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Pricy, but very much worth it

9 out of 10
June 17, 2022
We use it to solve a variety of business problems in:
- Data Integration
- Data Engineering and Analysis
- Text-Mining (PDF Extraction)
- …
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Alteryx for Financial Services

10 out of 10
May 31, 2022
We use Alteryx to transform client data for ingestion into proprietary tax compliance software. We also use it to validate the format and …
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High Horsepower Data !

10 out of 10
May 17, 2022
Alteryx has fundamentally transformed our ability to solve complex Supply Chain problems. We can automate repetitive tasks in a relatively …
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Alteryx review for IB area!

9 out of 10
March 22, 2022
I am using Alteryx for automation and improving the current methodology of standard (daily basis) reporting. It allows to reduce time …
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Alteryx premium product

10 out of 10
March 12, 2022
We use Alteryx to streamline the data usage amongst our internal clients by providing streamlined automation and applications to bring …
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Alteryx - it just works!

10 out of 10
February 17, 2022
Alteryx is often used to solve problems that are created by data. We have used it for visualizations, self-serve data, HR solutions, and …
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What is Alteryx?

Alteryx aims to be the launchpad for automation breakthroughs. Be it for personal growth, achieving transformative digital outcomes, or rapid innovation, the vendor boasts users will see unparalleled results. Alteryx converges analytics, data science and process automation into one platform, to…

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What is Alteryx?

Alteryx aims to be the launchpad for automation breakthroughs. Be it for personal growth, achieving transformative digital outcomes, or rapid innovation, the vendor boasts users will see unparalleled results. Alteryx converges analytics, data science and process automation into one platform, to enable users across any organization to make business-altering breakthroughs the new status quo.

Alteryx Designer can be used to automate every analytics step — from data prep to data science. Access any data source or type, then blend via drag-and-drop interface.

Text mining is accelerated with optical character recognition and natural language processing. Visualize better with instantly generated data profiles. Enrich insights with third-party packages for data mapping, and geocoding. Connect Alteryx automated workflows with process intelligence systems or RPA bots. Publish insights to interactive dashboards, or send them directly to more than 70 enterprise applications.

Low-code and no-code process available.

Alteryx Features

BI Platform Features

  • Supported: Administration via Windows App
  • Supported: Live Connection to External Data
  • Supported: In-memory data model
  • Supported: Multi-Data Source Reporting (Blending)
  • Supported: ETL Capability
  • Supported: ETL Scheduler

Supported Data Sources Features

  • Supported: MS Excel Workbooks
  • Supported: Text Files (CSV, etc)
  • Supported: Oracle
  • Supported: MS SQL Server
  • Supported: IBM DB2
  • Supported: Postgres
  • Supported: MySQL
  • Supported: ODBC
  • Supported: Cloudera Hadoop
  • Supported: Hortonworks Hadoop
  • Supported: EMC Greenplum
  • Supported: IBM Netezza
  • Supported: HP Vertica
  • Supported: SAP Hana
  • Supported: Teradata
  • Supported: Salesforce
  • Supported: SAP
  • Supported: Google Analytics

BI Standard Reporting Features

  • Supported: Customizable dashboards

Ad-hoc Reporting Features

  • Supported: Drill-down analysis
  • Supported: Formatting capabilities
  • Supported: Predictive modeling
  • Supported: Integration with R or other statistical packages
  • Supported: Report sharing and collaboration

Report Output and Scheduling Features

  • Supported: Publish to Web
  • Supported: Publish to PDF
  • Supported: Output Raw Supporting Data
  • Supported: Report Delivery Scheduling

Data Discovery and Visualization Features

  • Supported: Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization
  • Supported: Predictive Analytics
  • Supported: Support for Machine Learning models
  • Supported: Integration with R or other statistical packages

Alteryx Screenshots

Alteryx APA - Automating asset inputsAlteryx APA - Automating outcomesAlteryx APA - Data enrichment and insightsAlteryx APA - Data quality and preparationAlteryx APA - Data science and decisions

Alteryx Video

Introduction to Analytic Process Automation: Analytics + Data Science + Process Automation

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Deployment TypesOn-premise, SaaS
Operating SystemsWindows
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alteryx's best feature?

Reviewers rate Publish to PDF and Report Delivery Scheduling highest, with a score of 9.

Who uses Alteryx?

The most common users of Alteryx are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Information Technology & Services industry.


