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What is iTWO costX?

CostX is a construction and estimation software offering from Exactal Technologies Pty Ltd.


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Pricing is determined by a number of factors. For example, would you want to use BIM or just 2D? Do you need estimating spreadsheets and report generation? Would you want to buy 100 copies or just one? If you send in a sales enquiry to, we’ll be able to send you through a quote that will meet your requirements.

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iTWO costX Alternatives Pricing

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  • Plan markups & sharing (50)
  • Plan distribution & viewing (48)
  • Document sharing (44)
  • As-built drawings (42)


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  • Document sharing (39)
  • Plan distribution & viewing (42)
  • Collaboration & approvals (38)
  • As-built drawings (42)

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  • Task Management (2141)
  • Team Collaboration (2102)
  • Resource Management (1825)
  • Workflow Automation (1859)

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iTWO Costx Pricing 2022

Before any impressive structure is built, you need to plan it, draw it, and collaborate on it. The construction software industry includes so many powerful tools with modeling, drawing, and calculating capabilities that make your team’s workflow simple and easy. One feature-rich estimating solution is iTWO costx. You can use them for structuring, estimating, and invoicing as an all-in-one tool.

What Is iTWO Costx?

iTWO CostX is a construction estimating software for 3D/2D CAD, and business information modeling (BIM). The BIM is used to manage construction projects. It will usually include a BIM model that tracks your workflow using representations and descriptions of the process.

With estimating software you can plan your construction project down to the most minuscule details to ensure the math, structure, and overall lifecycle of your project is safe and cost-efficient.

This estimating solution is an RIB software. RIB is a major technology company and provider of business software for small businesses in the construction industry. Their main focus is developing software to optimize productivity and ease of use.

One of the key features of their iTWO technology products is it's one of the first five-dimensional (5D) BIM enterprise solutions for the construction industry. The MTWO is the construction cloud that allows teams to access all iTWO products in case they don’t want on-premise software versions.

The construction cloud has the benefit of working with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. iTWO products are compatible with Microsoft Excel, which you can use for takeoff. They have a specific program called iTWO costxl for creating a live-link between iTWO costx data and your Excel workbook.

If you want to learn more about iTWO costx you can check out their webinar below that goes over model maps.

iTWO costX Coffee Break Webinar - Model Maps

How Much Does iTWO CostX Cost?

iTWO costX does not offer any upfront pricing. You need to consult with them for a quote based on your business needs. They also don’t have a tier or subscription breakdown. They do have a very short comparison between versions of their products. According to it, iTWO costx is their solution that can provide all important capabilities. They also go into the main features of the product.

The software comes with 2D takeoff, 2D drawing, 3D modeling, and auto-revisioning. To help you with project management they have team collaboration. For cost savings, they also offer customizable reporting for your bill of quantities, cost estimates, and cost plans. They even have a subcontractor comparison feature to help you find the best price.

Popular industry solutions include quantity surveying, roofing, flooring, and much more. On their website, you can explore the specific industries they provide services. Quantity surveyors will find applicable features and use cases that apply to their needs like electronic takeoff and automated measurements based only on 2D drawings.

The iTWO costx user reviews give the product an overall rating of 9/10. They don’t have a huge amount of reviews, but that doesn’t mean they have fewer customers or low quality. It just means they don’t have many reviews at this point in time.

The reviews they do have are glowing when it comes to performance and general functionality. The Project manager of a construction company really appreciated the bill-generating features but felt the 3D modeling capabilities can be improved on.

Another review from an Estimator at Dohn Construction provided an incredibly detailed account of their experience. They had paragraphs to say about takeoff, auto-revisioning, and the user interface.

They even claimed that the experience was similar to using Microsoft Excel, “CostX is a lot like Excel. You have the flexibility to set up your workbooks the way your project team thinks.” They also mentioned that if you have the full version of costx you have more features like auto-revisioning, so this does imply there are different plan options for iTWO costx.

The reviewer goes into even more details on specifics like the “color coded for a streamlined review process,” and the exact color coding for your workbook text colors such as “Black = manually input, Blue = rates linked to database, and Green = quantity linked to take-off.” Their one complaint was not being able to see the cost element summary before reporting.

If you want to find more feedback on this product, one awesome way is watching demos and training videos on YouTube and checking the comments sections. There you will find questions, complaints about errors, bugs, and UI visualizations.

You can start with the 2D measurement training video below. It has comments and questions from users as well as corresponding answers from iTWO costx. It can both give you an idea about common problems and whether or not they have a simple solution.

iTWO costX Estimating Software - 2D Measurement Training Video

What Are Costx Alternatives?

One popular and highly-rated alternative to CostX is Bluebeam Revu. Bluebeam is a software company that makes project management and CAD software for the construction industry. Bluebeam Revu is their estimating and takeoff solution.

Bluebeam Revu offers collaboration tools and a comprehensive cloud with drawing, takeoff, and document management features. Unlike iTWO costx they have upfront pricing you can find when you go to their “store” page. There you will see current products being offered.

We can’t make any price comparisons between the products, though both provide similar document-building tools. iTWO costx is more detailed about the exact features they have whereas Bluebeam Revu only offers their main features on the buying page.

On the store page, you find Bluebeam Revu only offers CAD features for their two most expensive plans along with automation and advanced link creation. iTWO costx doesn’t offer any specifics around their plans.

Bluebeam Revu Store Products

Revu 20 Standard

Revu 20 CAD

Revu 20 eXtreme

Cost per seat




The best way you can compare them is likely with reviews. Bluebeam Revu has a higher volume of reviews with extensive user insight into satisfaction. You can compare the two products here. Both software have a high trScore of 9/10.

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