Turbo Cad Pro Platinum is a really professional engineering program!
January 30, 2019

Turbo Cad Pro Platinum is a really professional engineering program!

James Arjuna | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with TurboCAD

I started with TurboCAD Pro Platinum in 2016 and it has become an excellent asset to the products we produce. It is actually easy to use once you take some time to understand the tools and menus. It does require a good high-end computer to run the model renderings, but they are extremely helpful for new factory workers to see the products clearly and to be able to assemble them with the least amount of management time. We use it also for the design of new products and there is not much you cannot do with it after you "play" with all the tools and understand how to use them. And I still have not used all the toolset. I try to learn at least one new tool for each project. I cannot see going with another program, even for complex design work. The accuracy of the drawings and the ability to bring in all sorts of manufacturer's parts to scale and place them in the drawings is easy to do. The vector x,y,z controls are exacting. Using the "extents" to manipulate the position is very precise.
  • Produces accurate drawings to scale, and with several ways to show the "views" to people in need of them at our factory.
  • Relatively easy to use, once you understand the toolset. You can draw anything with it.
  • Sending files to CNC machine shops to produce parts is easy with this program.
  • Sending to mold making companies works out well. Just ask them what file format they want and TurboCAD can give it to them.
  • It would be good to have some standardized rendering, lighting and color schemes to make rendering faster. But once you learn how to place lights and adjust the shadows, it works fine. For some projects, I just want to send a color rendering faster.
  • Turbo CAD Pro Platinum is not for people who require an easy "intuitive" learning. You have to study the manual and the TC tutorials. There are plenty of free youtube videos to show how to do it, but it does take some learning.
  • This program has been around since the 1980s, as a good alternative to the high-end programs. Now it has expanded into a huge full-featured engineering program. Sometimes it has glitches with color rendering, and you have to work at it.
  • Having issues with new employees learning how to build our products. The images are extremely helpful, in terms of training and making sure the products are built to our high standards. Saves untold time, because our factory is in Holland and many employees speak different languages. The photo renderings, speak everyone's language.
  • Improved prototyping. We send parts out t0 be made by CNC and they come back nearly perfect for our needs. We have not used the 3D printing technology yet. Been waiting for that to develop better.
  • The only negative impact is that people are reluctant to learn it because it takes a certain degree of intelligence to understand it. But if you are an engineer, it is easy to understand.
Other very expensive programs are easier to use and are often put in colleges and universities so that the students will stick with them and pay the huge price. There is a sort of "ego" thing about software, just like people have been taught to go with the "most expensive". In this case, the most expensive is excellent and is infiltrated the market with this process of placing it in schools.
But I can't see a reason to go with other programs, other than one is not intelligent enough to learn this one.
It is fully capable of all the design work you can give it. I have even designed houses with it. Turbo CAD Pro Platinum is all I have used for going on 3 years now. I don't know if other versions can do or can't do. If you are a graphic designer, you would need to port the files to a higher end program to manipulate the colors and renderings. For engineering and in-house work it is perfect.