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Dawn Harrington | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Alteryx for data wrangling. It is a great tool to connect to multiple different data sources in one workflow. I like that its low code and you are able to teach it to beginner users. I wish I had this tool earlier in my career. I also like that you can use it for more advanced items such as pulling APIs, performing data investigation and data forecasting.
  • Pulling data from multiple different systems
  • Low code
  • Easy to use visual tools
  • cloud capabilities
  • working on virtualized platform
  • Manually set order of operations
Alteryx is well suited for dealing with large datasets and pulling from different data sources.
If you are writing programs with Python it may not be appropriate for your use case.
There are some bugs in the new versions that need to be worked on.
The engineers are always willing to assist with bugs.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Alteryx is the core ETL tool used as part of the process within solutions delivered to clients. Alteryx is a single platform that can be leveraged for multiple functionalities including data processing, data cleaning, reporting, analytics, development and interfacing. What makes Alteryx different from other tools is the unique feature it provides for a range of tools categorized in toolsets. All that is required is to drag and drop these tools on a canvas to create workflows.
  • ETL
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Geo Spatial Analysis
  • Development
  • Automation
  • The online presence of the tool
  • Integration with other process platforms
  • Version patches
Scenarios where a standardized outcome is needed as an input to other processes, Alteryx has multiple tools to wrangle and transform the data. It will be less appropriate where the data processing is not required or data is coming in a pre-formatted template. Alteryx works well with mist connectors and data sources. However there are limitations on the data being pulled in from a third party unstructured data source
Alteryx satisfies consistency constraints quite well. Hence these capabilities need no alternates during the projects. Alteryx is user friendly with a large community forum to support its user and the tool itself has multiple functionalities to workaround. The same tasks can be approached in different ways within Alteryx that don't require any additional integration from outside the environment
Alteryx forums, communities and blogs are good platforms to discuss all the challenges faced by the user. Other than that the Alteryx community has lots of tool-centric documentation listing use cases and unique demos of the tool, tool mastery documents and interactive learning modules to master the tool operations. This makes Alteryx support satisfying and approachable.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
We use it to solve a variety of business problems in:
- Data Integration
- Data Engineering and Analysis
- Text-Mining (PDF Extraction)
- Webscrapping

