Velocify Consulting-Creating simplicity, efficiency, reporting and consistency of use
Updated December 09, 2014

Velocify Consulting-Creating simplicity, efficiency, reporting and consistency of use

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Overall Satisfaction with Velocify

I have been an administrator on this system since 2005. I have used the system at a high level longer than anyone in the U.S. The benefits of Velocify for lead management are huge. The top four benefits in my opinion are: speed to contact (ability to contact client within seconds of new lead being posted), lead prioritization (ability for management to set criteria for prioritizing a users efforts), pull distribution (ability for leads to be shared amongst users based on criteria set by admin) and automated smart and status specific drip email (timely emails).
  • Shotgun Connect-enables a very short speed to call after lead is posted
  • Click to Dial-enables simple click on phone number to place call
  • Prioritized View-enables management to set the priority in which leads should be called by users
  • Pull Distribution-enables the sharing of leads amongst users based upon management rules
  • Smart Status specific drip email marketing
  • Totally customizable to any industry or work flow
  • Lead Prioritization (management sets criteria for which leads are priority)
  • Reporting (various canned and ad hoc reports)
  • Ease of use (ramp up time for users 2-5 days)
  • Blast email capability
  • Local caller ID (customer sees local area code on caller ID)
  • Lead distribution (granular lead distribution capability)
  • Calendar Events
  • Pre-recorded voice mail messages
  • Many other features
  • Ease of integration with other apps
  • While I personally have not had an issue with customer support, I have heard that some companies have had issues.
  • ROI is gigantic but hard to measure.
Velocify is the Cadillac of the lead management space.
Renewed it year after year and most clients do.
Velocify plays well in any industry that needs to manage its leads. Strategize your setup and deployment.

Using Velocify

500 - A vast majority of the users were base level sales employees/users of Velocify. System is infinitely hierarchical.
1 - Admin type employees need to have a full understanding of the systems capabilities in order to take advantage of ALL the make sense features Velocify offers. One person can administer the system for a company with up 500 users.
  • These answers are for any type of industry. SPEED TO CALL-System enables users to make first call to customer within seconds of lead being posted.
  • SMART LEAD DISTRIBUTION-Initial lead distribution can be very intelligent
  • PULL DISTRIBUTION-A scenario where leads can be shared by users based upon management set rules.
  • PRIORITIZED VIEW-A scenario where management sets the order in which leads should be called on a daily basis. Takes the guess work out for users on which lead to call next.
  • DRIP EMAIL-Intelligent email initiative.
  • REPORTING-Various canned reports and ability to create ad hoc custom reports.
  • DIALER INTEGRATION-System can be integrated with Five9 and other dialers.
  • SALESFORCE INTEGRATION-System is integrated with Salesforce.
  • MANY OTHERS-System is feature rich.
  • Velocify continues to improve features.
  • Velocify is a game changer for how your organization approaches customers.
  • Ability to determine ROI on advertising dollars.
  • Reports clearly show areas of opportunities.
  • Post sale follow up.
  • System can be partitioned so that various business units can take advantage of the capabilities.

Evaluating Velocify and Competitors

Yes - Back in 2005 my company was distributing leads manually via FAX. I had tried to build out a lead management system on my own but my software company could not put all the pieces together. I knew I needed to distribute leads more efficiently for speed to contact purposes and to gain intelligence of what was happening with the leads. LowerMyBills had discovered 5 lead management companies and wanted me to vet these companies for the which I did. Leads360 now Velocify clearly showed the most potential. I implemented the system throughout all 55 teams in my offices over a 2 month period of time.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
Initially, the single biggest reason I chose Velocify was that they could distribute the leads delivered to me from the lead providers very efficiently and smartly. Over time I implemented all of the features that made sense. I am still a big believer in Pull distribution. Pull was another game changer for my organization. Looking back I made numerous errors in implementation, specifically, I made the system too complex for users to use.
I vetted numerous lead management systems. Truthfully, I wouldn't do anything differently. Velocify proved to be THE player in the lead management space. The other lead management systems I vetted did not have the capabilities that Leads360 now Velocify had. I saw huge potential with the system and liked their management team. They listened to my suggestions for additional features and implemented most of them over time. Velocify continues to add features almost on a monthly basis.

