A perfect tool for accurate sentiment analysis
November 15, 2013

A perfect tool for accurate sentiment analysis

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Modules Used

  • Workbench
  • Insight Composer

Overall Satisfaction

  • NetBase is the only social analytics tool I've come across that has sentiment analysis capabilities I can trust. Their deep semantic analysis provides sentiment analysis that's actually accurate, and I can't say the same for other conversation research tools.
  • NetBase's ability to create a "custom dashboard" look and feel has fulfilled requests that we get on an ongoing basis from clients looking for a one-stop social media dashboard.
  • The customer support was top-notch. I was lucky that some NetBase staff actually worked in my same building, but either way, they were approachable and always willing to hop on the phone to assist.
  • At the time when I used NetBase, you had to create queries in a different platform than where you actually reviewed the dashboard - one being "Insight Composer" and another being "Workbench". They may have consolidated this, but at the time it was frustrating and updating queries should have been easier.
  • It was frustrating when changing the terms/input for one section of the report would affect all of the other sections - sometimes, I wanted to just see how things changed when altering the date range or input for only one section and keep the output for other sections as-is.
  • The cost of NetBase was higher than many of our client's budgets would allow, which was a shame.
  • Time saved on accurate sentiment analysis (instead of manually coding social mentions)
  • Better client perception of our agency's social analytics capabilities
  • The ability to provide the "big picture" when it comes to insights derived from social media research - rather than focusing on granular information or going too deep to make any actionable insights
NetBase has a real core competency in its sentiment analysis that no other social conversation research tool has been able to provide - and believe me, I've worked with many of these social analytics vendors. It takes a lot to say that I can place total trust in an "automated" tool - rather than conducting manual research - but I do feel this way with NetBase. The only thing that held us back from using it more was the cost, which was difficult to justify at a small agency.
I think that the question of budget would be key to determining whether NetBase is the best fit for a colleague's client or brand. What I will say is that NetBase allowed me to include 5 different keyword groups, so the cost could be split among various clients or project budgets.