  • Recently we solved used it to extract information of 8000-9000 paper bills - the workflow was built within 30 minutes and saved months of manual work.
  • Another one included the connection to our ERP system. We use Alteryx to improve our Masterdata quality and identify bad entries with ease.
  • Additionally Alteryx is currently used to run all our internal data processes between system. A follow up step on many of them is a Tableau dashboard that visualizes it.
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Analysis
  • Ease of use
  • Great community
  • Data Science
  • Connectors
  • Cloud Platform
I would recommend for every data preparation workflow / process where business users are involved. Alteryx is just easier and does not need any technical knowledge. The simple drag and drop surface is easy to learn, read and maintain. On the other hand I would now recommend it for big data (1 TB +) or data science. While it does provide some tools for data science and it's a nice starting, it is definitely not good for productionizing data science (yet).
Alteryx might not be cheap, but is simply the easiest and best to use ETL tool on the market. The simple drag and drop interface, simplified tools (formulas don't need programming) are inkomparable to everything on the market. Alteryx UX and UI is well thought out and can easily be adapted by new user.
The Alteryx community is an amazing resource of support. My questions are often answered within a hour without paying anything. The Alteryx support is also a great resource, but usually we don't even need them as the community is good enough to fulfil all our needs and problems.
Brian Clawson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Alteryx is used in many capacities across our organization with the primary usages being for Process Automation and Ad Hoc Analysis. Alteryx has enabled the democratization of data making connections to Authoritative Data Sources accessible for non-technical users as well as creating an empowered workforce that uses Alteryx to automate their own day-to-day tasks and free themselves and their teams up for more value add activities. The scope ranges from solutions that are impacting and used by a single individual to solutions that are directly or indirectly touching hundreds and in some cases even thousands of people within the organization.
  • User Community
  • Speed to Market
  • Visual Low Code Environment
  • Debugging features comparable to traditional IDE
  • Integration of Data Lineage
  • Large Enterprise scaling
I recommend Alteryx to new groups within the firm almost on a weekly basis. If you are using excel spreadsheets to manage reports, data, and business insights Alteryx can change your life. If you have data that you want to blend before pushing to a visualization platform like Tableau or Qlik, Alteryx is a perfect companion.
I have had numerous people that have started using Alteryx and within hours or days been able to add value, compared to legacy platforms that may have taken months.
The User Community provides the first line of support where thousands of users are willing to share their experiences and assist. In the rare cases where they are not able to help then Alteryx is always willing to jump in and help solve the issue.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Alteryx to transform client data for ingestion into proprietary tax compliance software. We also use it to validate the format and content of client information. Internally, Alteryx is crucial to our ongoing process improvements, and we use it to bridge legacy systems into new solutions. We develop one-off workflows for smaller solutions and deploy analytic apps for repeatable and widely distributed processes. We train and support users in both the tax technology and tax compliance practices, encouraging engagement teams to develop and maintain workflows themselves wherever possible.
  • Data investigation
  • Data transformation
  • Data validation
  • Community support
  • User engagement
  • In-database processing
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Tool tips
Alteryx is wildly flexible and can be used to solve most data problems we encounter in financial services. The ability to design custom tools (in the form of macros) is key. Data investigation and analytics can be quickly iterated and executed using Alteryx, where previously Excel would have required much greater manual work and computer processing power to reach the same conclusions. Alteryx's reporting tools are tricky to use and may not meet the client's expectations, or have sufficient flexibility for formatting demands.
The visual interface has embedded examples that can guide any user through basic tutorials. The Alteryx Community board is highly responsive and provides robust documentation for use cases across all industries.
Alteryx has the most robust online support, in the form of its community boards, out of any professional software I have ever used. Period.
Casey Koopmans | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Alteryx is used throughout the company. The area I directly support, supply chain analytics, it is used both "big" and "small": From the engine behind larger supply chain models that drive inventory strategy to protect service; to refining planning parameters intended to predict the future behavior of our supply chain and drive our plan; to ad hoc questions that can now be answered in a matter of minutes; Alteryx is the Swiss army knife that enables these endeavors.
  • Grab and combine data from disparate sources
  • Enable curiosity and the solving of complex business problems
  • Flattens the learning curve for complex analytics
  • sharing workflows
Alteryz is well suited for solving almost any type of business problem, or problem in general, that requires data. To some extent, the sky is the limit, and Alteryx continually enhances its capabilities in things like NLP, computer vision, ML models, etc. While it does have some data visualization capabilities, it is not extremely well suited in that regard, though at the moment it isn't trying to compete with the likes of PowerBI or Tableau. Alteryz works well with such software specializing in data visualization.
There's really not a problem involving data I've come across that I couldn't figure out how to use Alteryx to solve. Their community and help features are very useful, even though the drag and drop functionality combined with a curiosity related to the thrill of solving will get you there 95% of the time.
I'd give it a 10, but I believe we've had some issues internally on the Alteryx Server side.
