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PRO Unlimited Wand VMS

PRO Unlimited Wand VMS is well suited for larger recruitment teams or ones that work cross functionally with outside agencies. It allows our team and organization to store all data on candidate pipelines and jobs and is very easy to communicate with outside agencies on any of these jobs. We can see status and where we and also the agency are at in terms of candidates submitted to a specific requisition. The allows our team to be more efficient with their time. I would say less appropriate would be a situation where a recruitment team is not working with outside resources as it might not make sense to invest in a tool such as this one. For example, our teams work with clients and outside agencies for our recruiting needs and so having one central place to facilitate feedback and scheduling results in more efficient time spent elseware.
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  • User-friendly tool and easy to train new employees. This is a strength because recruiting teams have generally very high turnover and we are constantly adding new recruiters to our team. The ability to quickly train on this software is crucial.
  • Free form sections within each job allow for our recruiters to track progress and write in any feedback on candidates or the job itself. For example, our recruiters are able to update when a hiring manager or client changes the job description or wants to progress any candidates attached to the job.
  • Candidate feedback is easily tracked and sent out in a timely manner. For example, when we attach a candidate to the requisition, the client or hiring managers are able to reply back to this action with their feedback or schedule a future interview. This elimiates the step where our recruiters must reach out for feedback.
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  • The tool sometimes lags or forces the team to reenter a candidate's information or profile. For example, when updating a job or adding a candidate, the page will freeze or delay resulting in having to add this data in again from the start.
  • The session will close out very quickly and we will need to log back in completely. For example, it only gives you a few minutes of time to sit on one page before it will refresh which is sometimes very frustrating when you are reading resumes or have distractions around the office/with clients.
  • Duplicate candidate profiles. I would like if this tool had a way to audit duplicates so that we aren't adding "new" candidates who were in fact already attached to jobs or have a history.
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Alternatives Considered

Wand VMS is much more user friendly than similar VMS tools out today. My team also loves how this tool allows you to write feedback and comments on any requisition or candidate profile while many other tools do not allow this customization but you must add everything from a drop down or set up rules. This was much more user friendly to train and efficient to use on a daily basis. I would say compared to other similar softwares, Wand specifically, allows for much more efficient options and results. For example, when adding any candidates to a job, we are able to track the history and also communicate with outside agencies and hiring managers through the tool. What this offers us that other softwares could not is the ability to interact with these outside agencies while also tracking all history within the tool for future use and other recruiters to use if the job changes the recruiter.
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Return on Investment

  • Saves time on all aspects of organization
  • Only negative is that there is not a real connection with the managers from a Recruitment or Sales point of view - but understand they are prob bombarded by sales calls
  • Very helpful tool to keep process and procedures in place
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PRO Unlimited Wand VMS

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