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Who is TrustRadius?

TrustRadius is a B2B technology research and customer voice platform that serves both buyers and vendors. Each month, about 300,000 B2B buyers use the verified end-user reviews and ratings on to make informed purchase decisions about anything from Marketing Automation software to Business Intelligence tools to HCM systems.

Additionally, we offer services and tools for vendors that help them scale their review presence on, and leverage that review content beyond the review site, from gaining feedback about their product to using customer quotes across their sales and marketing channels.

Why are there reviews of TrustRadius on

Our position is that buyers want to hear directly from customers and end-users, and they want honest, balanced feedback about a product. We also think that vendors who are able to gather customer feedback in a third-party, trusted venue and share it directly with prospects will gain the trust of their buyers and do a better job at converting them.

But how can we expect our own prospects to take our word for it? This category exists so that we at TrustRadius can 'drink our own champagne' - i.e., gather authentic, balanced feedback from end-users about our own products, so that our own buyers can make an informed decision.

Looking for authentic feedback

Our offerings are listed in isolation of any competitive solutions, since we don't claim to be able to be a third-party unbiased resource on ourselves.

That said, we invite a broad sample of our own customers to review us, and use the same review publishing standards we use for any other products on We value the qualities of authenticity and transparency, and aim to gather (and make public) open and honest feedback from our customers and users.

TrustRadius Offerings Products

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TrustRadius for Vendors

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153 Ratings

TrustRadius aims to change the way B2B technology is bought and sold. Each month, 300,000 technology buyers use the verified and vetted reviews on to make informed purchasing decisions. An additional 1 million buyers per month read TrustRadius review content in other venues, incl...

TrustRadius for Buyers

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142 Ratings

TrustRadius is a review platform for technology buyers to discover feedback from real users.

TrustQuotes for Salesforce allows TrustRadius customers to pull approved review quotes directly into their Salesforce instance, so that the right quotes are dynamically suggested to sales reps for each prospect.