Very happy end user!
Francois Greeff | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated May 25, 2020

Very happy end user!

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

We use it for all storage requirements in NSA. The speed and flexibility allow easy deployment and growth. Did I mention SPEED! It is truly sub-1ms IO, so storage is no longer the single bottleneck in processing.
  • Very easy to assign storage to any server.
  • Really fast disk IO.
  • Uptime is remarkable!
  • Explaining to management that something so small with so little lights does so much is a challenge. So we always keep an old MFM drive around just to show them that size has changed. So I'd love some clever way or change to make it look flashier! Seriously, for what we use it for, it does the job.
  • The single system that sees the biggest benefit is our financial budgeting system. The time it takes to do a budget model has reduced drastically, so more scenarios can be built before the final option is selected.
The price is an issue, especially in South Africa with the currency exchange rates. Businesses tend to consider carefully. And being part of a large global company, they tend to dictate standards (and Pure Storage was not it). It had to take a lot of convincing to finally buy it. But support by local company (Data Sciences) made the difference - if not for them and their track record, it would not have happened.
Uptime and ease of configuration have reduced support effort.
Snap feature is really useful, and I believe not used enough!
As mentioned, the financial planning cycle has benefited greatly from the faster speed. More scenarios can be built in the same amount of time it took in the past.
Speed of Pure Storage FlashArray looked better than Hitachi, and support was available through DSC (a local company).
Database apps love the IO speed. Media files (videos) also like Pure Storage FlashArray, but it is an expensive option for things that cannot compress/dedupe well.

Pure Storage FlashArray Feature Ratings

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Due to the very intuitive user front end, transferring skills to local staff was a non-event. It was so easy and quick, and since then, we have forgotten how the old systems used to work. The skills needed therefore to manage and deploy storage to servers is therefore reduced to basic knowledge of Disk Interface protocols (iSCSI and SAN).