1ShoppingCart Review from Virtual Team Member's Point of View
Updated June 03, 2015

1ShoppingCart Review from Virtual Team Member's Point of View

Eliza Hammesfahr Ceci | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with 1ShoppingCart

I've used 1ShoppingCart as a VA for a few different online companies. I've used it to support with customer service questions, adding and updating different products, managing newsletters lists, sending broadcasts for newsletters, creating coupon codes and updating customer profiles. It helps us to manage our contacts, access customer information to reach out to them through customer service inquiries and manage and track products and programs to see which are doing the best and which are less popular with our customers.
  • Access to contact information and creating customer profiles - good for reaching out through customer service, accessing email address, address and detailed information on the client helpful for responding quickly and easily
  • Able to add products and programs through auto responders - able to help share information with different groups of people easily and based on specific options within 1ShoppingCart
  • Easy to create coupon codes and pass to customers or add to website or newsletter for specific time ranges and products
  • Simple to add different products and sell easily with the integrated shopping cart
  • Great tool for multiple users to use and work as a virtual team based on different tasks and range that 1ShoppingCart has
  • Ability to create detailed reports based on sales, customers, and so much more. Very helpful for planning.
  • I found their customer service team to be confusing with their responses and not as helpful as other products customer service teams. It can be frustrating to try to decipher their responses to more complicated questions and often felt a little 'annoying' whenever I needed to reach out.
  • When creating newsletters, I found the WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) version of creating newsletters the formatting was almost always off which always resulted in needing to send tests to myself to fix the formatting because it never showed up as it would look when it was sent. That took a lot of extra time to edit.
  • Lots of different options with reports, as a beginner you may need someone else to support you. In the beginning I needed support from other team members in how to understand and create certain reports. Not the most intuitive and user friendly until you understand what you're doing!
  • Better ability to gather information quickly for customers to support in the customer service response time
  • Faster lead conversion
  • Ability for multiple users to use the product under different user names so the team can work on different projects at once
  • Unless you know HTML the newsletters can take some time to be formatted correctly based on other programs
1SC was chosen years ago for the companies I've used it for. At that point they were one of the only companies offering this kind of service. The ability to have customers all in one place, have opt-ins to keep building the list and ability to add hundreds of products and programs and add these to the website are all reasons the company continues to use 1SC
I find that people who own product based businesses do well with 1ShoppingCart. If you are offering products you'd like to sell right from your website, this is a great option. However, there are some things to be aware of, it isn't as easy to sell directly to segmented lists. You'll have to manually segment the lists rather than having more intuitive options. There are other things about 1SC that I really like and definitely see its benefits for sure. Many people I know who use this service are highly product based and its important that they have a reliable cart that works easily and without problems.

I don't see 1ShoppingCart as the best option for someone who owns a coaching or consulting business. There may be too many options and since these businesses are based on the list, I'd recommend another service to get more for your unique situation. It's important to look at what you are looking for in your service - are you looking for streamlined marketing avenues and integrated cart with customer service options? Then 1SC may not be the best option.

Using 1ShoppingCart

If I were in charge of the renewal decision I would really take a look at 1SC vs. Infusionsoft. There are many ways each are great and many ways they are different. I would look at what was best for my company and make the choice accordingly. I find that Infusionsoft has many more ways to intuitively market, segment and cultivate new leads and grow the business as a whole than 1SC currently has.

1ShoppingCart Implementation