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35 Ratings
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As I said earlier in this review, OmniGraffle does an excellent job with arcs if they are created in OmniGraffle. The same is not true if the drawing I'm working on was imported from Visio. In that case, I need to just start all over with the arc lines, and that is not often a reasonable option.
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  • Structuring a novel is a very difficult exercise, as it is the basis on which everything will be built. Omnigraffle allows you to visualize a dramatic progression, and keep in mind the various references and situations I want to see appearing throughout the history I'm writing.
  • It is often important to switch phrases or select different verses in a song, Omnigraffle makes it easy to visualize the different options.
  • Promotion is a vital part in the life of artistic projects. Creating a strategy and explaining it is easier when you can have a more flexible tool than PowerPoint for example.
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  • The static wire frames are always an issue with any UI/UX tool. OmniGraffle users have to be very detailed in their design and notes so that a developer understands the click-through functionality.
  • OmniGraffle is not available for a PC - it's iOS only, which will create a problem if you're not a Mac user.
  • It would be nice if OmniGraffle was capable of importing a page or text file so the user doesn't have to create everything from scratch.
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Best product for my needs on the market
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In comparison to Sketch, OmniGraffle is much better with connectors and placeholders. The placeholders were key for me as I use them often while building wireframes. It's so easy to access and drop in. I'm still trying to figure out how to download and sync stencils for Sketch and actually be able to use them. Its been a months since i've started to use sketch and i'm still trying to figure it out. Another thing is the connectors, I hate the limited capability in Sketch to connect one element to another, especially with elbow connectors. Maybe there is a different way, but OmniGraffle makes this process much easier to execute. Sketch however, is great at visually letting the user know how much space is in between elements when I'm trying to align things on the canvas
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Return on Investment

  • Very positive! Our clients love the presentations we provide using OmniGraffle. It gives them a clear understanding of how the product will look and detailed explanation next to each element.
  • It's also great how easily I can edit the wires in OmniGraffle. I can copy elements with ease in OG as well, this makes it a great tool for rapid prototyping.
  • It would be great if we were able to toggle between a presentation/ppt type canvas, as it currently is and a bigger or unlimited canvas with preloaded digital platform screens for easier wire framing.
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