Josh Kyburz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Alteryx has fundamentally transformed our ability to solve complex Supply Chain problems. We can automate repetitive tasks in a relatively short amount of time for nearly constant ROI. We now use Alteryx to start most (if not all) BI pipelines and for creating complex analytic apps that can be shared broadly across the organization. We're eager to put Alteryx to task on increasingly complex workflows and love the additional products that can be added to scale the ability of workflows as needed.
  • Powerful workflow automation.
  • Business intelligence enabler.
  • Scalable, stackable, and chainable analytics.
  • External API integrations.
  • 3rd party library for macros and external data integration.
  • Server workflow searching/management.
Alteryx is best suited where the task is complex to the point where you feel like multiple excel spreadsheets and/or differing data sources need to be blended together to solve a problem (complex data blending). Alteryx is also best suited where you find that you are repeating the same task (automation). Alteryx may be less suited for relatively simple analysis that can be solved in a spreadsheet, although I've been using Alteryx to solve these scenarios as of late.
This is a no-brainer recommendation. Alteryx has a plethora of resources that are free to use to really help newbies get started to become data ninja's in a relatively short amount of time. The Alteryx Online Community has a lot of great collaborators who are truly passionate about data and there are great weekly challenges to stay sharp along with certification pathways.
Most of the support I've had to get for Alteryx has been answered/addressed through the online community. This is great for me to quickly get answers without waiting for any official support. For times when my question was more complex than what I could put into a Google search, the support was quite excellent.
Cory Hubbard | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Alteryx in a number of ways across the organization, and leverage it in different capacities wherever data analysis and process automation are needed. We use Alteryx for data prep and blending across numerous disparate data sources, customer segmentation and buy propensity analysis, time series forecasting, market opportunity analysis, consumer behavior, and geospatial coverage based media selection optimization, automated report generation, automated invoice pdf scraping, media delivery pacing reports, and the list goes on. We are able to leverage a small team of Alteryx Designer users for ad-hoc analysis requests and builds of analytic applications. Over 100 of these analytic apps have been deployed across the organization via our Alteryx Gallery that is all utilized in different capacities, allowing end-users to complete high-level analytics and reporting tasks for instance with only a quick interaction with a simple interface and no coding or even "drag and drop analytics" knowledge needed. One such application alone has automated analytics processes and report generation to the degree that with the amount it has been used, what would have once taken in aggregate 20+ years of labor to produce has been reduced to a single workweek of staff input and computer processing time.
  • Extremely easy to use interface, with complex coding options available if/when needed.
  • Data connections and outputs available to just about everything.
  • Advanced spatial analytics capabilities are extremely easy to use.
  • A larger library of data sources being leveraged/licensed through Alteryx directly similar to the Experian and Dun & Bradstreet data that is available now would be ideal for additional data enrichment.
  • The ability to take R and Python-based data insights/model outputs/forecasts/etc. and pull directly into downstream tools and reporting is a bit lacking and could use improvement.
If you work with data in any capacity, odds are Alteryx will help you get your job done better, faster, or both. While there are a plethora of published use cases and pre-built workflows to start from related to different industries and uses, one thing to keep in mind is that this is not a pre-built solution, it is a blank canvas to paint on. If you are just getting into the analytics space, this is a very easy way to learn and enter the arena. If you are already familiar with advanced analytics techniques and uses, Alteryx will take your existing skillset and capabilities and dial them up to 11!
Alteryx is extremely easy to use out of the box, especially if you have previous knowledge of the analytics capabilities covered in its stable. Where this may not be the case, there are a plethora of training materials and examples available both directly within the Designer software as well as within the Alteryx community ecosystem.
The Alteryx support team is extremely responsive and knowledgeable of the toolset. They work hand in hand with customers to work through issues, and when they are beyond the scope of internal software capabilities are elevated to the development team and often incorporated into the roadmap for future releases.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Data blending, process automation, basic AI.
  • Data blending
  • Process automation
  • Time saving
  • Geolanalytic
  • Data science
  • UI
Pro - Blending of data sets for different sources Neg - Easy to use but can be hard to master
It is a very robust toolset, I would recommend any who works with data to have access to Alteryx.
Little experience, but it's been positive.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
As a consulting & Services company, we use Alteryx for many use cases and departments within our clients. We address every data, integration, and analytics needs with Alteryx.
  • Data Prep & Blend
  • Huge data volumes management
  • Easy to use
  • Integration
  • Visualization of the data
  • UI-UX (mostly in Designer)
  • OS independency (Today is only Windows)
Alteryx provides users with the ability to solve ANY data-related use case they might have, with a very easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Also, if you're are a tech-savvy user, Alteryx allows you to incorporate Python, R, or Scala code into your workflows, which makes the use cases you can tackle with it infinitely.
Alteryx makes data operations so easy. With a drag & drop UI, you can apply complex data manipulation rules with a couple of clicks, no code required.
Alteryx focuses a lot on providing enablement and support to their users, directly or via partners.
Alteryx has one of the best user communities I ever see.
  • No Training
Alteryx can scale horizontally or vertically (or both) if you need
