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What is Avochato?

Avochato is a text messaging software service for sales, customer support, and other departments and business entities featuring two-way texting, chat widget for websites or applications, and other tools to facilitate easier communication with customers.

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Users have praised Avochato for its prompt and efficient customer service team, who have resolved issues related to contact list …
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What is Avochato?

Avochato is a text messaging software service for sales, customer support, and other departments and business entities featuring two-way texting, chat widget for websites or applications, and other tools to facilitate easier communication with customers.

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What is Avochato?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have praised Avochato for its prompt and efficient customer service team, who have resolved issues related to contact list management. The platform allows companies to streamline their communication by providing texting capabilities for landline services and taking over voice line duties. Avochato has been highly recommended by users as a valuable asset for customer-focused teams, enabling them to support customer orders and provide text-based support without the need for a call center. Teachers have found it beneficial for communicating with students and their families, reducing their workload and enhancing customer service. Additionally, Avochato has improved engagement with clients, allowing businesses to virtually collaborate with brick-and-mortar establishments across the country. It has also integrated well with other platforms like Salesforce, although some users have encountered difficulties with the picture sending and saving feature. Overall, Avochato has proven to be a useful tool for improving communication, efficiency, and customer service processes.

Easy to set up and use: Many users have found Avochato easy to set up and praised its user-friendly interface. They appreciate the intuitive nature of the platform, which allows them to quickly navigate through its features and start communicating with customers without any hassle.

Responsive customer support: Users highly appreciate the prompt and responsive customer support provided by Avochato. They mention that the support team always responds within minutes and addresses any questions or concerns effectively. This level of attentiveness from the customer support team has been a valuable aspect for many users.

Efficient communication through texting: Users praise Avochato for enabling efficient communication through text messages. They find texting to be a more effective and convenient form of communication compared to email or voicemail. Users note that texting allows for faster response times from customers, leading to improved overall service quality.


  1. User Interface: Some users have expressed frustration with the user interface of Avochato's mobile app, stating that it takes up too much screen space and makes navigation difficult. They suggest making the left side list of texts wider and reducing the size of the text to improve the user experience.
  2. Messaging Efficiency: Several users have found it time-consuming to exchange conversations on Avochato and have wished for a quicker way to receive and send messages.
  3. Email Notifications: Users have disliked receiving email notifications every time there was a mass text sent out and someone replied, finding them unnecessary and potentially overwhelming.

Based on user reviews, a common recommendation for Avochato is to schedule a demo and evaluate if it is a good fit for your company. Users suggest discussing with the team to get a clear understanding of your company's needs before using Avochato. They also recommend scheduling a demo to evaluate whether the platform aligns with your requirements. Avochato is particularly recommended for sales teams or lead-based work, but not for managing a high volume of employees.

Another recommendation from users is to set up automation sequences via Zapier for increased responsiveness. Many users find it beneficial to utilize Zapier to automate sequences in Avochato. This allows for more efficient and prompt responses to customer inquiries and engagement.

Users also highlight the importance of understanding the limitations of Avochato before making a purchase decision. It is advised to thoroughly check the limitations, especially in regards to calling and integrations. Users emphasize the need to know what the platform can and cannot do to avoid any unforeseen limitations in functionality.

In summary, users find that Avochato is a great tool for text sharing and reaching out to clients or customers. They appreciate its software quality and responsive support. However, they also recommend exploring all features, checking limitations, and discussing specific business needs with Avochato's team to ensure it meets one's requirements.


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Ross Twiddy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Avochato to communicate with home owners, vendors, and guests. Several years ago we started wanted to augment our communication abilities with text. After researching many options, we settled on Avochato due to the true 2 way nature of texting. It was more of a real conversation between two people.

We first used it to communicate with our guests and they absolutely loved it! Part of being in the hospitality industry means, adapting to the consumer needs or demands. Soon there after it became a main channel of communicating with guests. They are busy folks who might only have enough time to text. Or texting allows emoji faces, or pictures to answer the question better. Now we use it to communicate with home owners and vendor to relay information and updates. I cannot imagine a world where we don't have this ability. Avochato has also done a great job updating and integrating their software. They have really done a good job improving the capabilities and getting it work with Salesforce. We are thrilled how they continue to listen and innovate.

  • Communicate concisely
  • Richer information with the addition of pictures.
  • Improved flexibility for the guests.
  • Automated communication
  • More integration with other software. Google Analytics tag manager maybe.
  • Better integration with Big Query so we can connect more phone, web, and text data.
Well suited: Problem resolution, timely response, 1-many communicaiton, event triggered automation, allows reservationists to text multiple people at one time, and puts all the relevant decision making information in a link. Also allows us to have a written record of the conversation.

Less Appropriate: Still cannot replace the Southern hospitality of a phone call. Sometimes texting reaches a point, where a phone call can solve fix, or figure it out quicker.
  • Two way texting communication
  • Extremely positive. Very efficient style of communication.
  • Excellent booking engine, very effective marketing option. Click to text.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Avochato as a platform for our building users to communicate needs to our office. Should a client have an event in our facility and need to contact our office quickly, we have the Avochato platform number posted in our facility for others to see and use quickly, without interrupting their event.
  • Platform for easy monitoring of communication
  • Ease of use for batching communication to multiple entities at one time
  • Projecting or pre-scheduling communication in a time pre-determined by our office.
  • It was a bit clunky to figure out the scheduling function in the beginning, this could be improved
  • Removing notifications for messages that are sent out and already managed.
  • The system keeps all communication in one location, it would be helpful if the outbound messages were in one organized area and the incoming messages in a separate.
It does really well for accessible communication with many individuals and is a great tool for quick status updates when needed. Some individuals do not do well with the idea of not communicating to a specific purpose and while that is not an issue that Avochato can manage, it is one that makes assimilation a bit more difficult.
  • Great communication platform that has allowed us to speed up and communicate more effectively
Andrea Fabiola Mujica Pereira | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The whole organization uses Avochato to stay communicated with our clients and our providers.
One of the biggest problems we had when beginning our business was not being able to reach out to people on a phone call because they were not available, Avochato lets you message your contacts, schedule messages, and broadcast and also call them. It's a great tool.
  • Broadcasting, You can broadcast depending on tags or selecting specific contacts and even send the broadcast right away or schedule it for delivery. Once it's out you can see who received it and who responded and get your insights from that.
  • It lets you categorize your contacts with the tag feature, you can create and add as many tags as you wish and need and then go to those tags to access selected contacts and see how everything is going on a market, target, area, anything.
  • Unlimited history! A contact that you got a hold of 2 years ago through Avochato, you can still see all the calls, messages, voice mails between the company and them.
  • The mobile app definitely could be better. Sometimes it crashes, and you can't see the tags or create new contacts, and it only lets you call and send and receive messages, but you can't take calls from the mobile app.
I think Avochato can be suited to any business structure as long as you need to have communication with other people. Do you have a small company for deliveries? Avochato can be suited. Do you have a big company that needs to communicate with companies and keep track of said communications? Avochato is what you need. In an interconnected world, I think every business needs to use Avochato no matter what they do.
  • Only positive. It keeps our remote teams communicated with the rest of the team and with clients and providers. The ROI is amazing, because it lets you have multiple accounts and even numbers if you go all the way up, and there's no need to be paying for multiple phone numbers for different employees. Being able to be closer to your niche definitely sends them the right message, and another approach tells that you're reachable to more clients.
We never tried or used any other platform
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