Data admirer's playroom - RapidMiner Studio
Sheetal Sahu | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 16, 2018

Data admirer's playroom - RapidMiner Studio

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Overall Satisfaction with RapidMiner Studio

Aptus Data Labs is based out of Bangalore, India. We are a Big Data and Advanced Analytics company, providing consulting and project delivery services & solutions, catering to enterprises of all sizes, across different industries such as Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Industries, BFSI, Manufacturing & Supply Chain.

Since we are into advanced analytics, most of our solutions are delivered using RapidMiner. As a result of which, most of the employees in the organization use RapidMiner. We have dedicated developers for building extensions for RapidMiner as well. Some of the business problems built using RapidMiner are:

  1. Fraud analysis for Banking and Financial industries
  2. Claim and travel analytics for a manufacturing firm
  3. Text mining and text analytics for a pharmaceutical firm and many other organizations
  4. Optimization for e-commerce and manufacturing firm
  5. Supply chain management for manufacturing
  6. Supply chain planning and scheduling for oil and gas companies
  • A great tool to start exploring data science and machine learning. Its intuitive GUI, tutorials, help window, sample processes, and recommendations make it the best place to learn and expand your knowledge horizon.
  • RapidMiner is an expert in building end to end solutions. Creating a process in the studio and then running it in production using the server is easy and fast. And also using web services, we can integrate the solution into an organization's in-house application or create a new web application in RapidMiner server. This makes solution delivery faster compared to R and Python.
  • Text mining and analytics capability in RapidMiner. I think text processing is very easy here. Using Rosette and deep learning extensions, I have delivered such great solutions.
  • Smart Automations like automatically identifying parameter values, auto model and turbo prep etc. saves a lot of time and provide better results
  • RapidMiner Server- It is very basic in terms of appearance. Web Apps can be improved by providing default themes and it needs a lot more features to be added.
  • Multi-process window in RapidMiner Studio. Multiple design view can be added for switching between processes and model building can be made easier.
  • Git Integration for version control. We have something called MyExperiment in RapidMiner but it is far from Git. But if we could have git integration, multiple users can work on the same process and this version control can help to refer previous solutions as well.
  • Graphs in RapidMiner Studio are a bit old fashioned
  • From an organization's point of view, we have been able to deliver better and quicker solutions. Thus saving a lot of time and investing in other projects.
RapidMiner is the best tool to build models on textual data. It is rich in ML algorithms and reduces the need to manually tune the parameters. It automatically optimizes them, thus providing a better solution. RapidMiner again extends great capability for data preparation, its insane connections to almost every data source pulls in the data easily into one environment. And it can comfortably perform data cleaning and process tasks over that.

RapidMiner is not so good with image, audio or video data. These data points cannot be used directly in their raw form. They must be transformed into some intermediate form for performing analytics over it. Moreover, there are no connectors to directly pull data from their varied sources. For example, we don't have a connector to read audio data directly from a switch and then convert it to text (although Google speech API is available for audio to text conversion.)