Sage Pay- Easy to Use a One Stop Shop
November 08, 2017

Sage Pay- Easy to Use a One Stop Shop

Alana (Comaduran) Gunaydin | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Sage Pay

Sage Pay makes everything easy. It already has your clients' information due to using Sage Contractor 100. All that I need to pull up any unpaid invoices is the client number. From there I can select which invoices and how much. It keeps all your client mailing information. All that is needed is the credit card number, which the Sage exchange vault has the capability to save in a safe way. Then you can use the same credit card. Moving from an outside company to Sage has saved me a lot of time. With a different company I was required to type in all the client information and then after the credit card went through had to post it as a deposit to Sage. Sage posts directly to the deposit account. There are no extra steps. All around moving to Sage has saved time and money in numerous ways.
  • Sage is able to access programs and saves time by copying over client information.
  • Sage posts payments directly to your cash accounts which means you don't have to waste time with deposits.
  • Sage is quick and there is no way of human error or charging a credit card twice.
  • When you are reversing a credit card it just deducts from your total batch for the day. Instead of showing a separate charge out of the account. That can cause confusion if someone else is doing your bank reconciliation.
  • It would be nice is Sage Pay could copy over client emails as well as the address and other information so that you can send that email confirmation of charge without having to go back to pull it up.
  • If Sage could post it as a total deposit instead of each individual charge for the day that would also save time with bank reconciliation.
  • Save overall on credit card charges saved us at the very least $500-$1000.00 a month.
  • Being able to send out receipts digitally through the program saved at least another $100.00 on postage a month.
  • The customer support explains everything so you know you really are saving money.
I've been running the accounting department and office for 10 years. We've used all the different types. We've had the machines where you punch in numbers. We've had the online terminals (which were very time consuming). The only one that did well and was equally impressive was Orbis. But being able to tap in directly to Sage Contractor 100, have the client information pull up just by number. Made it impossible for error. It was a "win-win" situation. It would take dropping Sage Contractor 100 to drop Sage Pay. There is just no reason to look elsewhere.
Sage saved money with credit card charges. It also saved money with the time spent on processing the credit card charges. With my prior deposit, someone had to log into an account. They would then charge all the cards. Then go to the program we use. Post the payments. Process a deposit. This took a lot of time. And the not having a total deposit in bank reconciliation outweighed the time it took to process on Sage Pay. Both my part-time gals in the office and myself have said we are so glad we made the switch.