Plangrid is Great in the Field
August 16, 2017

Plangrid is Great in the Field

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Overall Satisfaction with PlanGrid

Online chat during business hours is extremely helpful. The Plangrid staff has gone above and beyond many times to help us. One time they even offered to completely rebuild our 900+ sheet project so I could slip sheet a few old drawing revisions! This undoubtedly would have taken hours on Plangrid's end. They are always responsive and are continually improving, listening to user feedback.
Plangrid allows us to manage project documents far more efficiently than otherwise would be possible. Using an iPad in the field on commercial construction projects, we can have all project documents in one place, up to date, and easy to find instantly. This has improved communication with our subcontractors and allowed us to instantly answer questions that would otherwise take time returning to the site office and combing through drawings, submittals or RFIs. Plangrid saves times, cuts costs, improves communication, and increases quality by having all documents at the field's fingertips.
  • Hyperlinks are fantastic for ensuring RFIs, sketches, and other changes are electronically posted to drawings so all users have the latest and most current project documents.
  • Overlays/sheet compare are great for comparing changes in drawing revisions and overlaying floor plans to check for conflicts. PlanGrid does this particularly well. The process is easy.
  • Issues list have dramatically changed how we handle QC on the job site. Issue creation, tracking, and generation of issues lists for subs have allowed an easy and concise way to create, maintain, and enforce to do lists and correct defective work with subcontractors.
  • Some of the notation tools can be cumbersome to use on Apple devices. It is hard to be precise. A snap to feature would be great.
  • Perhaps due to limitations by Apple, the camera button is small and hard to use on iPhones. Often I need to take photos one handed while holding a tape measure in my other hand. Increasing the size of the on screen camera button would really help.
  • More robust issue filtering on Apple devices would be nice. It can be difficult to navigate thousands of issues in the field on an Apple device with only a basic search function. Having the ability to filter issues like on the Plangrid website would be ideal.
  • We have saved significant time having all drawings, revisions, RFIs and sketches bound together and easily accessible. This has saved time and money as well preventing errors and rework.
  • Issues lists have increased overall level of QC and importantly provided a legal tool for notifying subcontractors of deficient work, delays, errors, etc.
  • The only negative is that the cost of Plangrid prevents some subs from buying into Plangrid. If all subs were on board Plangrid would be a far more effective tool. A limited functionality version that would allow users to only view our Plangrid project at reduced cost would be great.
In comparison to other products, Plangrid excels for field documentation and management. There are other solutions on the market that are well suited for their niche as well, but for field management Plangrid has been the most robust and easiest to use. Have so many features packed into one app makes field management and documentation far more simple and saves a lot of time and effort.
Plangrid is great for the field. It works well on iPads and the like and is fantastic to have while walking a job site, running crews, or coordinating trades. Having all project documents at the ready while walking with designers, owners, inspectors, etc. saves significant and prevents costly errors in construction. Plangrid really excels in the field. It is not particularly well suited to estimating, take offs, complex drawing notations, etc.

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