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29 Ratings
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TeamCity is well suited for an organization using continuous integration, meaning you release code to production often, and an agile project management system. There are free versions available for small teams and enterprise versions available for large teams with many different builds.TeamCity is probably overkill for basic e-commerce or blog website builds that do not require much development after the initial launch
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  • Build: Parameterization, Chaining from multiple sources, Templates, and general ease of use.
  • Release: Works extremely well with "Build" process.
  • Updates and Upgrades are simple, effective, and reliable.
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  • Pipeline Visualization: TeamCity's weakest area
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Alternatives Considered

TeamCity is a great on-premise Continuous Integration tool.Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is a hosted SAAS application in Microsoft's Cloud.VSTS is a Source Code Repository, Build and Release System, and Agile Project Management Platform - whereas TeamCity is a Build and Release System only.TeamCity's interface is easier to use than VSTS, and neither have a great deployment pipeline solution. But VSTS's natural integration with Microsoft products, Microsoft's Cloud, Integration with Azure Active Directory, and free, private, Source Code repository - offer additional features and capabilities not available with Team City alone.
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Return on Investment

  • TeamCity was a key contributor to our organization's adoption of Agile.
  • TeamCity made it possible to KILL "It works on my laptop" conversations with Developers. If it does not compile in TeamCity - the project is not deployable. TeamCity's easy to use interface made it possible to quickly adopt a "Deploy Only from TeamCity" policy, further ensuring TeamCity Builds were the gold-standard for well-configured source code.
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