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What is Changepoint?

Changepoint is a platform that marries professional services automation (PSA), project portfolio management (PPM) and business analytics to provide managers broad operational visibility and control over their strategic business portfolios.


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Changepoint Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Project Portfolio Management Software

Jira Software

What is Jira Software?

JIRA Software is an application lifecycle management solution for software development teams. It allows users to create, prioritize and track the progress of tasks across multiple team members, and offers a wide range of integrations. It is offered via the cloud and local servers.

ServiceNow IT Service Management

What is ServiceNow IT Service Management?

ServiceNow is a fast-growing service management provider that went public in 2012. Built on the ServiceNow Now Platform, the IT Service Management bundle provides an agent workspace with knowledge management, and modules supporting issue tracking and problem resolution, change, release and…

Atlassian Jira Align (formerly AgileCraft)

What is Atlassian Jira Align (formerly AgileCraft)?

Jira Align (formerly AgileCraft) is an enterprise-ready project management solution, now from Atlassian (acquired May 2019).

Changepoint Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Verified User

Changepoint was selected for its cost and what it can do. I was not involved in the decision to purchase Changepoint

Related Quote from Verified User

grown, so the return is from using a product that has been paid for and the cost to switch is prohibitive. The system takes a large team of operators to manage … manage data changes because the UI is so confusing. So the human cost of operating is higher than we would like. We needed to rewrite APIs that support … that we could easily integrate with our finan…

Related Quote from Verified User

The system time-stamps actions which is useful It is expensive for the quality of experience it provides It is *relatively* reliable in

Related Quote from Verified User

that Changepoint matched up well, had better support and provided a better pricing structure that worked better for our budget constraints over time. The team … team has more work to do in this regard with better communicating the key value proposition of selecting this tool as a PPM solution for it's prospective … that Changepoint matched up well, had better support…

Related Quote from Verified User

features around project planning, resource allocation, etc., the price is well worth the value. … to use the standard reports to understand exactly how much a project has cost us and to compare it to how much we are charging. This allows us to…

Related Quote from Ron Beck; MS MBA CPA

detailed work breakdown structure, but only require project resources to charge time and provide a task status at a higher level. … well respected. We are active in the global Changepoint User Group which affords us the opportunity to engage with other users both within an…

Related Quote from Lindsey Thibodeau

document all aspects of a project, from time and expense reports/billing to cost/revenue reports even loading and storing important project related documents … numbers but I would say it has increased employee efficiency and helped with cost recovery on projects.

Related Quote from Verified User

time toward different projects. Assign task and calculate man hours and $ value. Integrates with HP automation tools. Tracking bugs through the SDLC.