Good free tool.
January 04, 2013

Good free tool.

Vinny Poliseno | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction

  • It supports digital marketing both pushing and receiving
  • List management
  • Multiple handle management
  • Adding multiple views
  • Monitoring messages where you aren't tagged.
  • For example...if somebody writes "Hey @CompanyName I really don't like your product" you'll be notified. However, if somebody writes "Hey Company Name I really don't like your product" you won't get any notifications.
  • There is one way to manage this. You'll need to create a search column for each every term you'd like to follow which make your column management unbearable if you create more than 2.
  • Free tool
  • Easy customer service tool for company Facebook & Twitter
There is no cost associated with TweetDeck.
Good free tool to get your organization started in pushing out digital marketing.

Product Usage

4 - The people I know of using this product are all within the marketing team.
4 - Again this is a free tool where I think multiple people within my organization use but I only deal with the employees within the marketing side of the house. I give them a basic run over of how to use the tool but nothing beyond that.
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing

Evaluation and Selection

Sysomos, Radian6, Meltwater Buzz, UberVu


Easy download and launch of application.


Yes, I was able to pick the tool up pretty easily as this is a free tool. You'll need Twitter working knowledge but besides's pretty straight forward.


I've never seen any real customer service for this tool.
No - I've never seen any support for this product...maybe some online.


It's a pretty easy tool to use I find a few of the columns to be a bit repetitive. If you are managing more than one account you'll start to find yourself having easily 10 plus columns all tracking all different information which creates nice track lanes to keep all that relative information in one column or "view". With the amount of data that is pushed out, if you are following a large number of accounts, it's extremely easy to lose valuable posts in your feeds. As you begin building out your columns they get the point where you only look at one or two and the rest seem to be lost. Overall, this a free tool and there are other social monitoring tools that are out there but are in the multiple thousands of dollar range.


TweetDeck tends to be available for use majority of the time...however, I've had times where it would get stuck in a loop and then post my Tweet multiple times.
Besides posting multiple times when stuck in a loop not other real issues.


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
Just providing login credentials.
  • LinkedIn
I don't believe but one never knows.

Vendor Relationship

I have no relationship with the vendor.
This is a free downloadable tool.