Spredfast is an industry leader. Great product, great company. Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium)Unspecified8109101
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November 12, 2012

Spredfast is an industry leader. Great product, great company.

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Spredfast, as a company, shows a lot of promise in becoming a leader in the industry. They have a great company culture, provide great customer service and have a great product. In the time that we’ve become a customer, they have deployed several new and improved features, which demonstrates their ability to keep pace with the quickly evolving needs of their customer and the disruptive technologies that become available. We’ve already proven ROI simply by having a tool that results in efficiencies in our existing social media processes
  • I actually don’t think the tool does anything “poorly” but I do see opportunities for the tool to become integrated in more enterprise level systems, such as community platforms (Jive) and web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Omniture, NetInsights). There’s a lot of opportunity to break down siloes of information and processes by becoming integrated with any of these tools.
  • Mostly efficiency gains for human capital. We could survive without the tool but it would take us twice as long and we would not have access to the analytics it provides such that we could continuously improve our content strategy.

Product Usage

5 - We currently have 3 licenses and plan to add 2 more by the end of the year. All of these users reside in the marketing organization.
  • Our primary need for the Spredfast tool was to address inefficiencies in our social publishing processes. We realized we were spending a lot of time opening individual social network applications to publish updates on our corporate social profiles. The tool allows us to schedule, publish and gather analytics for social content, all in one experience.
  • We also recognized a greater need for content performance analytics, which we were relying on free tools to pull manually. The Spredfast tool allows us to gather these analytics faster and easier.

Evaluation and Selection

This was a first deployment. We did not switch from another product.


  • Online training
  • In-person training
Presales – roughly 3 hours of demos and training for successful trial of software
Postsales - 4 hour onsite training with customer service team
Free training webcasts are offered regularly.


Great support. Quick, reliable and personal.


This is another area showing an opportunity for improvement. The User Interface is not that great for someone who is not extremely familiar with the tool. Jumping in is somewhat intimidating. But their services department provides great training.


I don’t think we’ve experienced any unplanned downtime in the short time we’ve licensed the tool. In a few cases, we’ve encountered bugs but they were not critical and were resolved in a timely manner.


  • We would like to integrate with enterprise level systems, such as community platforms (Jive) and web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Omniture, NetInsights).
Not sure.

Vendor Relationship

They are great to deal with. Very responsive.
Tip: signing up for extended membership (3 year vs 1 year contract) often brings down price (although increases risk)