Velocify Implementation

If you plan to have more than 20 users on Velocify you should outsource implementation to someone that knows how the system can best be implemented for your business/process flows. If you have fewer proposed users try to use one of the canned levels.
  • Professional services company
Velocify offers consulting services directly but it is expensive. I can implement the system as well as their in-house consultants can as I have been an administrator longer than any of their consultants have worked for Velocify. Call me at 630-936-0621 Jay Dunsing See my LinkedIn profile for more information.
Yes - You can implement the system in phases but the better way to implement is to thoroughly think through your process flow and implement every feature right from the start.
Change management was minimal - I believe that users can get used to the system very quickly as you can use all your same company terminology and automate many features. Historically, users are up and running with a high degree of effectiveness within 40 hours of use.
  • For most new companies the planning stage should be thought through entirely. It's a time commitment from management which can be an issue. The more time spent thinking through how the system should be set up will provide dividends to the top line of the P/L.
  • Understanding the features and how they work together.
  • When I started using Velocify I was a rookie and certainly not a computer guy. It took me several weeks before I started to understand how to begin to put the system together. Over time I kept making the system better for all the user levels.

Velocify Training

The in-person training if you will is done via GoToMeeting or some other service. I have been told that the moderator goes way too in-depth and too fast.
Velocify offers online training via videos and written descriptions of implementation procedures.
I would not advise self education on the system. There are too many moving parts and you should use as many as possible that make sense.

Configuring Velocify

The system can be fully customized to any industry in B2B or B2C. You can use your terminology and set it up according to your process flows.
Velocify has a best practices whitepaper and I would stay close to that.
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively - I wanted to use my terminology for better user understanding of the system. It was very easy to do.
No - the product does not support adding custom code
Again the system is configurable to any industry or process flow.

Velocify Support

With support you have to ask a very well crafted specific statement about your issue. Additionally, it is very difficult to talk with someone in support. Fortunately, I do not have to contact support very often. Additionally, new releases are done via email and are short in explanation. Follow up from success manager or sales person regarding new feature releases is non-existent.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Quick Initial Response
Yes - Bugs are resolved relatively quickly. Usually bugs are user error.
Initially I had very open communication with support. That has decreased substantially over time probably due to the fact that I don't need to contact them very often.. Occasionally, support will go beyond the question and speak to the why and offer suggestions.

Using Velocify

Users can gain a very good understanding of the system quickly. The administrator can use terms that are familiar to their company when setting the system up. Most new administrators error to the side of complexity when setting up the system. With Velocify less is more.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Custom reporting can be very useful to understand how users are performing.
  • Future finesse of system should be ongoing and not stop. The system is about consistent minor improvements as you discover new opportunity.
  • Setting up distribution can be very easy. If your company has regulatory licensing issues to deal with the system can be very helpful from a distribution standpoint.
  • Adding a new user is simple.
  • Training for new users should be kept to discussion of the main 10 features in a 45 minute conversation. The other minor issues will be picked up quickly.
  • Adding fields to the form is easy.
  • Setting up drip email is easy.
  • Email open notification is usable.
  • Establishment of local caller ID feature.
  • New administrators have a hard time grasping how all the features work together.
  • Integration to other apps is cumbersome.
Yes - The mobile interface works very well but the screens can be hard to see on a mobile device. This probably the same issue with any other CRM type application.

Velocify Reliability

The system is fully scaleable both vertically and horizontally across the enterprise.
The system is always up!!
If the system is set up correctly it will be a game changer for your organization.

Integrating Velocify

  • I am not an integration person. They integrate with several other applications and can be integrated with just about any app so I have been told.
  • Direct Encompass integration leaves something to be desired.
  • Direct Five9 integration is good as far as I understand it.

Relationship with Velocify

Just like any sales process I have heard that sales over promises that the system can fulfill any need. While it can fulfill just about any pre-sale type need it can't fulfill everything.