Yurbi Product Review
Updated December 23, 2015

Yurbi Product Review

Samar Chopra, PMP, SCPM, ITIL | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Yurbi

We use the Yurbi product as a Business Intelligence and ad-hoc reporting tool for our Federal Government customers. It is primarily being used for our Information Technology services-related contracts. The business problems it addresses is truly consolidating in information from multiple data sources and making advanced and customized reporting available to us at CALNET and primarily our customer. For example, we have implemented a customized Yurbi solution for our Federal customers that imports incident details from the Remedy ticketing system, call statistics from our ACD Phone Switch, and also Customer Feedback survey responses from our third-party Kinetics appliation. It allows us to build quick, customized reports and dashboards that our customers would like to view tailored based on their business needs and requirements. We deal with a great demand of requests for specific type of data requests and reports from our customers. Yurbi allows us to be able to develop and make this information available to our customers very quickly and efficiently.
  • Yurbi allows us to build customized Dashboards for specific users. Once the initial Dashboard is created, the user themselves have permissions to customize the Dashboard to suit their needs. The flexibility is there for a wide set of users.
  • Yurbi product is highly customizable. We looked for a Business Intelligence product for quite some time that could be customized to work with different types of data sets. When we started considering Yurbi, it was evident from the beginning that the product could be customized very quickly to work within our environment and our specific data types.
  • The Yurbi product stays a step ahead with the changing market being focused more for the tablet and smart phone user population. As our customers first started to use iPADs and iPhones, it was great to see that an upgraded Yurbi product was readily available for use for the iPAD/iPhone set of users.
  • While the Yurbi Developer tool is highly mature, there have been cases where building specific complex reports within Yurbi required extensive support directly from the vendor (and even some Yurbi product customizations). It would be great if the Yurbi Developer tool could be slightly refreshed to make it easier for more non-technical users to build more complex reports within Yurbi.
  • Over years of usage of the Yurbi product with growing set of available reports to run for users, it's easy to get unorganized in terms of being able to find the correct report to run. It's highly adviseable if future releases of Yurbi began offering features to organize all reports a little better within the product (including an audit trail of reports that users typically run to make it easier for them to go back to the right reports).
  • We heavily use the SMTP configuration within Yurbi to set up auto-email notifications to specific set of users with requested reports. At times, the SMTP service becomes unavailable and Yurbi product is unable to send these emails to the users. Besides not receiving the email, it's easily evident that the SMTP service connection failed. It would be great if future versions of the Yurbi product would alert the user of the failed SMTP connection on initial Yurbi login so the administrator becomes aware of the issue and can take action to resolve the problem.
Yurbi was overall a better product, highly customizable, more user friendly, and lower priced.
The Yurbi product has been perceived very well by our customers. They have continued to use it for years and the user population has only expanded. Customers love the flexibility and large set of Dashboards and reports that can be made available within the product quickly and efficiently.
The Yurbi Poduct is extremely well suited for organizations looking for a mature Business Intelligence and ad-hoc reporting tool. The strength of Yurbi is that it is highly customizable and can work in various environments.

Using Yurbi

5 - Users supporting our Federal customer contract.
1 - When we initially launched Yurbi, there was 1 IT resource for the server infrastructure and 2 QA resources for building reports/dashboards supporting Yurbi. Today, we have 1 resource supporting both IT infrastructure and building necessary reports/dashboards. Since we have developed over 200 reports since initial launch, there are less reports and dashboards required to be developed today than in the past.

Yurbi Implementation

Yurbi was very simple to implement and the software prerequisites and server requirements were very basic.
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled - Customer requirements changed during final phase of the software implementation and we had to add additional scope changes during final implementation phase. It was something that we were able to get completed within the current schedule.

Using Yurbi

The Yurbi product is incredibly easy to use and very intuitive for the user. The environment is highly customizable to the user's own preferences which is the best part.