one person.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 17, 2020

Hootsuite Makes Social Management Easy

Score 8 out of 10
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At my old organization, we used Hootsuite as a social media management tool in the marketing department, specifically as it relates to Twitter. Just using Twitter alone is fine, but Hootsuite allowed us to see mentions, interaction, etc. all in one view. No need to flip back between pages; it makes managing a social account easy.

In my current role, I use Hootsuite to manage my clients' social media channels similar to my previous role. When our team presented our clients with social platform management options, all of them opted for Hootsuite and have been extremely happy with the data, management, and ease of use that Hootsuite allows.
  • Easy to interact with other users or consumers--fast. Hootsuite allows a real-time feed like Twitter used to have. Notifications are more easily seen.
  • Easy to monitor all aspects of social, including through multiple accounts. Did someone mention your account(s)? There's a panel for that. Only want to see specific content? You're able to create data profiles on whatever you choose. What to minter multiple accounts at once? Done.
  • Scheduling tweets are easy, which means you can fully develop your social calendar and not have to worry about taking a break from your dinner to send out that 6 pm tweet.
  • When scheduling tweets, it can be easy to hit the wrong button and send the tweet out immediately. Would love to see better design to avoid that.
  • With so much data on the screen, sometimes it can look overwhelming and, maybe this is just me, quite ugly. Personal preference, sure, but I would love to see a cleaner looking design.
Hootsuite is great if you want to monitor one or more accounts. Specifically, if you are trying to build out a social calendar. Hootsuite makes it easy to develop a thorough content calendar while also promoting/posting things in real-time. If you want to boost interaction with consumers/followers, Hootsuite makes it easy to see mentions and interaction and then tweet back to other users.

If you are unsure of your social goals, I would say Hootsuite might not be for you, as it pertains to more advanced levels of social media marketing.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 14, 2020

Great Social Media Tool for multiple accounts

Score 10 out of 10
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We've been using Hootsuite Pro for a number of years. I started using it to monitor twitter parties, tracking hashtags and schedule posts for instagram. Today, I use it for multiple clients and share some of the feeds with clients/colleagues (makes for easy approval process). I use it for Facebook, twitter, instagram and sometimes LinkedIn.
  • Create streams for multiple accounts and platforms and offer an easy overview
  • Schedule, comment on, like and reshare posts on multiple platforms
  • Track trends, hashtags and search terms in separate column
  • schedule content and have clients/colleagues check for approval
  • I've used the platform for a long time but do get some resistance sometimes from others saying it's not very user-friendly
  • Maybe add more features to the analytics side
One platform for several clients with different needs. We have our own Hootsuite Pro account but also use clients' accounts for approval process and scheduling.
It's also very practical for twitter parties and tracking hashtags and conversations. Since each platform offers their own analytics we don't use Hootsuite's analytics as much.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Boolean keyword searches (68)
Filtering out noise/spam (70)
Sentiment analysis (63)
Broad channel coverage (85)
Content planning and scheduling (103)
Audience targeting (78)
Content optimization (83)
Workflow management (87)
Automated routing and prioritization (65)
Customer interaction histories (72)
Bulk actions (78)
Lead generation (49)
Content marketing (80)
Paid media management (51)
Campaigns and promotions (72)
Twitter (100)
Facebook (100)
LinkedIn (90)
Google+ (60)
Instagram (82)
Pinterest (49)
YouTube (48)
Campaign success analytics (81)
Real-time tracking (82)
Competitor analysis (57)
Role-based user permissions & privileges (84)
Mobile access (91)

About Hootsuite

Hootsuite aims to help people connect on social media with the communities they live in, the teams they work with, and the brands they love as well as customers who believe in them.

Whether managing a small team or making leap forward to completely transform a social enterprise, Hootsuite presents solutions to help unlock the power of human connection.

The vendor states that Hootsuite is trusted by more than 18 million customers and employees at more than 80 percent of the Fortune 1000. They further provide that Hootsuite's expertise, customer insights at scale, and collaborative ecosystem empowers organizations large and small to strategically grow their brand, business, and customer relationships with social. They invite visitors to learn more, at www.hootsuite.com.

Hootsuite Features

Listening/monitoring Features
Has featureBoolean keyword searches
Has featureFiltering out noise/spam
Has featureSentiment analysis
Has featureBroad channel coverage
Publishing Features
Has featureContent planning and scheduling
Has featureAudience targeting
Has featureContent optimization
Has featureWorkflow management
Engagement Features
Has featureAutomated routing and prioritization
Has featureCustomer interaction histories
Has featureBulk actions
Marketing Features
Has featureLead generation
Has featureContent marketing
Has featurePaid media management
Has featureCampaigns and promotions
Channel coverage/integration Features
Has featureTwitter
Has featureFacebook
Has featureLinkedIn
Does not have featureGoogle+
Has featureInstagram
Has featurePinterest
Has featureYouTube
Reporting/analytics Features
Has featureCampaign success analytics
Has featureReal-time tracking
Has featureCompetitor analysis
Account management Features
Has featureRole-based user permissions & privileges
Has featureMobile access

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Conversocial, Sysomos Expion, Falcon.io, Radian6, Sprout Social, MavSocial, ThoughtBuzz, Socialbakers, Khoros Care (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium), Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium), Sprinklr


  • Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
  • Has featureFree or Freemium Version Available?Yes
  • Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
  • Entry-level set up fee?No

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