Zix the fear of HIPAA compliant Email - Ultimate Peace of Mind and Security with Zixcorp Email Protection.
December 19, 2020

Zix the fear of HIPAA compliant Email - Ultimate Peace of Mind and Security with Zixcorp Email Protection.

Dane Spoelker | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Zix

We purchased and use Zix for TWO main reasons: to enhance email threat protection, and to have a HIPAA-compliant solution for sending secure emails to our patients. The problems are resolved are reduced risk of cheap cyber attacks like phishing, malware or ransomware. The other issue resolved is our inability to send PHI out via email securely and in compliance with HIPAA.
  • Makes it easy for those receiving emails to create an account and retrieve the email.
  • Peace of mind knowing emails are secure, and can be tracked.
  • Monitoring inbound email threats is easy.
  • Support has been very quick resolving or explaining support tickets I've created.
  • The portal is tricky to navigate if you're not familiar with it.
  • The portal has shown extensive lag and inability to click certain buttons.
  • I am an early Administrator, but entrusting other users to check and clear their "Quarantine" box of blocked email seems daunting. - Fear of teaching Zix to others as I still have a lot to learn myself.
  • Peace of mind 100%.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction. Because sending them PHI directly is convenient and easy for them too. Less back and forth and confusing/additional logins and steps.
  • Employee Empowerment. Employees can better serve their patients and expedite business processes by sending emails directly, without having to fax, snail mail, etc.
  • Employee Efficiency - same reason as mentioned above.
The portal, from an administrator standpoint can be rather tricky. The terminology can be confusing, and so far I've gotten lost a few times trying to find an easy way to simply look up if a message was received. Once I know where I am going, I am good, but it can be tricky.
The configuration is tough too, and I'm thankful for having a tech walk me through what he did, although I could not replicate.
Something about understanding the rules from the portal's perspective when it comes to inbound vs. outbound was rather confusing. So was the rule making when deciding filters, etc. for our email and how they'd be sent.
Our tech jumped on multiple phone calls with us, as we were rather indecisive about "turning Zix protection on." Our hesitation came from concerns about regular email recipients all the sudden having a new way of opening any emails that were encrypted. The point is, our rep/tech was always available for a call.
As for Support, I've submitted one ticket about why certain emails were blacked/quarantined, and I received a response with explanation within a few hours. Very easy.
Our EHR system used to have an imbedded Secure Email feature that we used, but it was rather difficult, not user friendly, and even often times sent our emails to our recipients spam folders. Zix is a vast upgrade and improvement. Emails are delivered more efficiently and it's much more user friendly from a setup and understanding standpoint.
Healthcare - Secure HIPAA compliant messaging. It makes it extremely easy and is such a relief having this solution in place so we can minimize the overhead involved with communicating with our patients effectively.