Guaranteed Protection
george wilson | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 28, 2018

Guaranteed Protection

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Overall Satisfaction with Malwarebytes

I started using Malwarebytes a few years ago after I suffered the infection of a ramsonware (police type) on my laptop, and with it I lost almost all the information stored on my desktop and my disk c. The truth is that on that occasion I tried by all means to recover my S.O and my files, but there was nothing to do, it was a total disappointment. After formatting my disk and reinstalling the whole system, I dedicated myself to searching in several forums about a program that will help me improve the defenses of my laptop and finally I decided on Malwarebytes and the truth is that it is an excellent protection measure, from that I have not had incidents with malwares, rootkits or any other malicious code since it detects them quickly and eliminates them without any problem.
  • There is a free version and paid version.
  • The installation process is very easy and quick to perform.
  • You can choose the type of analysis that the program performs (threats, personalized, fast). Of course you can also program the system to perform the analysis at the time you want and so do not have to perform manually.
  • After executing the analysis, Malwarebytes generates a quite complete report where you can see all the problems, violations and others that have been detected.
  • When Malwarebytes is updated the consumption of CPU increases considerably generating a slight decrease in the performance of the PC, which can be uncomfortable when you occupy PC with low memory and an old processor.
  • Since I installed Malwarebytes I have not had problems with malicious files like malware, rootkits, ramsonware or anything similar.
  • I have not lost information again, nor have I reinstalled the system due to infections or faults caused by malicious elements.
  • I navigate with greater security and tranquility, since not only I count on my antivirus, but also with Malwarebytes, and with only analyzing your PC once a day you keep it clean and without problems.
Usually I always used ESET before my painful incident with the ransomware, after that I realized that the protection only with traditional antivirus was not what you need since at that time I was browsing through many pages and download forums. Due to the speed and the specificity of Malwarebytes, I opted for it, since sometimes the antivirus ignores some elements (or simply the malicious code deactivates it) but being exclusive to address the spyware and malwares, its level of protection against these threats I find much better.
Malwarebytes is totally recommended in almost all possible scenarios as an excellent measure of protection for your PC, allowing you to clean your PC of rootkits, malwares, avoid annoying ramsonwares infections, trojans and many other threats that are found on the internet today. Unfortunately, Malwarebytes can give some problems if you occupy an old or low-end computer since sometimes the consumption of resources goes up a lot and can cause slight system freezes, but that happens only occasionally and it seems that it is mainly a product of the version that is taken care of since in previous versions and other PC that did not happen to me.