RedPrairie Review
August 20, 2014

RedPrairie Review

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Overall Satisfaction with RedPrairie

RedPrairie is being used at all of our US manufacturing plants warehouses. It helps promote standard work, controls age management and inventory accuracy. With the use of ASNs (Advance Shipment Notifications), receiving and unloading time has decreased. The cycle count feature has increased inventory accuracy.
  • Cycle counting--great feature for inventory accuracy.
  • System directed put-away--system directs driver where to store and put materials away, keeps a warehouse in tip-top shape.
  • CNZ-Count near Zero, actually set at count at zero, when a bayrow emtys out, prompts fork driver to verify that the bayrow is actually empty by doing a cycle count....great for inventory accuracy!
  • Doing wall-to-wall counts and sending to another system, for example SAP. There is no count over-lay to send to SAP, must do manual adjustments in SAP to balance to RedPrairie after an inventory count.
  • There are NO reports! Everything must be exported to Excel and then reports can be manually created.
  • Enhancement request process - working with requests from "like Companies" and gathering information to work to THE BEST solution for all
  • LESS red tape....has gotten ugly since JDA took over!
  • Inventory Adjustment efficiency to do more than one at a time and via LXE
  • Line Supply via Directed Work
  • Easier/cleaner substitution process for outbound orders
  • Bayrow & pallet consolidation
  • Yard Trailer Management Report
  • Shared Yard Management
  • Increased employee efficiency on the Receiving dock with ASNs (advanced shipment notifications). Faster to receive and store.
  • Decreased efficiency on the Shipping dock at sites that do customer loads with lots of cuts and adds due to complex process for substitutions.
  • Increased inventory accuracy with cycle count feature.
  • WMS
Biggest impact for Finance is not having the inventory overlay for wall-to-wall inventory counts from RedPrairie to another system (ex: SAP) and having to do manual adjustments in the other system to make it then match RedPrairie after the count. Also, having to do inventory adjustments in RedPrairie one LPN at a time is very time consuming since you cannot do multiple lines at a time & they cannot be done on the LXE.

There are also NO RedPrairie ONLY inventory adjustments which is a good thing for inventory accuracy! WMS had them and it caused a nightmare keeping the books straight with SAP. Planners never knew what they had or which system was correct.

Legacy WMS is becoming obsolete so were needed to switch to "something" and RedPrairie was chosen. I was not part of the selection team, so I am not aware of what other options they looked at.
It is more suited for a NON manufacturing site. It may not be the best with integrating with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Do you have any kind of Wellness Reporting via dashboarding? Do you offer line supply via Directed work? What is your support model?

Using RedPrairie

JDA support is not the greatest and their management since taking over has much to be desired.