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iContact Pro Select

If you use PRWeb already and are looking for a tool that integrates well with that program and offers additional functionality with email and social media then Vocus is great. If you don't use PRWeb or prefer an email tool with more functionality and ease of use, Vocus is not the best choice.
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  • Ease and speed of getting out a PR release
  • Getting started with creating a new activity is just a few clicks
  • The ability to build a campaign and connect different emails, social media posts and PR releases in to one project with overall metrics.
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  • The email function is not user intuitive. It takes a while to get used to knowing where each of the buttons are hiding in the icons at the top of the screen. It also seems that only in the template function can merge fields be added.
  • Some features of other email programs seem to be missing or not working as well like the "view the email in a browser" function and being able to create an email sign up form for placement on our website.
  • Adding people to the email from options is a long and multi-step process that seems overkill.
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Likelihood to Renew

iContact Pro Select6.1
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Now that we have had the opportunity to try an enterprise wide marketing solution, I think we should look at other tools and programs that have greater flexibility and ease of use. If the tool does not happen to have PR Web then so be it. We may not see the cost savings with PR announcements but if the other tools have increased email functionality then we can part with more money on the PR side like we have in the past
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Alternatives Considered

I was not the end decision maker so I went along with the marketing direction where we needed to consolidate all of our email into one tool to better understand all of our marketing efforts. I don't know that if I was the end decision maker if I would have chosen Vocus
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Return on Investment

  • By condensing all of our email needs in one program we have seen a better snap shot of our activities and overall metrics.
  • Our emails that may have been sent in Outlook in the past or another CRM are now being sent in Vocus and look more branded and we can see who is opening important communications that need to be read. This helps us determine if we need to resend.
  • Learning a new software is never easy but I feel like Vocus could have had more readily accessible tools or done a better job with the on boarding process.
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