McAfee is a great product to use for your servers
March 29, 2017

McAfee is a great product to use for your servers

Roberta Jones | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We currently only use McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite in the IT department and have it deployed on each of our servers. We've been using this software to protect our servers for over 10 years and have seen the product grow positively over the years. We basically use the software suite as one layer of protection from viruses, malware, and unwanted intrusions.
  • The software suite works really well at protecting our servers from malware and viruses. We have never experienced downtime because of a system intrusion that McAfee allowed to access our network. McAfee is always updating to keep up with new viruses or threats that are circulating the computer world so it's always ready to shield our systems from new threats as well as old threats.
  • McAfee's customer service is above par! I receive notices about renewing our software about 3 months before our contract end date. I don't stop receiving reminders and notices until we've actually renewed our agreement. McAfee is also great at notifying it's users when their product is out of date. There are times when we've gotten very busy and forgot top renew our agreement despite all of the reminders that we received. McAfee notified us immediately via the software installed on our system and sent a notification via email to let us know there was a problem.
  • McAfee also integrates well with the other security software that we have installed. They don't interfere with each other causing system problems or other alerts. McAfee is also very easy to install and maintain. It doesn't take the knowledge of a server admin to get the software installed and running correctly. You can manage the software remotely or on-site with an easy to use dashboard that allows you to remove or add devices at will.
  • I would not use any type of McAfee product on any personal computer that I have because I don't think it works well unless it's bundled with other security software. When using McAfee as my computer's single source of protection from viruses and malware, the software did not keep my computer from being infected. When the software is paired with other software and hardware used for network security, it does a great job of protecting the system. For instance, when I downloaded a file that actually had a virus in it, McAfee ran a scan on the download and said it was clean, but the moment I opened the file on my computer, my system became infected with malware.
  • When using McAfee on a desktop or laptop, I've also seen where there were issues where it would conflict with other software installed on the device. I don't see these issues with McAfee running on our servers; only on desktops and laptops. Sometimes McAfee would report that a program had a virus or that a program was infected with malware and really it was just a regular program file that had no infections at all. I don't like false detections because it makes you spend hours running additional virus scans looking for something that doesn't exist. At other times, I would attempt to open a software program on my computer and it wouldn't open because a system file it needed to run was deleted by McAfee during a previous scan.
  • I like to run an automated virus scan when my computer is first turned on, but I've noticed that this function drastically slows down my computer. For the most part, McAfee does not drain your computer's resources, but if you have it set up to run when you first log into your desktop after turning your computer on then it will drastically slow down the speed of your computer. To try and get around this issue I just avoid opening any other programs while the scan is running.
  • The ROI has been positive in regards to our McAfee purchase. The software is very inexpensive; especially when compare to other similar products and solutions. We invested very little money and are awarded in a large way by not having our network unprotected where anyone can gain access. So we're basically paying a little bit of money for a very large service that we wouldn't be able to live without.
  • I would also say our ROI has been positive because even when we were late renewing licenses, McAfee did not charge any additional fees to get our contract renewed. They just started it form the original date that it was supposed to start on and continued with our service as if there were no interruptions. In the past when we've missed contract renewals, we had to pay huge fees in order to get our contract restarted and our hardware back on support so I am happy that McAfee is not in the game of charging outlandish fees.
  • Since deploying McAfee and using the feature that allows us to block certain sites from employees accessing them on our network, we've been able to cut down on so many network intrusions and virus infections. This has saved us money in replacing hardware and in paying ransom fees because we aren't being hit by viruses that can attack us in this manner any longer.
We only selected McAfee because we are already using ESET NOD32 for the protection of our desktops and laptops. We didn't want to use the same software for our servers so we chose McAfee instead. I personally like ESET Smart Security better than McAfee when deploying it on a desktop or laptop because I think it protects the PC better. When it comes to web protection, policy updates, etc., McAfee is the better choice and that's why we deployed it on our servers.
It provides great web security and will protect your devices against viruses and malware when paired with other security software and hardware. For instance, we have multiple layers of security set up so if McAfee misses something then one of our other barriers will catch the infection or intrusion before it reaches the network. I would not suggest using this product as a standalone agent because I do not think it will be as effective when working by itself. The dashboard also makes it convenient to manage devices, policies, and settings from wherever you are so it's an ideal solution for any IT department to use. I would just suggest using something else as a backup so your network isn't left vulnerable.