Actually, it goes very smooth. Sometimes you may find issues regarding it's MongoDB database (not always upgrading smoothly).
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Alteryx has allowed us the self-service reporting capabilities that we longed for. With many disparate data sources, reporting was a chore and our analytics teams were bogged down with ad hoc reports. Alteryx allowed us the ability to create self-service tools through the analytic apps deployed to the gallery that could be leveraged by the business to pull their own ad hoc reports. This freed up analysts to do more complex reporting and analysis.
  • Pulling data from multiple disparate data sources.
  • Allows users to see the data at every step of the workflow to be able to cleanse, analyze, and optimize the data.
  • Provides an analytics platform that is easy for users of all levels to thrive in whether they are just starting out in their analytics journey or they have a master's degree in Data Science.
  • The Gallery search capabilities are not as easy as they should be.
  • I wish you could see the schedules for a workflow in the gallery when you click on the workflow itself, instead of having to search through the schedules as a user.
  • The filters on the Schedules section in the Gallery don't work as they should.
Alteryx is a well-rounded platform suitable for all functions from ETL, data cleansing and wrangling, analyzing, reporting, and even data science functions. Alteryx used to fall behind in cloud capabilities, but in the last year it has stepped up its game in that area as well with a Snowflake partnership. I'm not sure there are many scenarios where Alteryx should not be used!
The drop and drag functionality, search features with links to the community, and examples make this easy to use for everyone.
Between the Alteryx Community and the Alteryx support, there has never been a question that we have had that we haven't been able to get answered.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Alteryx to automate all our analytics, we have converted all our SQL queries and access databases into automated Alteryx workflows from which we then use the intelligence suite to conduct automated machine learning to get real insights into the data we or our clients currently hold. We also use Alteryx to upskill analytics teams from analysts to citizen data scientists
  • ETL
  • Automated Data Science
  • Democratisation of Data
  • Interactive dashboards that can be exported to users without licences
  • Links to sites such as MS Teams
  • Cloud
I have used it extensively in time series forecasting to give clients reliable predictions on such data as units sold, a number of customers, email traffic. Another regular use is using the intelligence suite to build x gradient boosted decision tree models to predict customer behaviors or likely employee attrition. Give me enough data and I can use Alteryx to tell you the future
The strongest product I have used in my data analytics and data science journey to date. Has cut down the time it takes me to do tasks by a factor of 10. Tasks that used to take hours now take minutes, those that took days now take hours. The fastest way to upskill
Alteryx provides limitless support towards the product from installation onwards, they will provide you will sales engineer from themselves as well as point you to local user groups as well as their online community to aid in whatever issues you are facing. In past 4 years I have not had a problem they couldn't solve quickly
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I am using Alteryx for automation and improving the current methodology of standard (daily basis) reporting. It allows to reduce time spent on it and enhance the process of data analysis. Ad-hoc reporting is more accurate, comprehensive, and detail-oriented. Additionally, Alteryx helps me to prepare data sources for Tableau dashboard. Such a solution is powerful as I can blend the data in workflow and eventually produce one data source, it means better and faster dashboards' performance. Last but not least - Alteryx supports transition from manual processes into a half-automated solution.
  • Data blending.
  • Creating reports.
  • Data cleansing.
  • Spatial functionality (embedding spatial info in workflow configuration)
  • Advanced/Proficient academy (including simple coding implementation)
Alteryx is well suited if we are talking about blending data from many data sources and when we require specific output. The transformation process is very simple and intuitive. In terms where Alteryx might improve something is for sure data visualization. It is usually an excellent platform between database and viz tools (like Tableau or Qlik).
I really highly recommend it as a super useful ETL tool. One of the biggest advantages is that you don't write code there (if we take into account simple data transformation) and just casual knowledge of SQL is sufficient. The performance of the tool is very good, entering files from other data sources/databases works smoothly and does not cause any troubles.
Alteryx support is very fast and comprehensive. My colleague has a problem with the university license and it has been resolved in less than 1 hour. As the Alteryx support, I understand also the help of Alteryx employees in the community where every technical/licensing issue is subject to detailed discussion and on 99% cases resolved there.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Alteryx to streamline the data usage amongst our internal clients by providing streamlined automation and applications to bring complex data questions into easy to interpret outcomes. With Alteryx's issue ticketing, KPIs, system statuses, and more are easily managed, automated, and curated with speed and efficiency.
  • Excellent data discovery tool, quickly understand new or unknown data in system.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks and reports.
  • Self-Service reporting and exploration.
  • Alteryx Designer version compatibility with server version can sometimes limit the adoption of the newest tools and features.
  • Certain tools can hang-up in viewer causing minor annoyances.
  • Visualization tools are rudimentary and an after thought.
- Automation of generated excel or other formatted reports.
- ETL transformations from main data sources to analytical data systems.
- Exploratory and A|B testing.
- Advanced Analytical modules built right into the tool.
Alteryx's massive community, excellently tailored education/certification paths, and extremely polished product is a no-brainer.
Community forums have responses in minutes, the service team is excellent to respond to issues.
February 17, 2022

