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Best Social Media Customer Service Software include:

Freshdesk, Khoros Care (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium), and Sprout Social.

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Social Media Customer Service Software Overview

What is Social Media Customer Service Software?

Social media customer service is the practice of proactively listening for and responding to support issues on social channels. Social customer care has emerged as one of the most important ways in which social technology is used by companies. This has been driven by consumers who quickly discovered that the quickest route to a customer service response was not to call the company and open a support ticket, but to tweet an issue to the world. The very public nature of the grievance is almost certain to to elicit a very rapid response—certainly more rapid than more traditional channels. Some social media customer service solutions like Conversocial and Lithium Social Web specialize in this specific use case. In response, some platform vendors have started to add support functionality, including things like ticket routing, to their platforms.

How Social Media Customer Service Differs from Standard Customer Service

The goal is to make support in the form of agents and knowledge available through the most convenient channel: social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It is different from other approaches to CRM in that agents use social listening, tracking, alerts, and workflow automation features to identify and respond to all customers who have questions or problems, regardless of whether they create a support ticket or even contact the company directly.

Social media is typically not the sole channel for support; it is usually part of a multi-channel customer service strategy that may also include a call center, email support tickets, live chat, and/or a self-help portal.

Why Businesses Choose Social Media for Customer Support

Proponents of this approach say social is a promising support channel for two main reasons:

1. Most customers already spend a lot of time on social networks, and engaging in social media conversations is faster, easier, and less stressful than engaging over phone or email.

2. Customers often express their feelings around brands, products, and support experiences to their peers via social. They can post comments or questions on a brand’s profile page, tag @ or # mentions of the brand. By responding to all of these cases, support agents ensure that the maximum number of customer needs are met. Because social media is a somewhat public venue, good social support experiences create positive PR and prevent complaints from going viral.

Social Media Customer Service Software Features & Capabilities


One of the biggest selling points of social media customer service software is its ability to provide organizations with key insights on their customers. Components of analytics for this type of software include being able to not only measure the success of social media campaigns, but gather data on customer personas, use cases, and more.

Chat Bots
Not every social media customer service solution will feature the use of AI-powered customer support, but this is an increasingly popular capability. Businesses can employ the use of customer support bots via various channels to streamline customer support and provide on-demand and live assistance.

Organization & Management
Unified inboxes are a key component to this class of software. This allows social media and customer support managers to work together to streamline their approaches to customers via social networks. These features address concerns about having to manage responses to customers via dozens of different interfaces and platforms.

Scheduling & Publishing
Social media customer service solutions typically have features which allow administrators to plan and schedule social posts across various channels or social media platforms.

Social Media Customer Service Software Comparison

To compare different social media customer service solutions, consider these factors for each product offering, and make sure they have these capabilities:
  1. Allow for rapid, real-time responses from a unified platform.
  2. Notifications and alerts to address spikes in requests, but also to monitor sensitive social media situations.
  3. Intelligent AI, to manage personalization and minimize errors.
  4. Robust suite of analytics capabilities, to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improving your brand's social media strategy.


There are rudimentary social media marketing tools that are available for free, but may not be suitable for corporate use, and typically will not provide features that also support customer service. True social media customer service solutions typically start at around $99/mo and can range to as much as $400/mo for more advanced features and support for more social channels.

