Best Secure Email Gateway Software27Secure email gateway software comprises secure email gateways, anti-spam, email archiving, and email encryption. These software solutions also protect data or sensitive information loss during messaging and protect inboxes from spam and malware.Proofpoint Email Protection1 Exchange2 Targeted Attack Protection for Email3 Secure Email Gateway4 Email Security Service5 Secure Email Gateways8 Cloud Email Security9 Email Security.cloud10 Security Suite11 Mail Assure12 Email Security13 Information Protection14 Micro Smart Protection Suite, with XGen15 Email Security Series Appliances16 Secure Email Gateway17 ePrism Email Security18 Cortext19 Essentials for Small Business20 MailGate SC21 Email Gateway (Discontinued)23 Email Security24 Messaging Gateway25

Secure Email Gateway Software

Best Secure Email Gateway Software

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Secure Email Gateway Software Overview

What is Secure Email Gateway Software?

Secure email gateway software prevents the transmission of emails that contravene company policy or contain malware, phishing attacks, spam or other unwanted emails designed to inflict malicious damage. All these tools prevent attacks from reaching their intended recipients, but some also provide data loss prevention designed to prevent leakage of sensitive information in outbound emails.

There are many different ways of deploying email gateway software. Some software products are installed directly on the email server, while others are provided as a hardware appliance or virtual hardware appliance. Many products are now available as public cloud services.


Important features include:
  • Data loss protection
  • Email management via real-time dashboards etc.
  • Anti-malware
  • Threat protection
  • Ease of management
  • Customizability
  • Sandboxing to help identify risks
  • End-to-end encryption

Pricing Information

Costs vary widely depending on the type of product selected. Public cloud services usually charge a per email fee or other usage fee. Appliance gateways typically charge a flat fee for the appliance plus a subscription fee covering the costs of intelligence information updates. Advanced features like email encryption usually incur additional fees.

Secure Email Gateway Products

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Proofpoint Email Protection

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154 Ratings

Proofpoint Email Protection is available as an on-premise or cloud based solution and blocks unwanted, malicious and impostor emails with granular search capabilities and visibility into all messages. Outbound controls include encryption and data loss prevention, while continuity capabilities ens...

Microsoft Exchange

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457 Ratings

Microsoft Exchange is a secure email / messaging gateway with file archiving and encryption / data loss capability, available as a hosted service (Exchange Online) or installed (Exchange Server).

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection for Email

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53 Ratings

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps organizations efficiently detect, mitigate and respond to known and unknown advanced threats that target people and VIPs through email. TAP provides unparalleled effectiveness in stopping targeted attacks that use polymorphic malware, weaponized d...

FireEye, from the company of the same name in Milpitas, California, offers the FireEye Security Suite, a threat detection and antivirus application encompassing FireEye Email Security, FireEye Network security, and FireEye Endpoint Security. Finally, the Suite includes FireEye Helix as a security...