Alteryx - it just works!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Alteryx is often used to solve problems that are created by data. We have used it for visualizations, self-serve data, HR solutions, and automating an email/Machine learning process. Alteryx allows for virtually anything to be done within data, and we have even started to see Alteryx leak into personal projects.
  • Fantastic community
  • Regular updates with feedback
  • Great, easy to use products
  • Machine learning could include more models
  • Keep adding tools and improving with feedback on the community
  • reporting tools could use overhauling
Alteryx is suited to any scenario that includes data, and I have found it to be applicable to the point of replacing most other previous solutions. Alteryx can be used with pre-existing data or can be used for data extraction itself, and inputs/outputs are endless (in size, location, and quantity), so there is very little reason to use anything else when it comes to a data-based problem.
Of course, there can be improvements, specifically when it comes to accessibility options and customization of the platform. However, the platform is built to be as easy to use as possible by anybody, and it definitely delivers on that.
Support has been one of the strongest points of Alteryx. Directly you have many channels to chat to Alteryx, discussing ideas on the forum, raising support tickets, or sending them an email. I have even seen them actively helping on Twitter and LinkedIn (although, I would suggest these aren't the best platforms to request help).

Additionally, they do a great job at rewarding users for helping others on the community with badges and incentives, which provides an incredibly helpful community.
Chris McEleavey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
I implement Alteryx across multiple verticals and across all levels of organisations. I've been using Alteryx alongside many other ETL/ELT, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise Warehousing solutions for many years. I am constantly impressed by how rapidly it can be deployed and how the benefits can be seen on day one. This platform can revolutionise businesses that are still dependent on Excel, SQL, or other legacy platforms and can immediately remove the bottleneck many businesses have due to IT being the focal point of data reporting and analytics. With the constant development of the platform and the vast global community, Alteryx is always at the cutting edge, whether that be constant improvements to the standard data blending and prep tools to the emergence of automated machine learning, image analysis, etc. Basically, Alteryx can do everything with your data. Code-free.
  • Data prep and blending from unlimited sources
  • Advanced analytics with automated machine learning
  • Connect to all major technology platforms and write your own connectors
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Rapid deployment and quick learning curve due to code free interface
  • Easily integrate all data sources
  • Spatial analytics
  • Data visualisations could be improved, but it syncs with Qlik, Tableau, PowerBI etc.
This is one of, if not the best software platform available. All data problems we've ever come up against have been handled by Alteryx, and the vast majority could be handled by non-technical business users, such as the simplicity of the drag and drop interface.
Don't let the simplicity fool you into thinking it lacks complexity. Everything you would need to do with your data you can do rapidly in Alteryx.
The sheer breadth of the functionality and how easy it is to use makes it absolutely revolutionary for any company still using Excel, SQL, etc. The interface is drag and drop and does not require any coding, but also benefits from those with coding ability as it is fully integrated with the likes of R, Python, Spark, etc.
Just how quickly the impact of Alteryx is seen is really very impressive.
The Alteryx community is the best software community I've ever seen. It is incredibly expansive, with online training, videos, comprehensive how-to guides, tool mastery documentation, and a very active and vibrant user base.
There are many advanced users active at all times of the day. The community is gamified, so users are given bonuses for answering questions ensuring all queries are answered promptly, usually by the contributors building the solution in Alteryx.
The platform itself is very stable and constantly updated.
Alteryx also embraces the partner model so that all Alteryx users can be supported by their partners.
Dave Elliott | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Alteryx is at the core of our analytics; it’s the engine that sits behind our business analytics strategy. It serves as our single version of the truth, bringing in data to one single picture of how the market is moving and allowing us to focus on critical areas such as product quality and competitors to be more agile in the marketplace. We were able to democratize data by pushing it out to the end-user, providing solutions that give time back to analysts so they can focus on analyzing data. We’re building a world-class centralized analytics team focused on this piece of the puzzle.
  • Data Transformation.
  • Predictive analytics.
  • Low code rapid development and deployment.
  • Workflow log/error views.
  • Connectivity to wider range of data sources.
Alteryx has been challenging at times for us where we have wanted to access data via APIs. Alteryx has excelled at supporting the rapid deployment of complex workflows, bringing a wide range of data sources together quickly and effectively.
Ease of use, low code, strong community, and knowledge base support to aid in rapid adoption.
Alteryx has always been responsive and supportive when we have had any technical issues or licensing queries.
February 16, 2022

