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2016 Top Rated Business Intelligence Software BadgeQlik has two major products in its product portfolio: QlikView and Qlik Sense, and these products will continue to co-exist. QlikView is a more technical product that requires some development effort to create layout before the applications can be shared with business users. Qlik Sense began life as a self-service visualization tool designed for business users rather than developers, but is now the lead product and is being rapidly built-out as an enterprise platform.

Qlik Sense Enterprise is based on the same technology engine as QlikView. It is accessed through a modern HTML5 browser client from any device, whether using an on-premise server or a virtual machine in the cloud. Beyond visualization capabilities, it provides data governance, pixel-perfect reporting and collaboration, extensive APIs and tools for developers, and enterprise-level management, security and scalability.

Qlik's position on the TrustMap is determined solely by reviews of its QlikView product. TrustRadius is working on collecting additional reviews of Qlik Sense.

QlikView is Top Rated in the mid-sized company segment.

Company Status: Public
Customers: 35,000+
Employees: 2,500+
Location: Radnor, PA
Founded: 1993
Most compared to: Tableau Desktop; Microsoft BI; IBM Cognos
Best fit for: QlikView is a good choice for companies with developer or power analyst resources to build reports and dashboards. Qlik Sense is a self-service tool built on the same engine that is being rapidly expanded as an enterprise platform.

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QlikView Pros QlikView Cons
In-memory computing
  • Rather than retrieving data from disk, QlikView lads all the data into RAM, which allows for significantly faster data assembly and processing and allows analysts to interact with data in detail, instead of just aggregate data views.
  • In-memory processing does depend on adequate RAM to be effective however.
Pricing model
  • Several reviewers refer to the overly complex pricing model, which is not easy to understand in conjunction with the relatively high price of the product.
  • Most users are very happy with the drag and drop visualization tools. In-memory processing makes visualizations particularly fast.
  • Associative search makes it possible to see how data elements are related using a simple green, gray, white associative model.
Performance issues
  • Some reviewers have experienced performance issues with slowness under large data loads
Dashboard development
  • While BI developers are required to build the underlying data model, once that is in place, dashboard development is very intuitive and fast, and dashboards can be accessed over the web.
IT dependence
  • Some users complain of being too dependent on IT to control dashboard appearance.
User interface
  • The user interface is very thoughtful and well designed, making the program relatively intuitive for most users. Once again though, for anything beyond simple changes, developer level skills are required to customize.
Built-in ETL
  • A major competitive advantage is built-in ETL capabilities, which allow data blending and preparation before normalized data is visualized.

  • Good connectors to many data sources including business applications like SAP and Salesforce.

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