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8 Ratings
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Having a good email list of active address would be helpful for converting those addresses to FB followers. Also having an active FB page with plenty of original content will better engage your audience. Having these two things will greatly help your contest with rafflecopter. Using and intergrating rafflecopter is easy and should be a breeze with your campaign. I highly recommend it!
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  • Fast, clear, and direct responsiveness of customer service.
  • Step by step directions makes for easy contest implementation. Also Rafflecopter makes sure your contest is fully compliant with Facebook policies.
  • Website is fast and easy to navigate. Viewing your contest and making changes is very easy.
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  • The ability to do multiple contests on the FB page, that are separate from one another. Or to have "special" type of contest that is useable for tradeshows. Whether or not the tradeshow contest is connected to FB.
  • Once our contest was up and running, we had a hard time figuring out how to get more people to our contest page. We have a small group [less than 200] and besides just posting on FB, we couldn't get others to our page/contest! Maybe more ideas on how to achieve this? I suspect the info is already somewhere on the Rafflecopter blog, I just need to find it.
  • The "More Upgrades' tag that vibrates at the bottom of the page from where you are working on your contest, gets annoying. I've bought the blogger level, please don't try to upgrade me further.
  • While this wasn't a fault of Rafflecopter, the winner of our first contest turned out to be a FB contester. Meaning the person uses FB exclusively to enter contests for give-aways and freebies. When we picked the winner, if I could have "vetted" the winner to prevent that, then I would have picked a different winner. Cherry picking our winner? You bet, cause this person wasn't ever going to be a customer…
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I think not that the problem was with Rafflecopter, but rather our company and it's approach to Social Media. Being a conservative B2B company in the manufacturing / safety industry doesn't, at this time, offer us many "social" connections that leads to sale/brand awareness. I think we might be better served on a different social network, say LinkedIn. On a personal note, it was a pleasure using Rafflecopter. Easy, fast, cheap and I can see how it can be hugely effective to a social media campaign for those that are in a different industry than the one I work in. I will certainly be recommending the product to my friends and other businesses that are more appropriately served by Rafflecopter.
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Return on Investment

  • Simply put with a 3 month contest we increased our page likes from 120 to 177.
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