Social Media Customer Service Products

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Sprout Social
256 ratings
90 reviews
Top Rated
Sprout Social provides social media management, marketing, customer care, data and intelligence, and employee advocacy solutions for leading brands and agencies, including Ticketmaster, Chipotle, Grubhub, Subaru, Zendesk and many more. Sprout’s platform is designed with ease of use in mind, simplify…
116 ratings
50 reviews
Top Rated
Freshdesk is a SaaS based customer support software for businesses of all sizes. The vendor's value proposition is that Freshdesk is priced affordably, and is free forever for any number of agents. There are four other plans available that come with a whole lot of features. The vendor says Freshdes…
Khoros Care (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium)
28 ratings
40 reviews
Top Rated
Khoros Care enables clients to serve their customers on their digital channel of choice to boost customer satisfaction & reduce costs. It Offers: Messaging to serve more customers with the convenience of messaging & prove the impact to customer satisfaction. Give agents the ability to engage…
Socialbakers Suite
36 ratings
30 reviews
The Socialbakers Suite, now from Astute (acquired September 2020) is an AI-powered social media marketing suite. It is designed to enable marketers to understand their personas, gather market intelligence, find influencers, track online conversations, and measure marketing ROI in one place.Audiences…
Sprinklr Modern Care
23 ratings
21 reviews
With Sprinklr’s Modern Care solution brands can proactively listen to customers across multiple channels, automatically route inbound messages to the right agent, quickly resolve customer issues using their full history and analyze overall performance of the care program in order to make improvement…
38 ratings
20 reviews was a helpdesk, ticketing, and customer support product offered by Salesforce. It is no longer sold. collects and organizes all of an organization’s customer conversations (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, chat) into a prioritized actionable list, and gives business simple tools to effect…
Sparkcentral, by Hootsuite
8 ratings
15 reviews
Sparkcentral provides a cloud-based customer engagement platform that caters specifically to customer care teams within large enterprises, enabling them to deliver real-time social customer service. Sparkcentral's software generates profiles on every social customer and ensures that the right conver…
Brand Embassy, now part of NICE inContact CXone
6 ratings
11 reviews
Brand Embassy is now part of NICE inContact CXone (acquired May 2019).Brand Embassy is social customer service software designed to help companies with high volume social customer service prioritize and automate the customer experience. Incoming requests and mentions from social media, blogs and web…
4 ratings
10 reviews
Conversocial is a social customer service software that enables companies to engage in large volumes of social media conversations with their customers. The cloud-based software combines intelligent prioritization with team management workflows to enable companies to quickly and efficiently join and…
10 ratings
9 reviews
Brand24 is an online monitoring application.The application allows users to identify and analyze online conversations about their brands, products and competitors. Users can track and engage in online conversations that are relevant to thier business. Brand24 gives users instant access to mentions a…
Zoho Desk
43 ratings
9 reviews
Zoho Support is a Saas help desk / ticketing system aimed at SMBs. I competes most often with Zendesk, and
1 rating
4 reviews
BrandsEye is a South African reputation management and social media monitoring system competing with vendors like Trackur. BrandsEye scours the social web for mentions and uses crowdsourced analysis to judge sentiment.
2 ratings
3 reviews
Coosto is a single solution for social media applications. Organizations can use this solution to monitor their brand and reputation, respond to questions from their customers, detect leads or plan and publish their social media content in 150 languages and 200 countries. The vendor says their user…
2 ratings
1 review
SoDash is a SaaS based customer engagement management tool that uses intelligent prioritisation and instant message routing across social channels to support businesses in providing customer service functions. It can operate in stand-alone mode or in collaboration with other software applications.
1 rating
1 review
ZoomSphere is a social media management platform that helps 7000+ customers across the world manage all their social media interactions including social listening, publishing and reporting. According to the vendor, ZoomSphere has been created keeping medium and scaling teams in mind making it super…
1 rating
1 review
NapoleonCat is a social media management solution built around features such as post publishing and engagement across social media channels, competitor monitoring, and analytics and optimization.
Deskero is a social platform for customer support and ticketing
ThoughtBuzz is a cloud based full stack social business platform that integrates social listening, social media marketing, social intelligence and social CRM. According to the vendor this solution is designed to help users drive a quick ROI with features such as one-click publish, an integrated dash…
Sleek is a realtime social conversation management app.
Interactions Digital Roots (formerly ENGAGE)
Interactions Digital Roots collects conversations from across the web and not only captures keyword and sentiment analysis but also includes customer intent. The vendor says that this allows the platform to identify and route conversations in a precise and highly customizable way. Using Machine Lear…
Sentiment is a cloud based social media customer service platform. Some key features include Social Media Publishing, Social Customer Engagement, Social CRM and Social Media Monitoring.
Copiny is an online community / forum platform purposed for customer support, feedback, and knowledge sharing, from the small Russian company of the same name.
eGain is a cloud-based customer engagement hub (CEH) used by contact centers to facilitate omnichannel sales and customer service. It includes call tracking, click to call, live chat and cobrowsing, social media customer service, email support ticket management, social offers, and a knowledgebase fo…
According to the vendor, DigitalGenius is the AI platform that puts contact centers on autopilot by understanding conversations, automating repetitive processes and delighting customers. The platform is powered by deep learning that understands customers’ objectives, then drives automated resolution…
LiveWorld headquartered in San Jose offers managed social media as well as social media customer service technology, and a chatbot building technology for social customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is social media customer service?

Social media customer service entails listening for and responding to support issues on social channels. This has emerged as one of the most important ways social technology gets leveraged by companies. Consumers find that the quickest route to customer service responses is no longer via traditional phone interactions. These solutions can route social media data into ticketing systems for companies.

How do companies use social media for customer service?

Simply put: by responding to customer inquiries via social media. Businesses can meet customers on the plane of social platforms where their customers are already congregated and conversing. Quick and effective replies on social channels can bolster your brand reputation.

How has social media changed customer service?

Social media makes companies more accessible to customers than ever, 24/7. Social media customer service has the potential for high return on investment, especially if you outsource social media management to a third-party company, or have employee(s) dedicated to content creation and account moderation. In fact, brands prioritizing customer interactions on social channels tend to be more profitable.