Great tool for application monitoring
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May 15, 2020

Great tool for application monitoring

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Infrastructure and Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Overall Satisfaction with SolarWinds AppOptics

SolarWinds AppOptics is being used to help engineers debug issues within the entire application stack, from the API call all the way down to the actual database. It's a very powerful tool to isolate latency and reliability issues that you can't typically find in logs or metrics, unless you make those very granular.
  • Full application stack trace
  • Measuring latency
  • Providing historical map of calls
  • It's confusing sometimes to dig into a trace, like certain levels don't have much info. AppOptics just says this level occupies 95% of the call time.
  • It would be nice to have AppOptics identify if the root cause of an issue was caused by a dependency, e.g. another service it calls. It would be great to chain them together.
  • Not very intuitive, if you don't know what you're doing or know what to look for.
  • It helps debug an application issue much faster than using logs.
  • Provides a decent overview of the stack you're using for an integrated service
  • Requires investment to integrate it with your software.
We use SolarWinds AppOptics to monitor several services within our company, from large services that handle 50k requests/s to smaller ones that handle much less. It has greatly reduced the time it takes to isolate a production issue and at least point to the application layer that causes the issue. Without AppOptics, we would have to spend more time and resources building out and maintain a custom application level tracing software, or at the very least, rebuilding our existing software to have more detailed logs.
SolarWinds AppOptics is very useful if you know where to look and how to use it. Typically, when introducing this product to a new hire, we have to give them an introduction and hand-hold them through the process. The ease-of-use and learning curve is not flat, but also not horribly steep. It could definitely be made easier, e.g. with pop-up tips. The monitoring dashboard could also use an update to be more up-to-date and modern, instead of looking like it's from the 1990s.
We don't use another product of SolarWinds with AppOptics. We use SignalFx and build out our own logging infrastructure. I can't comment on how other SolarWinds products would impact my company or know of specific ones that would compliment AppOptics.
SolarWinds AppOptics serves a specific use case for us--diving down on the application layer to identify root causes of latency. It does not offer the same use case as SignalFx, which offers metrics for the overall service and integration for custom metrics. AppOptics also does not keep logs of your service or enable searches on them like Kibana. It serves a different use case than the products listed above.
SolarWinds AppOptics is a great tool if you want to debug latency or go deep into a specific endpoint to investigate the full stack call. However, when looking at the overall health of your service and its dependencies, it won't give you the overview you're looking for. We use SignalFx to provide us with the view of the "forest" and SolarWinds AppOptics to provide us a view of a "tree." It would be great if AppOptics suited both situations, so you didn't have to switch between tools.

SolarWinds AppOptics Feature Ratings

Application monitoring
Database monitoring
Threshold alerts
Predictive capabilities
Application performance management console
Collaboration tools
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Out-of-the box templates to monitor applications
Not Rated
Application dependency mapping and thresholding
Virtualization monitoring
Not Rated
Server availability and performance monitoring
Not Rated
Server usage monitoring and capacity forecasting
Not Rated
IT Asset Discovery
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