Alteryx is great

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Data cleaning, processing, making the data easier to use and reliable.
  • Cleaning
  • Processing
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Combining sources
  • UI
  • Reporting Tools
Doing some spatial analysis like trading areas. Cleaning data to make it more reliable and usable for visualization purposes.
The UI could be better, more modern.
Because, thanks to the community, you can easily find an answer.
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We use Alteryx to build and deploy Propensity to Purchase Models, market sizing, customer product usage analysis, geographical analysis, and other analytics. It is also very useful for data cleaning and imputation and is our primary research tool for data investigation. We also use it for list creation and match back analysis.
  • It does an amazing job at making data manipulation easy.
  • With Intelligence Suite it allows us to build models quickly and iterate many modes in a short period of time allowing fast model improvement.
  • It is easy to learn. I have gotten staff with modest coding experience (on any platform) up and running in a day, and usefully proficient in a week.
  • Large data sets are not a problem, even when running R modules.
  • Intelligence suite could use more than four modeling tools and the visual output of decision trees (i.e., a picture of the tree) would be helpful.
  • Adding extra tools is still a little clunky (better than it was)
It is very well suited for anyone who is manipulating data, doing analysis. It is especially good for teams who have a hard coding deficit - (lacking experienced SQL, Python, etc.) programmers but have people who are generally familiar with coding as they can be trained to be extremely productive fairly quickly. Especially good for experienced analysts with statistics and light programming backgrounds to work their way up to data scientists.
It is also good for experienced data scientists who are tired of writing code. I quadrupled or better my productivity when I stopped writing SAS code and started using Alteryx.
It is well organized, most things are drag, drop, click checkboxes. If I need to customize, short SQL statements inside the tool usually do the trick. It is easy for other users to see what I did as the programming is largely self-explanatory (and I can leave notes to my self and others about why things are there or where datasets came from).
I have had very positive experiences in training. Usually I do a two or three hour session, a follow up hour, and point the user at Alteryx training. Other than providing tips and tricks, that's usually all I have to do. We have a user group for best practices.
The online community support is great. 90% of my questions about how to do even esoteric stuff in Alteryx is a search away.
When I have had difficult technical problems, Alteryx support has been prompt and helpful. At conferences the support lab and tips and tricks presentations have helped me work through difficult and thorny long term problems.
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Alteryx is great for blending data from different sources. We use it to format the data and combine different data in order to make it ready for Tableau. You can also connect to different APIs and schedule workflows to help automate things. We input data from sources like our LMS, Qualtrics survey results, and various spreadsheets.
  • Blend data
  • Format data
  • Automate reports
  • Prepare data for other apps like Tableau
  • It is very hard to scroll within a workflow--it goes from slow to fast and no medium speed.
  • I would love a feature to "pop out" the workflow to view in a full size window.
  • Sometimes there are errors in the workflow that appear out of nowhere and resolve themselves. But it can cause the workflow to error out.
It's not the best for creating visuals and reports. But it is great at taking data and formatting it for an application to visualize the data, like Tableau. It is also best used when you are trying to combine data from different sources, as well as creating nice-looking spreadsheet outputs. The scheduling feature is great--you can set it up for users to receive spreadsheets/reports on a cadence and never have to touch the workflow!
Alteryx is pretty intuitive to use. Plus, they offer great training that is online and free. It is in bite-sized pieces. New users can get started pretty quickly.
They provide a sales rep who holds regular "doctor" sessions to ask questions. They also provide regular training opportunities, webinars, free training, and an amazing conference. They're always updating the app and adding new features that turn out to be super useful. The app isn't very buggy, so the updates are usually for new features, not to fix things.
Matthew Salyer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We use Alteryx to pull in data from our source systems and transform the data to our needs. Alteryx has been extremely helpful to pull in data as it is super quick and allows for very custom queries. The IN-Db toolset is a gamechanger as it allows users to build complex SQL statements with ease.
  • Quickly query databases with In-DB Tools
  • Easily make any transformations needed to your data
  • Visualize your data pipeline and process from start to end
  • Ability to visualize the actual data easily
  • Macros are powerful can be overly complex at times
  • Error messages are often not very helpful and provide little context
Alteryx is best suited at hitting a database and querying data from it. From there it does a great job at efficiently taking that data and transforming it in any way necessary to fit your need. It makes doing complex joins and transformations super easy. Creating custom columns is also super easy and helpful.
Alteryx is super easy to pick up and use. Almost every functionality is super intuitive and anyone with an understanding of data would be able to master it in a short time. The only thing that is holding it back from a perfect 10 is that some of the very advanced features like Macros and Analytic apps can get confusing, specifically when dealing with user input.
I have only utilized Alteryx support once but the representative was super helpful and got my issue solved shortly. Another great feature of Alteryx is that there are plenty of resources out there to help guide you through your work. The community forums are very active and there seems to already be an answer for most issues you might have.
Luke Shaffer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Alteryx is used by a variety of small teams within our group to prepare and revise Excel reports from their raw state to be ready for a variety of both client-facing and dashboards. Essentially, a number of reports need to be consolidated with new variables created, so that the data is clean and easy to manipulate when creating the dashboards we need in Microsoft Power BI.
  • Cleanse data
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Provide a simple but power GUI
  • Making syntax more clear on portions where code is necessary
  • Stop having the "Start Here" tab open every time you open the software
