WARNING: Choose Anything But NUVI for Social Media Monitoring Tool.
Updated August 10, 2015

WARNING: Choose Anything But NUVI for Social Media Monitoring Tool.

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  • Nuvi

Overall Satisfaction with NUVI

NUVI is supposed to give you a more in-depth ability to listen across social channels, and while this may be true, I found the data and reporting takes a lot of time to figure out and sift through and did not exactly deliver the result I was looking for, which was intelligence around keywords, conversations, twitter hashtags, negativity ratings, etc. The other thing to be aware of, that is not made explicitly clear on the website or in pre-purchase conversations is that you have to sign up for a year long contract at a minimum of $300/month, so make sure before you sign on that the tool will deliver what you need for that monthly expense.
  • If you want to read Twitter feed for specific keywords, it works, but other tools do this for much less money and are easier to use. They say you don't have over usage fees, but that's not true. You go over your "mentions" and they try to make you go from $300 to $500/month.
  • You can get a glance at your own and competitors twitter feeds and see a heat map of the world where your search terms are being talked about socially.
  • Make it super clear you are signing a one-year contract and also that it will automatically renew.
  • Make it clear that if you do set up the monitors correctly, you WILL go over and have to pay more than $500/mo for the tool that is really hard to use.
  • Make it clear that it's really about Twitter and no LinkedIn and if you include RSS, Tumblr or Reddit feeds, you will go over immediately.
Social media marketing and analytics
  • I wish I could say positive. At this point it has been a complete loss of investment. I have tried to find the value and brought on clients to review it, but it is so difficult to use compared to other tools, that I have not been able to show the value nor been able to pull value out of its use.
  • Buzzsumo,Nimble,HubSpot,Buffer,Hootsuite Pro,rignite
Nuvi may be the right tool for you, but do your homework and compare them to the other tools listed above to find the right one at the best price in meeting your desired goals. Also, I personally prefer monthly payment v. year-long contracts UNTIL I am 100% sure I can get a ROI – many social monitoring and listening tools allow you to choose, monthly or annual (with discount) whereas NUVI only has annual contract pricing.
I have just gotten out of my contract and NUVI was very nice to extend more help to me in finding out ways the tool could be useful, but at this point, I declined as I've already spent months using it and still having difficulty. Perhaps for some other businesses or people, this is the perfect tool, just didn't work for me.
I have found that using a combo of tools like Buzzsumo and Nimble together, for less than $100/mo, provided me with the intel I needed in a very intuitive easy way with no annual contract, or a tool like SalesForce or HubSpot - costly but more worth it depending on your goals. Pretty much, I have used HootSuite, Buffer, HubSpot, Buzzsumo, Nimble, various Twitter tools and have found them all to be super useful for social media and inbound marketing.

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Evaluating NUVI and Competitors

  • Product Features
They said they had features that in fact they don't. Plus they say there are no overage fees, but in the 2nd month, I went over so they tried to tell me I needed to up my $300/mo contract to $500/mo even though I was already saying the tool was not delivering as promised.
Read the fine print, not what they say on the website or on the phone. Read the fine line print and NOT SIGN UP!

Using NUVI

See my previous comments.
Do not like to use
Unnecessarily complex
Difficult to use
Requires technical support
Not well integrated
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • Seeing the Twitter news feed. The rest, the heat map, the negativity factor, the seeing what's being said on other social channels besides Twitter, the setting up of monitors, all of that is either very complex OR worse, inaccurate information. No hashtag or keyword or competitor intelligence. Very misleading from what they tell you and they also don't tell you that you are locked into a 1-year contract with no opt-out clause. Bad Business.
  • See my previous comments.