Awakening Math Minds with AM!
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Updated April 11, 2019

Awakening Math Minds with AM!

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Overall Satisfaction with Renaissance Accelerated Math

Renaissance Accelerated Math (AM) is a favorite resource for the 2nd-5th-grade students whom I teach. This year our county adopted and mandated a new math program. Our school voted to purchase AM, which has proven results as demonstrated by our testing scores. AM is wonderful because it provides the practice that students need. Other resources teach the concept and provide a few problems. AM has proven itself valuable by allowing me to provide students with review and interventions that are not available to my students through any other resources. Personally, I like the flexibility that the program provides. I can individualize math problems or I can assign the same concept for groups of students to work on together. This flexibility allows students to work at their ability level, which is very important. Most importantly, the students enjoy the immediate feedback they receive as they work through their lessons. I enjoy having the data that informs me of their individual needs. AM is a win for us all!
  • Quick and easy access to data reports.
  • Immediate student feedback.
  • Individualized instruction.
  • The opportunity to work independently or in group settings on the same problems.
  • The flexibility of printing assignments or providing online work.
  • I'd like students to see their growth per standard that they've passed. Perhaps in the form of a visual like a collection of ribbons.
  • Thanks to the practices, exercises, and tests, by end of year 85% of my students will be on grade level or above and those who struggle will make significant growth.
  • I like that I can quickly assess and fix misconceptions with a quick print out of a couple of problems.
I like the support I receive with Renaissance Accelerated Math. I like that I can quickly and easily print the problems I need for interventions. I like the hands-on lessons with Engage but it is too scripted for my tastes. I gave up on I-Ready years back because it was too complex. I still use Moby for filling in gaps. I use Study Island for my higher students after they work through Renaissance Accelerated Math.
It's great for practice but not as good as other programs with lessons that support students when they get into trouble. I'd prefer a video to pop up for students to review when they bomb a particular practice. I'd like them to watch the video and then do the lesson again. After that, if they need help they should come to me. That is one thing I like better about Moby Math. I also like Moby better at identifying and providing missing skills that are below grade level. With Renaissance Accelerated Math, I have to separate students into a variety of banks. That is time-consuming and may not specifically target all the skills that a student needs or does not require.

Renaissance Accelerated Math Feature Ratings

Using Renaissance Accelerated Math

I use this program regularly and the students really like it despite having some issues I'd like to see improved.
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  • Easy to identify students who need interventions for a particular topic.
  • Easy to assign lessons for students to collaborate.
  • Easy to run a Status of the Class to see who has work outstanding.
  • Easy to run a diagnostic to see which students have attained mastery.
  • While I can see students who mastered a skill, I can't easily see if they received 4/5 (80%) or 5/5 (100%).
  • I can't pull up a targeted skill and run a report on those who did/did not achieve mastery along with their pass/fail rate.
  • I can't generate a a practice and run the practice with the same problems for multiple classes.