I regularly recommend Alteryx for solving a variety of data reporting issues. The only reason it doesn't get more mileage in our group is that data analytics is a side project for me, rather than my full-time role. If you need to regularly revise a spreadsheet in the same way, it can trim the time from hours to a single button click. The workflow I currently use each day involves Alteryx analyzing and displaying trends over years with detail that drills down to the day. It has to read and write just under 2000 files at this point to do that and accomplishes that within about 6 minutes after I click the Run button. If my computer were faster, it would take even less time. The only situations I haven't been impressed with Alteryx for have been in presenting data. If you want a pretty output, just use Power BI afterward though.
I have no coding background, but Alteryx has helped me develop comfort with code, because it has introduced me to it so gradually. Alteryx's GUI is powerful and easy to use, but it will eventually drive you to find simple code in order to get syntax right. I have been blown away by how comfortable I've become using Alteryx, though I still only scratch the surface of the product's full capabilities.
You can't just call Alteryx tech support unless you're paying for it. Regular users have to send in an extremely detailed email with all the information laid out. With the price of the subscription, I consider that unacceptable.
Daniel Zeleznik | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Alteryx is used across most departments at Novus, either in desktop form or through gallery apps. We use it for everyday reporting, QA checks in operations, status reports in media planning and strategy, drawing and analyzing trade areas, and even for semi-automated data transformation and database building. That's just scratching the surface.
  • Merging multiple excel or CSV files from a directory into a single datasource
  • Basic data ETL like joining, unions, filtering, formulas and appends
  • Release new tools and capabilities on a regular cadence to keep up with the industry
  • Cloud-based data connections
  • AMP Engine is cool, but not always effective
  • Better licensed datasets - Dun & Bradstreet is not a friendly chunk of POI data
Alteryx is very well suited for businesses living in the world of Excel and business objects, or those looking to simplify their analytics practices. If you have processes that involve many spreadsheets and it takes you hours to prepare your data just so you can analyze it, Alteryx can cut down on those hours quite effectively. But if you already have a solid data practice with automation and ETL pipelines and an efficient, effective team of analysts they may not require it.
Alteryx is fantastic once users get over the 'hurdle' and commit to trying something new instead of falling back on old habits for the sake of deadlines. Alteryx has a learning curve but once you learn the basics, your mind starts to think differently about your work.
We've been a long-time partner of Alteryx but not the most lucrative one in their sales pipeline so we get shuffled around quite frequently. The online community is great so it's much easier to go there and ask questions than to try your rep.
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We use Alteryx for significant database scrubbing, development of reporting tables, and scheduling of recurring reports for end-users. The program has allowed us to move away from using [Microsoft] Excel to prepare data for use in reports. Additionally, the scheduling capabilities have allowed us to automate a number of reports that used to require the intervention of a DBA or other business user to generate on-demand. Not only has this freed up resources for other purposes, but [also] has allowed the teams requiring these reports to be much more nimble. The fact that Alteryx is so user-friendly for those without a strong background in SQL or other database languages has allowed for certain reporting functions to be handled at a level that otherwise wouldn't be possible. This has [a] broad reach within our organization, from Finance to Operations to Marketing. Ad-hoc analyses that used to require stringing together multiple Excel sheets, spending time vlookuping all day, and slogging through slow response times have become much faster - ultimately allowing answers to be found faster than before.
  • Makes database functions accessible to all users
  • Automate reporting functions fairly easily
  • Performs tedious data scrubbing with ease
  • Response time on really large data sets can be long.
  • Some tools, like address verification, require additional costs.
  • Entrance into Alteryx Server is highly expensive and not viable for smaller companies, thus limiting some functionality.
Alteryx is a real game-changer for small to mid-sized companies, especially [those] that lack an army of database engineers available to create tables/views at a moment's notice. Alteryx can allow end-users to access data and manipulate it to get answers to questions as a self-service model, which can make the tool very valuable in the right hands. The interface can be a little overwhelming and daunting to use at first, but if you are system-oriented and can handle basic SQL commands, you should find it very easy to pick up. There are some basic visual reporting tools available via Alteryx, but to really create dashboards, you're probably looking at pairing it with a Tableau or Power BI.
Generally a very user-friendly interface. Sometimes for complex SQL queries at the data source, it can be a little clunky to develop in the interface. Overall very happy with how things output and the flexibility of options. It would be nice to have a little more flexibility with scheduling options inside the interface.
The support used to be much more hands-on and responsive back in the day before they grew to what they are now. It was very common to work with engineers directly to resolve stubborn problems with the interface. Now, you just get front-line support reps who, while nice, really can't solve a lot of the issues that come up [in my opinion].
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Alteryx is used in several departments including Data Science, Finance, Risk, Marketing, and Sales. It is used for everything from simple ETL to complex advanced analytics, including predictive modeling/ML/AI.
  • Very fast ETL
  • Very easy to use drag/drop GUI
  • Very easy to learn
  • Include assisted modeling with designer product
  • Send out patches for prior version bugs/defects, instead of only fixing them in new releases
  • Full SDLC support
[Alteryx is] great for ETL and data wrangling/data shaping. It is very easy for a beginner to learn. However, it might be less appropriate for someone wanting to develop line-by-line coding applications, since it's primarily a GUI.
It is very easy to learn!
Most support comes from the user community and Alteryx has a great one. If you have an issue, chances are very good that someone else has had the same issue and already solved it, which you can find in the community. When calling or contacting Alteryx directly, they always respond in a prompt manner.