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6 Ratings
6 Ratings
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Score 8.5 out of 100

Likelihood to Recommend


While most of my Aladtec experience is with public safety agencies, I cannot imagine an industry or service that would not benefit from an Aladtec system. Affordable, reliable, efficient and user-friendly - Aladtec offers a product that most companies simply can only dream about.
Andrew Blackwood | TrustRadius Reviewer



  • Aladtec allows easy access to forms, change orders and schedules from any device.
  • Aladtec offers the ability to see the schedule a month at a glance, by the week or day, with full detail of who is on the schedule; giving a bird's eye view of the openings and then able to see specifically who is on each daily schedule.
  • Aladtec offers the opportunity to put its recurring schedules and monthly choices and changes. It has several scheduling options that increase flexibility for employees.
Lynn DeLaurentis | TrustRadius Reviewer



  • The only item we would like to see is an online training module for our EMS staff. Being able to upload training items and quizzes for our staff to do under their user accounts would be a huge asset for our department and others. Similar to the Moodle training software.
  • No other issues to note.
Jeff Rixmann | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating


Aladtec 8.0
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Aladtec has given the support needed, especially in learning the new system and bringing it up to speed for the entire workforce. There is a need to reach out to them when everything freezes, which is rare. This system has been fairly smooth after it had been in use for at least 6 months.
Lynn DeLaurentis | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered


The software as a service model is prefered over native software, which is one reason why we decided on Aladtec.
Caleb Branch | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment


  • In the first 12 months of use we saved nearly 13x our investment in overtime alone. The following year we realized an average of 46 hours per week of time saved in workforce management.
  • We have seen no negative impacts from the use of Aladtec. Our only regret is not having it earlier.
Andrew Blackwood | TrustRadius Reviewer


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